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Joel's thoughts on:

Tutoring, Mentoring, and Home-schooling

Teaching and mentoring exploded in my life at the beginning of this year. I had been teaching creative writing and poetry classes through the Community Education Department, but never assumed that this type of experience would prepare me for what February 1998 would bring.

I was asked to home-school a young man who was having difficulty in main-stream educational facilities. I researched my responcibility, prepared by accumulating as much information as possible, and then realized that if I was to make this work, I would have to dismiss everything I had prepared and start over.

Jason and I spent several weeks developing a level of respect that allowed us to create expectation and accountibility. Since then we have slowly determined what kind of educational environment he thrives best in and how to use this to become a more educated, respectful, and controlled individual.

I enjoy my time with Jason -- we spend more time learning together than me simply teaching.

I still entertain invitations to teach through Community Education or other organizations, and would consider additional home-schooling students if approached. Please visit the Information/Request Form if you desire additional information or would like to contact me about future teaching committments.

If you have additional questions about the information in this Website, would like to contact Joel, or would like to request his services in any capacity, please fill out the Information/Request Form .

Current Tutoring/Teaching Activity

  • Community Education Classes
  • Individualized Tutoring
  • Home-schooling

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