Chapter 2

When they finally reached the library at Sunnydale High, Buffy had told the Monkees about her being the Slayer, and about the Hellmouth, and the existence of monsters. And surprisingly, they believed it. (Hey, they've been in weirder situations than this.) Giles was waiting for them when they arrived. He immediately sent Xander and willow to look up stuff. (As usual)

Then he looked at Buffy and the Monkees, "Who are they?"

"It's a LONG story." Buffy concluded, "I'll tell you later, right now, we've got a monster to slay."

"D-Do they know everything?"

"Yep. I filled them in on the way over, and they want to help."

Mike stepped forwards, "Actually, it's not that we WANT to help, we just feel we have to!) Not fully understanding Monkee humor yet, Buffy and Giles just starred at him Puzzled. "A...nyway, I just thought that they could be useful."

Giles turned back to the book he'd been reading "Yes, of coarse"

"So, what do we know about the attack?" Buffy asked

"Well, it was done by some sort of animal. Have you noticed the full moon out tonight?"

"Well, no I...." Buffy started to reply, when her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open, "You don't think Oz did this!" She said, remembering Oz, Willow's boyfriend and lead singer of the band 'Dingo's Ate My Baby'. A little while back, Oz was bitten by his little cousin, who was unknowingly a werewolf. From then on, whenever there was a full moon, Oz would turn into a snarling, slobbering, vicious beast.

Giles looked at her, "NO, NO, Good heavens no! It wasn't Oz at all.", the watcher exclaimed pointing to the library's book cage where they usually kept Oz when this situation came up. He was in there (in wolf form) sound asleep.

Buffy let out a sigh of relief. "I know what you mean." Giles replied, "but, that's what's got me so baffled. If it wasn't Oz, then who or what could have done such a thing?"

"Another werewolf?" Buffy suggested.

"Perhaps. But you know, there are other were creatures besides werewolves." While Buffy and Giles were chatting, the Monkees decided to give themselves a tour of the place, and poor Willow and Xander were left with the job of running around telling them what they could and couldn't touch. (Not like they listened, though. They NEVER listen. That's why they get into so much trouble.) Micky picked up one of the crossbows. "CAREFUL!", Willow shrieked, "DON'T PULL THE TRIGGER IT'S..."

"What, this thing?" Micky interrupted doing exactly what Willow told him not to do, and sending the little wooden dart that was in there flying across the room towards Xander, who by dumb luck had bent over to pick up the pieces of a vase Peter had knocked over and broken. The dart just missed him and broke one of the library windows, shattering it loudly. "...Loaded.", Willow concluded meekly.

"oops!", Micky replied, setting the crossbow down on the table , he giggled nervously, "Sorry"

Mike walked over to one of book shelves, "Maybe there's a book on how to operate a time machine so we can get back to good, old 1968."

"1968?", Giles said questioningly.

Buffy sighed, "OK, I'll explain now.", she said and, grabbing Giles by the sleeve of his overcoat, she led the confused librarian to the back room to straiten him out.

Davy picked up the book that Giles was reading. " 'ey Mike, maybe there's something in this book that can help us."

Mike walked over and snatched the book away from Davy and glanced at the cover, "MONSTERS, MONSTERS, AND MORE MONSTERS...Gee, I don't know. Was it on the best sellers list?"

Peter walked over to the cage where Oz was sleeping. "Hey, a dog! I always wanted a dog to cuddle and play with and feed it fortune cookies." He started to open the door.

"NO!", Willow screamed, running over and slamming the door shut, "He's not a cuddly puppy! He's a mean, bad doggie! ICK!", she hated to say it, even though it was only true for three days out of the month. Peter's lower lip began to quiver and he the same look on his face when he admitted to causing the time machine incident. "OH PETER!" Willow exclaimed sympathetically, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell. Please, don't cry!" Peter looked at her with his big, brown puppy dog eyes and smiled, then he scooped her up in his arms and gave her a big hug.

"HEY!' Xander shouted, 'GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!"

" Oh Xander' Willow replied, "He's not gonna hurt me. Chill."

"Yeah' Micky agreed, "I've known Peter all of my life and he wouldn't hurt a fly." Xander felt his face turn red. This guy had some nerve telling him what to do.

He stepped up to Micky; "You wanna make something of it fuzzball?" he spat.

"Uh", came the reply.

"Didn't think so." Xander said coyly. After straitening things out with Giles, Buffy returned to the room to discuss the situation.


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