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Name: Levi Blue
(Real Name: Shawn Grugel)

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 212 Lbs

Finishing Move: The Red-Neck Breaker

Hometown: Holly, Mi
(announced from the Tri-Cities)

Years Pro: 7

Trained By : 
Malcolm Monroe Sr
(Sweet Daddy Malcolm Monroe)
Malcolm Monroe Jr.
(The Dangerous One, The DBA)
Psycho Rik Matrix

Titles Held: 
ICW Light Heavyweight Champion
GLW Tag Team Champion (w/ Big Zed)
XBW Tag Team Champion (W/ Big Zed)
TZW Tag Team Champion (3 Time)
TZW Street Fight Champion (3 Time)

Levi Blue is a man of experience and has the scars to prove it. Has been involved in a variety of matches from Street Fights to Cage Matches. Can do hardcore when the promoter calls for it, but is an exceptional wrestler as well. Has been featured in local newspapers as well as had his name in the PWI once or twice, yet has yet to make the 500. Has worked from the east to the west coast but now, generally stays in Michigan unless the $$$ is right. Not only can he wrestle but has brains as well. Made it to the second round to be on who wants to be a millionaire. Also a former contestant of 97.1 FM Talks Wing Cup II.
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