January 16, 2001

"Are the Giants eavesdropping? According to the Globe & Mail, there are serious allegations running through the league that the New York Giants have been cheating in the playoffs by intercepting radio transmissions. According to the report, the concerns were brought to the attention of NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue last week after the Eagles claimed that the Giants were able to listen to the plays being sent via radio from coaches to their quarterback, Donovan McNabb. When the Giants heard the plays, they set up their defense accordingly with hand signals. Apparently similar allegations were being expressed by the Minnesota Vikings yesterday after being plundered and pillaged by the Giants on Sunday. According to the report, the NFL is desperately trying to keep the issue quiet, what with the Giants having qualified for the Super Bowl. But Vikings fans, having heard the report, are now in an uproar."

"Several team sources said there is genuine concern within the organization that the Giants, as well as the Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers, had also decoded the Vikings' defensive signals between the sideline and the huddle."

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