Chapter 5

The group stared at the NEW Davy, pondering what they should do with him. "We could take him back to the library and shove him in the cage with Oz." Xander suggested.

"NO!" Willow screamed.

"Why not?"

"Well, what if the don't get along and start fighting with each other. One of them could really get hurt."

"On the other hand, I'd like to see who'd win in THAT fight, I bet Oz could kick that midget's ass!"

Sigh, "I swear Xander, sometimes you are just so juvenile!"


Buffy interrupted, "OK you two, knock it off. Fighting isn't gonna get us anywhere."

"Works for you." Xander remarked.

Buffy pretended not hear, "Any other suggestions?"

"We could always put him out of his misery." Micky quipped.

Everyone glared at him, "MICKY!!".

The fuzz ball shrunk away from their glares "It was just a joke." he replied meekly.

"NOW what do we do?" Mike exclaimed.

" I guess we take him back to the library and keep an eye on him." Giles concluded.

"OK, that answers one question.' Buffy agreed, 'But how do we get him there?"

"That's a good question."

Peter slowly walked over to were-Davy "It's OK' he spoke in a soothing voice, 'no ones gonna hurt you, Davy. We're your friends, remember. It's me, Peter. I promise I won't let any thing happen to you."

Davy sat there for a minute, then to everyone's surprise; walked over to Peter and began to nuzzle him.

This time, Xander broke the silence, "Well,...I guess Peter just solved our problem."


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