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Jo Jo the Clown speaks about Clowning.

What a wonderful world we would have if everyone took some time to make fools of themselves for the sake of children, the old, the poor, or the weak. In the past two years, clowning in Minnesota, Russia, Denmark, and Bosnia/Herzogovenia, I have seen how clowning can affect a single child in the simplest way, or be used as a powerful social and political tool to wave in the face of injustice, poverty, and sadness. Come join me as I explore how clowning and merry-making can affect our world.

JoJo the Clown being mischevious on Red Square in Moscow.

In 1996, I learned of a group of clowns who travel annually to Russia to spread laughter and joy to orphans,senior citizens, and the sick in the Moscow and St. Petersburg areas. The group is called The Nasal Diplomats, and are administered by an organization called Project For A Perfect World.
In November 1997, I traveled with Patch Adams and the Nasal Diplomats Clown Troupe to Russia, spending a week in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. While there, I received a crash-course on the hardship being experienced in this struggling nation. I saw how a whole population of orphans is neglected by Russian citizens. I saw corrupt power systems and administrations taking advantage of the poor, the weak, and the young. I saw how the simplest of gestures made by a silly-looking clown can change the life of a child.

The Nasal Diplomats are led spiritually by Dr. Patch Adams, a medical doctor and self-proclaimed social revolutionary working for socialized health care, children’s rights, and global peace. His efforts through the Gesundheit Institute are reaching a global audience -- visit their Web Site and learn what you can do to make a difference in our world. A feature movie about Patch’s life will debut in December 1998, starring Robin Williams in the role of Patch Adams.

After two weeks in Russia, a smaller group of clowns traveled to Bosnia/Herzegovenia to clown for the people of Sarajevo. We experienced first-hand the total devastation of war. We lived in the homes occupied by displaced Bosnian refugees, and saw the toll that hate and anger can have on humans. Throughout it all, however, we marvelled at the resilience of the Bosnian youth -- these young, cosmopolitan teenagers who understood their environment, world politics, war, and most importantly, peace.

Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams

Clowns in merriment -- including Dr. Jan Thatcher Adams and Patch.

Boardwalk the Beach Clown a.k.a. Kathleen.

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