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Vintage Hondas are great family fun too!

Vintage Bike Show in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Saturday July 21st! .....see below for details!


You meet the nicest...fastest people on a Honda!

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Welcome to the Hondas are Fun site. And please don't get me wrong, I love virtually all bikes. Not just Hondas. There's a few things you can do here like visit the Gallery page where my dad and I post pics of our bikes. There's also the For Sale page, a Links page and also a couple of pages dedicated to bikes my dad and I have. There's a CB250 rebuild summary, a CL160 page with one of my favorite bike pics, an SR150 page (you really should check this bike out!) and another CB250 page with a really cool big pic. (May be slow to load though) You'll have to stop by more often as I get on here quite a bit and I'm frequently updating stuff as we go along. The links page changes the most right now and the gallery will soon have more stuff also. In addition to the latest CB250 Summary page, I'll be adding articles on various projects like cleaning the inside of your gas tank, or replacing old tank badges or... well, you get the idea. And If you have a question or want info on something I don't have here send me an email and I'll be sure to get back to ya! 

BTW, if you happen to have a really nice GB500 for sale.....

Vintage Motorcycle Days
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio
July 13-15, 2001
To Join AMA call 1-800-AMA-JOIN  or  go to
For Tickets call 1-800-MID-OHIO

New Mystery bike coming for July!    Stay Tuned!

Mystery Bike for June, '01

Can you identify this Motorcycle?

Last Month's Mystery Bike...

It's a Bridgestone....!!! Ahead of it's time. Check out those disc brakes and stepped seat!

Are you going to the VJMC's 1st Annual National Motorcycle Rally? Visit to find out more!

News Flash; Were currently looking for more members to join the VJMC. I'm particularly interested in signing up people who reside in Michigan. The reason is, that I'm in Michigan and I'm also the representative for the VJMC here. And, that not only is this a really great club, but we will be doing a lot of things this summer like BBQ's, rides ( which by the way are also regularly scheduled for every Sunday morning throughout the summer) and trips to various motorcycling shows, and VJMC events across the country. The next BIG event that I am aware of is the Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days (I'll certainly be there - with a bike for sale!). If any of you are located in the Detroit area, please drop me an email!!! I really need to hear from you. I was thinking of putting a page together of the Mich Chapter of the VJMC. Like group photo's, recent activities and events, that kind of stuff. And I'm also (finally) putting the "Tips&Tricks" page together. So that should be completed soon. And visit the Cafe Ole page as well ! ! ! ! !

Anderson's Motorsports/VJMC Bike Show!!!! Saturday July 21st

Telegraph Rd, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan!

Attention VJMC members in Michigan, Canada, Indiana and Ohio! There's going to be a 3rd annual motorcycle show at Anderson's Motorsports on Telegraph Rd. in Bloomfield Hills July 21st. We need as many VJMC members to show up with or without your bikes! Anybody should show up !!!  It was great fun last year with pop & hot dogs & burgers, trophies, sunshine, and lots of new bikes as well as vintage bikes! There's the bike show with different categories and trophies for each as well as gift certificates to be used in the Anderson's dealership! This year it's going to be geared more towards Vintage Japanese Motorcycles and that's why it's going to be a 1st for the VJMC in Michigan!. Last year the Honda Riders Club was there and I expect a lot of GoldWingers to attend this year again too!!!!   The event is being sponsored by both the VJMC and Anderson's Motorsports. The Anderson's/VJMC Motorcycle Show!!!! I'll be there with my bikes and I'll have stickers for sale and past issues of the VJMC newsletter as well as applications to join the club! I really hope to see you there!


Geoff Beach
Mich Rep

Yes, four wheels do move the body, but two wheels move the soul.

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