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 This page has complete listings (or as complete as I can get) of Michigan promotions, Workers from and who have wrestled in Michigan, Michigan News Sites, Wrestling Gear Suppliers and general wrestling news sites If you are a worker or promoter and want to have your link added to this site. Please let me know.
Email me at

 Michigan  Promotions
What has been done here is a complete listing of independent wrestling promotions in the state of Michigan. If you are a promoter of a "professional" independent wrestling promotion, Professional meaning that of a promotion that uses "trained" workers and would like to have your promotion listed on this site please contact me at
Great Lakes Wrestling
Section 8 Wrestling
Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling
eXtreme Border Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
Thunderzone Wrestling
Michigan Wrestling Alliance
Xtreme Wrestling Federation
Lakeshore Wrestling Organization
RAGE - Hardcore World of Wrestling
Alternative Championship Wrestling 
Championship Wrestling of Michigan
Professional Wrestling Federation
Independent Wrestling Federation
Championship International Wrestling
Millennium Wrestling Federation
New Options Wrestling
National Wrestling Alliance-Great Lakes
Superior Wrestling Alliance
Triad Wrestling Federation
Independent Wrestlers
What we have tried to assemble here is a list of independent workers who have wrested in and around the Michigan area and to try to make it a little easier to have a promoter get in contact with these workers. If you are a "TRAINED" worker and would like to be added to this list please send you Work Name and Email address to
Hardcore Wrestling Asylum
The Amazing
Magnificent Matt 
The Cocky Little Brats
Tommy Starr
Skull Ganz
The Blitzkrieg Kid
Jimmi V
Colt Cabana
"Sik" Rik Matrix
CM Punk
Rip Malibu
Viper Pete Christie
Tommy Thorne
Whip Dog
Frankie the Face
Kenny the King
"Beautiful" Brian Fury
Dirty White Trash
Jason Kronan
Alexis Machine
The Notorious T.I.D.
Scrap Iron Adam Pearce
Michael Stryker
Kingdom James
Moondog Manson
Reckless Youth
Mike Quackenbush
The Blue Meanie
D-Lo Brown
King Kong Bundy
Steve Corino
Christopher Daniels
Insane Clown Posse
Ken Patera
Barry Horowitz
Mikey Whipwreck
The Honkey Tonk Man
Your Suicidal Savior
Michigan  Wrestling
News Sites

Well Obviously, there isn't to many of the Michigan Wrestling news sites here, but granted the ones on here are an EXCELLENT resource for Michigan wrestling. If you are the owner of  Michigan Indy News site and would like to be listed on this page, PLEASE contact me at
The Ringside Edge
WPON 1460
Michigan Indy
New Central
Michigan Indy
Michigan Independent Wrestling Photo's
What I have tried to compile here is a complete list of that "Oh so hard to find" wrestling gear
It is easy to get, Maybe "Big" Jason Fuller ought to check this out LOL. If any other "wrestling gear" company/supplier and would like to be listed on this page, please E-mail me at
Adrian Street's 
Bizarre Bizzar
K & H
Wrestling Wear
Stage Coach
Wrestling Products
A. Moores Wrestling Attire
Mask Arts Co.
Wrestling Superstore
Northeast Wrestling (Rings)
Replica Wrestling Belts
Pro Belts Inc.
Star Wear
Reggie Parks Belts
Unique Outfits
Lucha Swag
FTF Customs
Show Off Inc
Pro Wrestling Boots
Mask vs Mask Inc
Wrestling News
Okay, Same as stated before, What we have tried to put together here is links to wrestling news sources, If you are an owner of a site like this and would like tto be listed please contact me at:
Wrestling Inc.Com
Inside the Squared Circle
Slam Wrestling
The Jobber Hour
Smash Wrestling
Ring General
Lords of Pain
Wrestle Pages
Pro Wrestling Realm
If any of these links do not work or are broken please
report it to the
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