Chapter 2

“Is she gonna be ok?” I heard a distant voice ask. Suddenly all my memory came flooding back into my brain. I quickly concluded that the voice belonged to Peter Tork. Only he could sound so sweet and innocent and genuinely concerned all at the same time. It all seemed so hard to swallow. One minute I was sitting in my kitchen having a friendly argument about the Monkees and the next we were standing right in front of them. My eyes fluttered open suddenly. The five of them were too busy arguing with each other over whether I was ok or not to notice that I was awake. “I’m fine!” I whispered hoarsely. All five faces quickly turned to meet mine. “Hi.” I mumbled groggily. “ Oh, honey. I’m so glad you’re ok. You are ok right?” Erin asked hastily. “Besides the fact that I just made a total ass out of myself, I’m fine.” I assured her. Micky, Peter, and Davy all started to giggle at my last remark, but Mike kept his worried expression. “Are you sure you’re alright.” He asked. “Yeah, I’m dandy, but I could use some help getting up.” I answered. He and Erin each grabbed one of my hands and peeled me off of the floor. But I was still feeling a little light-headed and I immediately fell into Peter’s arms. “I guess my legs just aren’t ready to work yet.” I explained rather sheepishly. “That’s ok!” He assured me. I felt my cheeks immediately start to turn red. “Maybe you’d better sit down.” Micky suggested. I nodded my head in agreement. “Do you think you could make it to that chair?” Peter asked cocking his head in the general direction of the living room. “Um, I don’t think my legs are going to cooperate with me quite yet.” I answered with a half smile and a nervous giggle. “Then I guess I’ll just have to carry you!” He announced proudly. I started to blush again. I gently wrapped my arms around his neck and he bent down a little to pick up my legs, but as he did so his hand lightly brushed my butt. He looked up at me and apologized immediately. “It’s ok.” I whispered. Now it was his turn to turn the unusual shade of red. I looked over at Erin and she shot me a knowing smile. No matter what I did to stop it, I couldn’t control myself. I soon found myself in the middle of an out of control giggling fit. Peter quickly carried me into the living room and gently sat me down on the middle of the couch. “Thanks.” “No problem!” he answered gallantly. Erin sat down on one side of me and Micky plopped down on the other. “So do you two have names?” he asked with another one of his doofy grins. “No!” Erin and I replied in unison. Peter looked confused. “How come?” he asked innocently. Erin saw the look of horror on his face and decided to put his mind at ease. “We were just joking, Peter, we really do ha-“ “ Wait just on minute shotgun,” Mike interrupted. “How did you know his name?” We must be in the television dimension, I realized, the Monkees weren’t famous here, they were just musicians struggling to pay the rent. “Umm lucky guess.” I offered nervously. “We’ll come back to that later, right now we have more important things to figure out.” He drawled. “Yeah, like who you are and how you got into our house.” Davy added. “I’m Erin and this is my best friend Goldie, and we have no idea how we got here.” The room was silent for a moment. “Where are you from?” Mike asked. I could tell he was getting annoyed. “Michigan.” I answered cautiously. Micky cocked his head at me. “Michigan.” He repeated. I nodded. “Well what are you doin’ here?” Peter asked. I held my head in my hands as Erin desperately tried to explain. But she was getting nowhere fast, and I was getting very frustrated. Obviously so was Mike. “Well where are you staying?” he asked. “Well, we uh don’t exactly have a place to stay.” I admitted. “Oh Mike, they could stay in the guest bedroom.” Peter suggested. Mike shot him a warning glance. “It was just a suggestion.” Peter defended himself in an almost inaudible voice. “Oh no, we couldn’t. I mean we wouldn’t want to impose.” Erin said politely. I could hear the worry in her voice. “We could, uh, get a hotel room.” I offered. Mike’s eyes fell to the floor and a compassionate expression crossed his face. “Awww, no we can’t allow that,” he said slowly, “ you can stay here.” “I’m glad you changed your mind, ‘cause I only have five dollars.” Erin confessed. “Well roomies, nice to meet ya.” Micky said extending his hand to me. “You have no idea, Micky.” I shook his hand. Mike shot me a confused look. “I know, I know you’re wondering how I know you’re names, but it’s kinda hard to explain.” “Try.” Mike order sternly. “Well, you seem, uh.” I stammered. “A friend told us!” Erin shouted coming to my rescue. “Uh yeah a friend saw you play and she told us all about you.” I continued nervously. “A friend?” Mike repeated skeptically. “Mmm hmm.” Erin answered with a nod. I turned to face her and mouthed “A friend?” with a where-the hell-did-that-come-from look. She arched her eyebrows and shrugged at me. “Groovy.” Micky said happy to discover that they actually did have fans. “So, where, may I ask, is the guest bedroom?” Erin asked. “I’ll show you!” Peter announced happily. “Can you walk or should I carry you?” he asked with a dimpled grin. “Well as tempting as it sounds to have you carry me again, I think I can manage on my own.” I answered with a wink. Peter showed us to our room. It was a very large, but plain room, with a small bed and a nightstand on either side of the room. The wall facing the ocean had a large window with a window seat. “It’s perfect!” I thought. Just then my thoughts were interrupted with a question from Mike. “How are you ladies planning on staying?” “Well, as long as we’re welcome, I guess.” Erin answered. Mike looked away for a moment. When he turned back to us he had a big smile on his face and he looked like he was trying to hold back a giggle when he said, “Well, I guess you’ll be here a while then.” Erin and I looked at each other and smiled and started to giggle when we realized how we were going to thank him. We ran up to him and sandwiched his face between our lips. “Thank you, Mike!” we both said in sweet innocent voices. “Hey how come he gets a kiss and I don’t?” Peter asked with a wounded puppy dog expression. “I’m the one who carried you when you passed out.” “Thank you for carrying me, Peter!” I said sweetly as I kissed him on the cheek. “Anytime!” he replied, dazed. “And thank you, Micky (Big Smooch). And thank you, Davy (Big Smooch), and most of all thank you, Erin! (Big Smooch).” As soon as I was done running around smooching everybody I looked around to see the five of them staring at me like I was crazy. “Sorry, I guess I got a little carried away.” I said shyly. “No problem.” All four guys replied in unison. Erin and I started to laugh uncontrollably. When we finally stopped there were tears streaming down my face and my stomach ached.

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