Chapter 4

The group stared at Giles in horror, even Buffy's gang. No matter how many times this kind of thing happened, it never got any easier to deal with. Buffy broke the silence; "Well...I guess we'd better put a stop to it...whatever IT is." The others got the picture and they all set off to hunt this thing down. * This should be interesting J *

The group which included Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, Micky, Peter, Mike and Davy. (Cordelia went home muttering something about longhaired weirdoes and monster slaying geeks. You know how she is. One minute she likes a guy, next minute she thinks he's not even worthy enough to breath the same air as her. Go figure.) Anyway, our heroes found themselves wandering hopelessly around Sunnydale chasing a monster that they didn't even know what it looked like.(but they'll find out soon enough.).

"I got an idea!", Willow exclaimed, "Why don't we take the Monkees to the Bronze! Who knows, we may even run into the monster."

Buffy thought for a minute. "I guess it couldn't hurt." They all started walking towards the Bronze.


The place was packed as usual, loud music blast through the air and teens dance to the not-so-perky music. They found a table and sat down. The Monkees checked out their new surroundings. The Bronze was very dark and unfriendly looking.

"This looks like nice, quaint place.", Mike retorted sarcastically. The DJ for the night stepped up onto the stage,

"Ladies and youngsters, it is my pleasure to introduce the band for tonight. Now singing their hit song 'Kill Me In The Morning' here is GUTTER TRASH!" As the loud grunge music began to play, the four Monkees looked at each other and mouthed the name of the band. The bandleader began to sing(or scream actually.) "Kill me in the morning and I'll beat you in the evening! KILL, KILL, KILL. DIE,DIE,DIE." (For all you people out there going 'HUH', this is my way of making fun of the music they play at the Bronze.)The Monkees didn't know what to make of this.

"It'", Micky declared, not taking his eyes of the band. Poor Peter looked like someone had just run over his puppy, once again, his lower lip began to quiver.

"Uh-Oh' Davy retorted, 'Maybe this wa'n't such a great idea afta all." The rest agreed and turned to leave, but were interrupted by a loud crash. The group whirled around to come face to face with a huge, nasty bear.

"WHAT THE F..." Davy began, but was cut of when the bear knocked him to the ground and dug its teeth into his arm. "AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Micky turned to Buffy "Don't just stand there, DO SOMETIHNG!" Buffy let loose a barrage of kicks and punches on the big, hairy beast.(The bear, not Micky. giggle ) While Buffy was beating the Sh** out of the animal, Mike and Micky ran over to their fallen friend.

"DAVY!' Mike screamed, 'Are you OK!" Davy moaned in response. The moaning suddenly turned into screams of pain. Willow and Xander ran over to check out the situation.

Willow took one look and at Davy and shrieked "OH NO! IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!" Dark, coarse fur sprouted all over Davy's body. The screaming turned into a low growling, Davy began to twist and turn as his body contorted into the form of a bear.

The four stood in shock, Xander broke the silence "Let me be the first to say OH MY GOD!!" Giles was about to run over to see if he could be of service, but stopped in his tracks when he heard the quiet sobbing coming from the back of the Bronze. He turned around to see Peter huddled in a dark corner weeping. Giles began to feel a surge of panic as he headed over to the blonde.

"My dear boy, are you all right? You're not hurt or anything, Are you?"

Peter looked up at him and choked, "Yes, I'm fine. But Davy is hurt!" and with that, he started to cry.

Meanwhile, Buffy was having troubles of her own. The bear ran at her, and she kicked it in the jaw. It swiped at her, knocking her to the ground, Buffy flipped over and regained her footing. The thing charged again, this time she flipped over it and caught it in a roundhouse kick. She was just about to finish it off when yet ANOTHER bear came racing towards. She looked from the first one to the one coming at her and back before saying, "You guys just don't give up do you!" Buffy turned her attack to the on-coming beast, while the fallen one escaped through a window. Buffy picked up a knife that had been knocked on the floor and was about to kill the bear when she heard a scream from the back of the room.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Buffy turned to see peter running towards her. He grabbed her arm and yelled, "Don't hurt him! He's my friend!"

Buffy stared at him, "Y-Your friend?"

Mike stepped up behind her, "He's right. That's no monster. That's Davy."(Same thing! J )


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