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Welcome To My Brother and Me

Welcome to My Brother and Me. This website was created to provide information to caregivers that care for Down Syndrome individuals who are also showing signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease.

***I was hoping I would not have to put this on here for a very long time, but yesterday, April 7, 2012, the angels came without warning to take Chuckie to be with our parents. He passed away quietly while I held his hand. I love him and will miss him terribly. Rest in peace sweet angel that we were blessed to have in our lives since June 5, 1963.***

This website is for personal use only. All pages may be copied for your personal use, but may not be republished, for profit or not, without my written consent.

***The information found in this site is not to be used to replace the care of a physician or other health care providers. We offer no guarantees, either written or implied to the information's accuracy. Every effort is taken to provide the most accurate, updated information available, but mistakes are possible.

If this is your first visit, please start from the beginning. It will give you insight into why I made this site and give you an understanding for the rest of the info here.

If this is not your first visit, please use the links to direct you to the area of info you are interested in.

Laura, sister of Chuckie

"My Brother and Me" © 2012

Index of Sections in Website

A page to give a little insight as to why I made this site.
Let me Introduce My Brother, Chuckie-Boy
Index of info for if you suspect Dementia
Index of info about caring for Down's Dementia
Index of Poems and Stories that are sure to touch your heart