Organize the Body: Supporting the Status Quo

Outlines for a Paper
Support the Status Quo

If  you want to:
   *Reject a change in policy
   *Reject a new law
   *Keep a custom
   *Reject a new theory or a new idea.
Then use this page.

Outlines for a Paper
Reject the Status Quo

If you want to:
   *to propose a change in policy
   *Change a law
   *Change a custom
   *Propose a new idea.
Then use this page.


  See this page.

The Goal:  Provide the evidence that shows the current way is right. 
XXXX Possible Strategies:
XXX Provide evidence that shows that the current plan or way of doing things is fully capable of handling the problem.
XXX Provide statistics that show how many people are being helped with the current plan. 
XXX Provide a quote by an expert who states that the current theory best explains the evidence.
XXX Discuss important pieces of evidence that support the current theory.   
XXX Provide evidence that shows that the current plan or theory needs small repairs but not an entirely new plan.
XXX Show that while problems persist, trends are encouraging.
XXX Provide anecdotes of people that have been helped under the current program. 
Rebuttal: Why the Other side is Wrong.
Provide Evidence against New or Alternative Plans or ideas.   
Possible Strategies:
XXXX Challenge the evidence.
XXXX Show the evidence is outdated.
XXXX Show that the evidence is faulty.
XXXX Present counter-evidence that shows that the opposition's evidence is false.
XXXX Argue that the evidence doesn't really apply to the case.
XXXX Challenge the link between the evidence and their claims about the evidence.
The Rebuttal section should address the beliefs of the opposition.  Start with their best argument and then take on their other arguments.  The rebuttal should read something like this:

Opponents to this theory believe
X.  However, they are wrong because YAn example of rebuttal

With this assignment, the paper must fulfill its required length. 

Begin this section with the subtitle "Rebuttal"
(see formatting page).