Chapter 3

Nigel Frodis stepped out of the movies into the chilly darkness of the night.

'Man, is it dark out. Damn!' he thought as he walked on. 'I knew I shouldn't of gone to see that damn stalker movie.' He thought he heard footsteps in the distance.

"Probably just my crazy imagination" he mumbled to himself. There, he heard it again! Nigel sped up the pace, but the noise persisted. He decided to try and lose them by weaving in between the streets, but no matter what he did, he couldn't shake who ever was following him. Nigel gave up and started to run like HELL. He ran until he came to a dead end, he heard the someone approach. Nigel turned around to face him...and screamed. A low-pitched growl was heard, followed by screaming and snarling and then ...SILENCE.


"Soooo", Mike said trying to make sense of the situation, "You're the Chosen One, you kill vampires, this old guy is your guide or watcher as you call him, your little red-headed friend there is a witch, that thing in the cage is actually a human being, this Xander guy is normal meaning he doesn't really do anything..."

Xander interrupted, "THAT'S NOT TRUE! For your information I go out and buy doughnuts!"

Mike stared at him, "OK, fine, you buy doughnuts. Anyway, you want US' he indicated the other Monkees, ' to help you destroy some blood thirsty creature that's lurking around here."

" Yes" Buffy said, "So, will you?"

"ABSOLUTLY NOT!" The Monkees cried in unison.

Willow pouted, "But why not?"

"You know how Monkees are notoriously curious?" Micky asked.


"We're also notoriously cowerdous", And with that, the Monkees turned to walk out the door. They were stopped however by Cordelia, who barged into the library. (As she so often does.)

"Giles, here's the over due book that you absolutely HAD to have back." She said in that snotty way of hers. (OH MY GOD! CORDELIA ACTUALLY READ A BOOK! GASP!) She was about to complain some more when she noticed Davy sitting with Buffy and the gang. She immediately smoothed out her skimpy outfit, put on her most bewitching smile and walked over to him. "Hi" she said.

Davy turned around, and gawked at her, " 'ello luv!" he said with stars in his eyes. Cordelia smiled at him.

"Uh oh." Micky said, "Looks like Davy's in love."

"Yeah. For the very first time today." Mike replied.

"That's not true.' Peter said. ' Today he was flirting with a girl at the garage sale."

"I was not!" Davy said defensively.

"Then how come she gave you her phone number?" Micky asked teasingly. "Because she wanted me to call and tell her how the time machine worked out."

"Ooh!" the others teased, including Buffy, Xander, and Willow.

"SHUT UP!" Davy screamed.

Everyone broke out into fits of laughter, but stopped when Giles walked back into the room with a sullen look on his face. As he walked towards them, they could tell something was wrong. He addressed them, "I just got off the phone with a friend of mine... there's been another murder."


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