*Don’t be alarmed when the format of the story changes. Some parts were just easier to tell if I write as if the author and Goldie are one in the same. But I really wanted to get all the details with Erin in there too, not just what Goldie observed. So you’re just gonna have to deal with it!  Also if you get a sense of déjà vu, I was inspired to write this after I read Cassidy Fontana’s Daydream Believer Series. She’s even helping me a little bit with it. So there might be a few things slightly the same but, oh well.*

Chapter 1

It all started on one dark and dreary night in November. Soon the lives of two young girls would change. Forever! Ok, Ok, I know this isn’t a scary story so I’ll cut the theatrics, for now.

Erin was happily perched on my kitchen counter flipping through a magazine and occasionally bopping her head to the beat of The Monkees song “I’m a Believer”. I was sitting on a stool with my sketchpad sprawled out next to her. “So have you chosen a favorite yet?” she asked suddenly. “Favorite what?” I asked not realizing what she was referring to. She glared at me over the top of the magazine. “Favorite what.” She repeated with a snort.

“Oh that.” I realized she was talking about the loves of our lives, The Monkees. “ I just can’t decide!” I whined. “Well it can’t be that hard to choose from three guys.” Erin replied. She had dibs on Mike. He had always been her favorite. I don’t know why though. Erin is rambunctious and wild but a little shy at times, and everyone knows that couldn’t be further away from Mike’s personality. I remember the first time she told me her favorite was Mike I thought it was the goofy hat but she quickly corrected me, “It’s not the hat, I mean it’s cute and all, but I’d kill to see it crumpled up on the floor next to my bed.” I don’t remember how long we laughed after she said that. (This portion of the story is true, Erin actually said that! Hehe she’s gonna kill me if she ever reads this.) “ I just don’t know if I can chose,” I continued. “I mean, Davy is the one that’s most my type on the outside, he’s like a total hottie. But Micky, there’s just something about him, he just totally grabs my attention, you know like animal attraction or something. And Peter, oh Peter, we are so much alike. You know, he’s all for like World Peace and stuff. And God knows that’s a major turn-on.” “Goldie you’re babbling!” Erin stated with a pained expression. “Sorry.” I whispered. “It’s ok, you don’t have to choose a favorite. I mean they’re, like, 50 year old men right? It’s not as if we’re ever gonna meet the Monkees we know and love.” I heard the hint of disappointment in my best friend’s voice when she said this. “I, sure wish that there was some way that could happen.” I said with a weak smile. As if on cue, the walls of the kitchen started to swirl and morph. “Erin what’s happening?” I cried. “ I uh, I don’t really know.” She mumbled. She was clearly in shock. I on the other hand, was scared out of her mind. Just when I thought I would burst into tears, the kitchen stopped changing and the walls became transparent. A few moment’s later, after all the furniture and appliance had disappeared, Erin and I found ourselves staring at the ocean through a set of all too familiar doors. We slowly turned to face each other. “Wha- what the hell just happened?” Erin stammered. “That’s what I’d like to know!” a familiar voice boomed behind us. We both screamed at the tops of our lungs and I must have jumped 10 feet in the air. WE both whipped around to see four very familiar faces staring back at us. Erin glanced back at me with a puzzled expression, but I didn’t look back. I couldn’t move or speak. “Hi!” Micky said with a big doofy Micky-grin. A wave of emotion and realization hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m was standing there in the middle of The Monkee’s Pad, with my best friend and the Monkees! I couldn’t handle it. I started to feel light-headed and my knees buckled under me. I crumpled to the floor and quickly lost consciousness.

Storybook/Chapter 2