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The Matt Drews Society

"It is my belief that irony is the tool of culture between creative high points. It is the necassary fertilizer of the culture." - Arthur Phillips; Prague

Received in exchange for Cecil Fielder in 1996 and again in 1998 as part of the Travis Fryman deal, Matt Drews was the "canít miss" prospect that, well, missed. We name ourselves after Drews because he is emblematic of the Detroit Tigers ineptitude under the current regime.

The Matt Drews Society is part social club and part fan advocacy organization. We are Tiger fans, frustrated by the franchiseís failure to field a team that doesnít resemble a mediocre AA roster. We are fed up with the managerial changes, the empty promises from the front office, the overpaid .240 hitters, and the hot young prospects destined to become high school hitting coaches. To put it bluntly, we donít want anymore five-year plans. We want a winning baseball team. Weíd also like stadium beer prices under $7.00 but thereís no need to get greedy. Weíll just settle for a winner.

The Matt Drews Society attempts to deal with the Tigers malaise with a sense of good-natured irreverence. Why would we name ourselves the Matt
Drews Society, if we didnít? Baseball is a game, after all and there are more important things in life, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for example.

While we are predominantly focused on Detroit baseball, The Matt Drews Society supports the efforts of national fan groups like Baseball Fans Unite International and in their efforts to give fans a voice in baseballís on-going labor difficulties. We donít think too highly of Bud Selig, either.

Membership is open to anyone willing to show up at a Matt Drews Society Outing to the CoPa and/or buy the El Presidente a spirituous beverage. As I
said, this is a low-key group. If you would like to join our mailing list or want information about Matt Drews Society outings and activities, please e-mail us at .

- Jeff Trent Wattrick; El Presidente for Life
Matt Drews Society

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