Ch 6

When they had explained to Angel everything that had happened, it was morning. Angel had to go down into the basement and sleep. After a while, Davy regained his human form (Rats!) He stood up, yawned, and noticed that every one was laughing at him. "Hey guys, whot's so funny?"

Micky was laughing his head, "Davy, you are completely, butt naked!"

Davy looked down and stared at his little Jones. "Aaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Some body grab me knickers, me bum is showing!"

Every one was cracking up, except Davy. His face turned bright red; he grabbed a book off one of the shelves and ran into the bathroom. Oz, who was also naked but was fortunate enough to have blankets around him, woke up also. He noticed that every one was staring. Unlike Davy, Oz was a very laid back kinda guy, "Hey all! What's up?"

When they explained every thing (for what must have been the hundredth time that day) to Oz, they immediately went back to talking about how to catch the werebear and how to break the curse on Davy. Giles picked up his big book and began to flip through it before shouting; "I'VE FOUND IT! I'VE FOUND THE CURE!" (Darn it! Personally, I like Davy better as a werebear; it's quite an improvement. GGG)

The gang crowded around him, awaiting the answer. Giles didn't respond, he was to busy reading. Mike interrupted him, "Um...Mr. Giles.... Sir?"


"Are you gonna tell us what the cure is?"

"OH...Yes...of coarse. The cure for werebearism is..."

Giles was again interrupted when the door was knocked down.

"Damn hinges!" Giles screamed as walked over to fix the door. With Micky and Xander's help, they managed to reapply it. "Now' Giles began again, glancing over at the door to make sure it stayed up, 'as I was saying, the cure for werebearism is...."


"MICKY!' Mike screeched, 'nobody asked for a drum roll!"

"Aww darn it!" The fuzzyheaded drummer reluctantly left the drum set that had appeared out of thin air.

Xander whispered to Willow, "Where'd he get the drums?" Willow shrugged and turned her attention back to Giles.

"The cure for werebearism is...' The group stared at him, antici..........pation (Inside joke, watch "Rocky Horror Picture Show") written on their faces.

'.......lemon juice."

Every face in the room fell.

"THAT"S IT!", Micky yelled, expecting something more complicated.

"Yep" Giles replied nonchalantly, "It says it right here in the book."

Mike snatched the book from the tall Brit.'s Grasp and red to himself, "Well I'll be, so it does."

"So...does any one have any lemon juice on them?" Buffy asked.

A chorus of 'no's' filled the room.

Giles spoke up, "I have some back at my house, I'll go run and get it. Besides, it won't work until dark because the boy must be in bear form. Plus I have to do an incantation."

"I KNEW there was more to it then just plan lemon juice." Micky declared triumphantly. Giles groaned loudly and left to retrieve the cure. Davy stepped out of the bathroom; with clothes on, and together the group waited for the darkness of night to come.

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