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The following books are often recommended for 7th-grade students.  





Seventh-grade students may also choose from the 8th grade book list.  

Seventh-grade students may choose a 6th grade book  and receive 90% of the grade.  

Seventh-grade students may choose a 5th-grade book and receive 80% of the grade.

Seventh-grade students may choose a 4th-grade and receive 70% of the grade.

Seventh-grade students may not choose a 3rd-grade without a specific IEP.  





The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.

Newberry Honor Book 

225 pgs, 740L




Brink, Carol Ryrie.

Caddie Woodlawn.

 275 pgs

AR: 6.0  Lex: 8.9


In English Room.  

Her mother wanted the perfect little lady.  She wanted adventure.  


Card, Orson Scott. 

Ender's Game.

Nebula Award, Hugo Award

323 pgs, 


 in English Room.



Ender Wiggin is the boy who is going to save the world, he just doesnt know it. Hes picked for training to be an elite military genius. Through his rigorous training in war games and strategy, Ender becomes the youngest commander in the history of the Battle School, and with his troops, he is unstoppable. Soon after being the youngest graduate ever, Ender is shipped off to flight school. Oblivious to the importance of the mission, Ender and his troops battle to save the world. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about futuristic war or science fiction. 

Tymon, eighth grade

Andrew Wiggin, or Ender, has been selected by the IF government to go to battle school in space and defeat the buggers.  The buggers were aliens that had come to Earth two times and attacked.  Ender was the last person that had a chance in beating the buggers.  When I first started reading this book it was confusing because it was in the future.  I didnt know what the two awards were that the book received.  Now I know they are the highest Sci-Fi awards to receive.  This book was a long read and it had some high reading level words in it.  

Mr. Greenlee

The government takes a genius kid to a military school.  The kids there not only have regular studies, but also play war games.  He always wins, and he develops some serious enemies.  Now, he must defeat them both in the arena and out of it.   



Cole, Brock.

The Goats.

 180 pgs, 550L


In English Room.  

Michael, ninth grade

The Goats is an adventurous book about two teenagers that runaway because they are embarrassed by a sick joke some kids played on them at camp. It is a good easy read for about a 8th or 9th grade student.  You never know what is going to happen next. It was a good book that kept me guessing the whole story. I liked the book and definitely would recommend it to someone who enjoys adventure and teenage relationships. 


Creech, Sharon.

Walk Two Moons.

Newbery Medal 1995

280 pgs, 770L


In English Room.

Ashley, eighth Grade 

Walk Two Moons is about 13 years old named Sal. She goes on a trip with her grandparents to Lewiston, Idaho to see her mom. On their way, they had to go to the hospital two times for her Grams, one for a snake bite and the other for a stroke. Sal was very worried that they werent going to make it there in time. 

Emily, senior

Sal, a thirteen year old girl from Bybanks, Kentucky, is on a long journey to find her mother.  Accompanying her on this adventure is her grandparents.  While they are driving to Lewiston, Idaho, Sal enlightens her Grandma with a long story about her best friend Phoebe.  Sals reason for going on this long quest is to find her mother.  She is worried though, she doesnt know if she will make it there in time

Michi, ninth grade 

Walk Two Moons is an interesting book and I really enjoy it.  Sal who was thirteen year old, missed her mom, and wanted to reunite with her, but her mom left her when she was little.  What I really like about this book, the writer writes to keep the reader thinking.  For example, why did Sals mom leave her?  Is it because of the relationship with Sals father?  Why would a mom leave her child?  After a few months, her father moves, from Bybanks to Ohio to get space.  Sal met a girl named Phoebe who became her best friend.  Phoebe went home and suddenly her mom also disappears.  Sal and phoebe investigate to find where Phoebes mom was.  By doing that, Sal remembers memories, the fun things her mom and her have and how hurt she was when she left her.

Kate, ninth grade

     Walk Two Moons is about a 13 year old girl names Sal (short for Salamanca) who takes a trip with her grandparents shortly after her mother tragically left her and her father. During the car ride, Sal tells her grandparents a long story about how she met a peculiar girl named Phoebe and how Phoebes mother left unexpectedly too. The book is two different stories, but they tie together in the end. Its a novel that will give people different emotions. I really liked it and I definitely recommend this book.

  Mr. Greenlee

     This is simply one of the bet books I've ever read.  A girl whose mother has left helps another girl deal with the same problem, even though the other girl gets a bit psycho.  It's one of those books that has tragedy but is funny too.  

      I wondered if some readers might find it confusing the way the author switches between three different settings - memories of her mother when they lived on the farm; the story of Phoebe when they lived in the city; and the drive with her grandparents to Idaho.  


Curtis Christopher Paul

Bud, Not Buddy



Newbery Medal 2000




Cushman, Karen.

The Midwife's Apprentice. 

pgs, 1240L; AR 6.0 

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In our library under fiction




Cushman, Karen.

Catherine, Called Birdy. 

Newberry Honor Book

205 pgs, 1170L; AR 6.4 

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In English Room.




Duncan, Lois.    

Don't Look Behind You.  

Recommended by Jen 

April was just your average teenage girl who loved her boyfriend. One day her family had to tell her some bad news. That they had to pack everything that they could and  leave their perfect life. And April didn't even get to say good bye to her boyfriend and her friends in high school. She wants to call her friends when they arrive in a new town but her parents forbid her to pick up the phone and call them. She tries to call but it doesn't happen. April is mad at her parents she doesn't like living in this knew town.


Duncan, Lois.

Down a Dark Hall.

186 pgs, 750L


In English Room


Danielle, 10th grade

     When Kit arrives at Blackwood, she can feel the evil that is seeping out of it. She knows that there is something going on, but she cant explain it because she doesnt really know how to. 

      All of the girls that are brought to Blackwood have some sort of special gift that they do not know of. The staff of Blackwood is using these gifts to their advantage. But when the girls find out about what the school is doing, they rebel, and everything goes up in flames. 

      This was a really good book, one of my favorites. The text really keeps you from even thinking about putting the book down. 


Duncan, Lois.    

A Gift of Magic.  


Danielle, 10th grade

     The three Garett children all have very special gifts. At the beginning of this book, the three children are not really aware of their gifts to the full extent that they are supposed to.  Kirby gets that she is an extraordinary dancer, but Nancy and Brendon have yet to figure out their gifts.

     Brendon knows that he can pick up everything that is played on a piano, but he doesnt know that that is his gift. Also, Nancy knows that she knows when things are going to happen, what people are doing, or who is calling on the phone, but she doesnt really get that this is a special gift.

      All of the children soon figure out their gifts and how they are supposed to use it. Although some things do get in the way and they have to overcome some obstacles, they find out that using their gifts in good ways brings happiness and good to the people around them.


Duncan, Lois.    

I Know What You Did Last Summer.  



In this book it really shows how guilt can really get to people. It also shows how some people are more self-centered than others. 

    When they run over the kid on the bike, Barry is set on not turning back. Influenced by his answer, Helen has to agree. Julie wants to call for help and go back to help the little boy. This leaves Ray torn between his best friend and his girlfriend. After a while, he is influenced by his best friend, and chooses to leave and not help. Barry makes up a pact and they all agree to stay true to it. 

    But almost a year later, everything starts to catch up with them. Once someone starts sending things to the four teens, things start to go horribly wrong


Duncan, Lois.    

Stranger with My Face.  


Recommended by Emma.

Laurie Stratton was a normal teenage girl she had a boyfriend and she hung out with the popular crowd at school. But strange things started happening to Laurie like she was at home and her boyfriend saw her on the beach with another man or her parents could have sworn she was home but she really was out with her friends. Why is everybody saying Laurie is at places she isn't?  What is happening?   Recommended by Emma for teenage girls; This book has a lot of action and never has a boring parts in it. This book always keeps the reader interested.


Erskine, Kathryn


AR: 3.6

Lex:  9.4

National Book Award for Young People 2010




Forbes, Esther

Johnny Tremain

AR: 5.9

Lex:  8.4

Newbery Medal 1944




Fox, Paula

One-Eyed Cat

AR: 5.4

Lex:  10

Newbery Honor Book 1985




Gantos, Jack

Dead End in Norvelt

AR: 5.7

Lex:  9.2

Newbery Medal 2013




George, Jean C.

Julie of the Wolves

AR: 5.8

Lex:  8.6

Newbery Medal 1973




Giff, Patricia Reilly.

Pictures of Hollis Woods.

Newberry Honor Book 2003

166 pgs,  650L


In English Room.


Peyton, 8th Grade 

The Pictures of Hollis Woods was not my favorite book this year. The book went back and forth between Hollis present life, and her past life with two families. This book is an easier read, but I do not recommend it.


Life is terrible for Hollis a girl who does not have a family, she moves from foster home to foster home, but she runs away from each one.  Until one day, she finds out that she really does love the family, but something goes wrong and she runs again. Picture of Hollis Woods is a book that I would recommend, I really enjoyed it.

Dana, 8th grade 

This story takes place in the present and Hollis memories. Her memories are described as pictures. Hollis is a foster child who was abandoned the day she was born and struggles to find the right family. I thought this book was very relatable and the characters are very realistic. The story was so descriptive it almost felt as if you were in Hollis shoes. Overall, this was a fabulous book and I would definitely read it again. 

Shelbie, 9th grade 

It is phenomenal to pick this book up and read it. The whole book is written in description of pictures. At first this book is a little hard to understand, it jumps back and forth in between it seems like two different lives, like what she has to what she could have or something, but then it all makes sense. She is having flashbacks and she is wishing that she didnt do some of the things she did and how grateful for some other things she had done. She was abandoned as a child and was brought in by an adoption agency and was sent from home to home as a child. When she would decide that she had enough of a family she would pack her backpack and run away. After a few days of running the people from the agency would find her and bring her back and the whole thing would repeat. Then she found a family she really liked and they liked her too, but she broke there number one rule and because of it their was a very bad accident and she thought the family was going to hate her. She ran away again and continued moving from family to family. Will she ever have a true family to call her own?

Marie, 8th grade 

      This book takes place in the present and it also takes place as a past memory of Hollis Woods. Hollis was a banded as a baby and has been in an out of homes, she always is running away from her new families. Finally when she goes to a home that she really likes she never wants to leave. After a couple months Hollis makes a big mistake and she ends up running away (this was the past picture). In the present picture Hollis is living with an old lady, who is becoming senile and she might be taken away. Will she end up going back to the past family or will she be taken to a complete new one?

  Mr. Greenlee

A misplaced girl is shuffled from home to home because she always runs away - even she cannot say why.  Then something happens...


Gipson, Fred

Old Yeller

AR: 5.0

Lex:  9.1

Newbery Honor Book 1957




Green, John.

The Fault in Our Stars.

180 pgs, 

Lex: 8.5 - AR: 5.5


In English Room.



The Fault in Our Stars is a heartwarming story of two teenagers who try to overcome their battle with cancer. Along the way, they fall in love. The story is beautifully written and it is as if the reader has stepped right into the characters shoes. This book will have the reader laughing, crying, and smiling along with the characters. It is a real page turner, the reader will not be able to put this down.


Hinton, S.E.

The Outsiders.

180 pgs, 750L


In English Room.


Todd F., 8th grade 

The book The Outsiders was an intersting book to read.  It has a lot of action and gang fights, which also makes it a fun book to read.  The main characters are three brothers who stick up for each other and fight a gang from the north side of town, the Socs.  The storyline of the book is about problems the three brothers and their friends have, along with all the fun they have.  This book is meant for high school kids and not for young children.

  Robert Chmb, ninth grade 

If you want a book with gang fights, romance and friendship The Outsiders is the book to read. This book is about a gang of greasers who have an undying war with the boys from the north, the Socs. Its all a big rivalry until the night some one takes things too far and the greasers lives are changed forever. I recommend this book to any one above the age of thirteen. This easily one of my favorite books of all time because of the action and the relationships of between characters.  

  Paul F., eighth grade 

     If you like books about fights and gangs, then you will like this easy short adventure book.  The Outsiders is about three brothers who are in a gang and the older one could have gone through college with a scholarship, but he didnt so he could take care of his two younger brothers.  I recommend this book to high school students.  It is a violent book and its not meant for elementary students. 


Hinton, S.E.

That was Then, This is Now.

154 pgs, 780L


In English Room.


Dana, 8th grade

This book is about two friends going through some rough times. The characters were relatable and the situations they faced were very understandable. However, seeing that this book was written in the past, some of the vocabulary was hard to comprehend. But, besides that, this book was well written and had a very good story line. 

Hailey, eighth grade 

This novel was a decent book.  It had great descriptions about the characters, setting, and the plot of the story.  The best thing about this book is that Mark and Bryon had been best friends when they were growing up, but when they became teens, they started separating.  They started realizing that they were interested in different things, this got to the point that in the end of the book, neither one of the boys knew who the other one was anymore.


Michael, ninth grade 

 That Was Then This Is Now is a good book with lots of action. It was about two boys who are always getting into trouble and what not. They always have gotten along with each other doing everything like they were brothers because they kind of are. Bryons mom adapted Mark after his parents killed themselves in a fight. Mark and Bryon always get along until Bryon finds out what Marks doing and tells on him changing both their lives forever.

Paul, eighth grade 

The main character of this book is Bryon; he is good friends with a kid named Mark, but Marks parents died when he was younger.  Bryon invited Mark to live with him, and his family.  One day they where looking for a job to help support the family, Bryon found a job at a local groceries store, mark found a job but no one new what it was, all they cared about was that he just kept bring in money.  Bryon has to make a hard decision and the answer will change his life forever.

Jason P., senior 

The main character Bryon brings the reader into his teen city lifestyle.  His life is filled with wrongs and rights, interaction with girls and getting into fights.  Life is hard for a kid on the streets, and his life is changing so fast he cant believe it.  His best friend Mark is slowly fading in his life, while he gets more serious with his girlfriend Cathy.  He begins to realize he is no longer a kid and finds himself in life changing situations.  He comes across a tough decision that changes his life forever.

Tyler F., senior 

This is another by-the-numbers Hinton about high schoolers living in the projects.  Everything is exactly what one would expect from this genre.  The hero, Bryon, starts  very close to his live-in friend Mark, but Bryon moves away from the criminal (free) lifestyle Mark loves and becomes a respectable grocery store bag boy.  Bryon and Mark encounter fights, a shooting, and drug use.  Eventually Bryon betrays Mark and sends him to prison.  At times, the book gets preachy about drugs, violence, and family life, which I found annoying. 


Holm, Jennifer L.

Our Only May Amelia

AR: 4.8

Lex:  9

Newbery Honor Book 2000




Kerr, P.B.

Children of the Lamp.

lex: 9.0

AR: 5.5

354 pages

Chris R., 8th grade 

This book is about twines that get their wisdom teeth pulled out early, then go to their Uncle Nimrods house, and find out that they are genie but they prefer to be called dijinn. Therefore, they have to go on a journey to find the lost dijinn of Akhenaten which could change the tide of the war between the Marid the good guys and the Ifert the bad guys. The leader of the Marids is their Uncle Nimrod and the leader of the Ifert is Ilbuse.


Klause, Annette Curtis.

Blood and Chocolate.

264 pgs, 720L


In English Room


Miranda, junior

"Blood and Chocolate is a very extraordinary story about werewolves.  Each chapter gives you a new perspective about the mystical creatures.  The main character, Vivian who is a werewolf and thinks it is a beautiful gift and thinks humans are inferior. Which gives a whole new prospective on the whole idea of werewolves. Miranda would recommend this book to any middle school or high school girl. Since it also deals with romance as well as adventure.



Konigsburg, E.L.

View from Saturday

AR: 5.9

Lex:  8.7

Newbery Medal  1997




Lai, Thanhha

Inside out and Back Again

AR: `

Lex:  8.1

Newbery Honor Book 2012




Lake, Nick

In Darkness

AR: 5.6

Lex:  8.0

Printz Award  Winner 2013





Lipsyte, Robert. 

One Fat Summer.

172 pgs,  670L


In school library under fiction


Todd F., 8th grade 

The book One Fat Summer was a very funny book.  It was very fun to read.  It was also very interesting and had a very good storyline.  The name character, a teenager named Robert is a rather large boy.  During the summer, he wanted to get a job and lose weight.  During the summer, he has many interesting adventures.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for a funny, interesting, and all-around good read.

Jeff, 9th grade

 One Fat Summer is a very realistic book.  The author, Robert Lipsyte, must have had a situation like the one in this book come up in his life, or it might not be so real.  It is definitely a must read book.  One Fat Summer follows an overweight teenage boy through his summer.  He hates summer, but on this particular one, he discovers the value of work, the horror of the real world, and maybe even a little love along the way.

Morgan, 8th grade

 Bobby Marks doesnt have many friends, he is very fat, and hates summer. His best friend goes to the city for the summer so he is stuck with nothing to do. A man named Dr. Kahn hires him to work on his house all summer and Bobby isnt liking his job at all. He is getting paid fifty cents an hour, and he thinks he is working to hard for little money. The summer got worse for Bobby and thinks he will be having a horrible summer till school starts but sometimes what he thinks is going to happen doesnt always happen in this story. I thought this was a good book.

Thomas R, 9th grade 

.How would you enjoy being overweight and picked on a bunch your whole summer?  Robert is an obese kid who is picked on and wants to fix it, so he gets a job mowing a lawn for a rich snob. But it turns out people get mad at him for doing that and he gets gang beaten on the side of a road and threw him onto an island and after that he starts fending for himself and everything slowly gets better for him. This is an extremely good book and a very easy read. Almost anyone could read this book but there is some material in here that little kids shouldnt be reading so it is recommend it for a little bit more mature kids.

 Tyler M, 10th grade 

Tymon, ninth grade

Michael, ninth grade

Robert Chm., ninth grade

Mr. Greenlee


Lowry, Lois.

The Giver. 

Newbery Medal 1994

179 pgs,  760L

In English Room.


also its sequel, Messenger




Martin, Ann M.. 

A Corner of the Universe.

Newberry Honor Book 2003

189 pgs,  750L


In English Room.


Mackenzie, 8th grade 

A Corner of the Universe is a great book. If you are looking for a sad but good book, then you should read this book. Hattie is bored at home until she finds out that she has another uncle that is coming to live with her grandparents for the summer. He has mental problems, and he has been gone for the past 12 years and Hattie never knew about him.

Kyra, 8th grade

A Corner of the Universe is definitely in my list of favorites.  It focuses on a man with mental disabilities and his relationship with his family.  The book kept me guessing and there was a surprise around every corner.  As the pages kept turning, I kept a smile stationary on my face.  It is absolutely a book that I recommend. 

Jane, 9th grade

 Hattie Owen had never heard of her uncle before her twelfth birthday, and it had been done deliberately.  Hatties Uncles Mental institution was shutting down.  He was going to be staying with his mother and father, her grandma and grandpa.  The two of them form a bond that is so immense they become almost inseparable.  The story talks about how they make it through the summer with each other, with good and bad times.  Ann M. Martin tells the story beautifully.  You get a glimpse of what it is really like to live the life of a mentally challenged man.  It is an uplifting story, good for families to read together, and for people who are looking for a nice read.    

Marie, 8th grade

Hattie is having a good summer. The circus is coming to town and she thinks it will be the best. When her Uncle Adam shows up her whole summer changes. She starts to become good friends will Adam. After awhile Hattie realizes that Adam has a mental problem and that he loses his temper really easy. Other people in her neighborhood do not like Adam and shes upset by this. She wants to show people that Adam is just a normal person. I liked this book because it always had something going on. There were never any slow parts. 

Shay, tenth grade 

The Corner of the Universe is a different book. Hattie gets thrown for a loop when she finds out that she has an Uncle Adam. Adam has some sort of mental problems. Hattie gets caught in the middle of everything when her own family and neighborhood is not very accepting to Adam. Hattie is very hurt by that. She accepts him with open arms. Hattie finds out how to deal with people that dont know how to treat others with respect. Hattie learns how small people can be.  

Martin, Rafe.


358 pgs, 720L


In English Room





Myers, Walter Dean.


Printz Award, 

National Book Award Finalist

Printz Award 2000


279 pgs,  670L


In English Room.

Devon Hunt, 8th grade

Steve Harmon is 16.  He is on trial for his life.  Steve is accused of murdering Mr. Nesbitt, a shopkeeper that runs a drugstore.  He tells the reader what is happening in the trial and around him while he is in jail.  There are flashbacks of his life before and after the killing of Mr. Nesbitt.  This is a good book for people that dont like reading very much, because the words arent bunched together, and its easy to read.

Robert Chf, 8th grade 

  An 18-year-old boy who was accused of a murder of a store clerk owner. The story is told about what his life was like staying in jail. He tells his story as if it was a movie. The main question is if he turns out innocent or is he guilty. I thought this book was a must read book, it is very well paced and you just dont want to put it down.

Michael, 10th grade 

Monster was a great book that told the story of a teen that was accused of a robbery and murder. Steve is the young teen who is on trial for a possible life sentence in prison. The story gives great detail of the prison and about Steves thoughts about the place. Steve knows hes innocent but getting the jury to believe him is tough when there Is no hard evidence. Steve is very nervous during court sessions but who wouldnt be if you could possibly be in prison for life. Steve knows he has to get the people in the court to believe him, but he always wonders how if they already labeled him a monster.  

Fuller, 10th grade 

Steve Harmon, 16 year old African American, height: 62, weight: 200 pounds, charge: felony murder, sentence pending: 25 years to life  These are the details on the back of Steves mug shot. Hes on trial for assisting an armed robbery of a local drug store.  Local store owner shot and killed by two young men, more details after this.  Thats what the local news displayed on July 7th.  James King and Richard Evans on trail for felony murder and Mr. Harmon is right along side him for being a so called lookout.  However, he claims he wasnt there, he claims he was out filming for a school project in his local Harlem neighborhood to show what the ghetto was really like.  Guilty or not guilty? That is up to the jury to decide, so read along and follow the twisted trails of evidence and watch what turns up and what people who are facing life in prison do to hold on to their freedom.  Monster is by far one of the greatest if not the greatest books Ive ever read, it keeps you wanting to read more and the style and font makes the reader feel as if they were one of the jurors.  Its almost as if the evidence is being presented to the reader for them to decide life or death for the three monsters as the prosecutor named them.  I suggest this book to anyone and everyone. 


Peck, Richard.

A Day No Pigs Would Die.  

a classic youth novel

139 pgs, 690L


In English Room


Halee , 8th grade 

         The book A Day No Pigs Would Die is a great book, it tells a tell about a boy whos father is sick. While he is sick, the boy takes care of the farm and all the work falls on him. He goes out to hunt and brings home dinner, hoping that his father will get better soon. Sadly things dont work out or go as planned. This book is a amazing and is one that i would surely recommend. It has some tough words however, and also it has some laughing lines. This is why i give it four stars. Some words were difficult but not too bad.



Peck, Richard. 

The River Between Us. 

National Book Award Finalist


In School Library under fiction



Bang! Bang! That is all they hear.  The civil war is going on, The River Between Us was written by Richard Peck, and it is an excellent book. This book is based around the older life style.  A family is trying to move from their winter home to their summer home with the Civil War going on, and  the son of the family wants to go and march with the towns men. The parents dont want him to go and march, but the son goes and stands up for his country.    



Richter, Conrad.

The Light in the Forest. 

117 pgs, 870L


In English Room.  


Tyler, 10th grade 

John Butler was a four year old white kid playing in the corn field, when all of a sudden he became part of an Indian village.  Eleven years later the army demands that the Indians give back all of their White slaves back to the army.  John is then sent back home to his real parents who he does not know.  While there he hates it and wants to return to his real family the Indians.  Two weeks later his cousin from the native tribe comes to his house and they escape back to the Indian village, on the way back it is tricky because of all the White men around that area who are trappers.  When John and his cousin get to the village the Indian warriors are setting off to destroy the White people.  John is sent to go with them because his father was the chief.  On the trip they see people coming up the river on a boat so they send John out in the bank to get the Whites to come near so the Indians can ambush them.  While John is there he notices that it is his White family, and yells at them to Return its an ambush so the Indians hop out and start to fire, but they are out of range.  The Indians are mad at John and theyre about to do something that will change Johns life. 


Roth, Veronica. 





Sebold, Alice. 

The Lovely Bones. 

327 pgs, 890L

AR: 6.0   Lex:8.9

In English Room

Maggie C.   

Susie salmon is your typical pre-teen. She loves photography, her family and her life. Until one day, she found her self in a dangerous situation. Her friendly neighbor (or so she though) turns out to be murderer and violently takes her life. This book is from Susies perspective, the in-between. she can view earth from a distance and sometimes shows herself to her family. Susie has to watch as her family reveals what really happened to her. This novel was extremely compelling and at sometimes filled with action. This book is a perfect read for any type of girl and will not disappoint.


Shreve, Susan.

Under the Watson's Porch.

198 pgs


In English Room.


Under the Watsons Porch is an ok book however, I would not recommend it. It is about a girl who has had a boring summer until she meets a boy. After a while, she starts to have feelings for him, which her mother does not like. This book lacks emotion and excitement; it is very predictable.

Mackenzie, 8th grade

I would recommend the book Under the Watsons Porch to anyone that likes funny and romantic books. It was a good book, but it was not a great book. All of Ellies friends are gone for the summer to camp, so she is left alone for the summer, until a boy moves in next-door that has a plan to make a lollipop garden under the Watsons Porch. Tommy is a foster child that has been in a bunch of trouble through out his life, and Ellie has no way of stopping it.

  Hailey A., 8th grade

This was an alright book, and I didnt enjoy it as most of the books that I have read. It is funny, exciting, and romantic.  In this book, a girl, Ellie, and her friend build a fort under the Watons porch. As their friendship grows, the more exciting the book becomes.


Ellie is having a boring summer. Her only friend is going to camp and shes home with her mom, dad, and little brother. When a new neighbor comes, Ellie meets Tommy. Tommy and Ellie dont stop hanging out. They end up starting a camp for other kids in the neighborhood, but when Ellie finds out that Tommy steals she doesnt know if she can be his friend any more. 


Sorensen, Virginia.

Miracles on Maple Hill.

180 pgs, 750L

Newberry Medal

Be the first to read it!

In English Room.



Sparks, Nicholas.

The Notebook.


I give The Notebook four starts. The book was a very easy read, it was very interesting. I recommend reading the book before watching the movie though, because the book goes more into detail and has a lot more to explain than the movie. 


Speare, Elizabeth George

Witch of Blackbird The Pond

AR: 5.7

Lex:  8.5

Newbery Medal 1959




Speare, Elizabeth.

Sign of the Beaver.

Newberry Honor Book

Lex: 770L


In Our Library under fiction


Aaron L, 6th Grade

The book Sign of the Beaver was a great book telling about how a twelve year old boy all alone in the wilderness waiting for his family to get back from their trip. The boy Matt has only his fathers rifle to protect him. However, one day due to Matts stupidity, he was wounded and wakes up side by side to an Indian chief and his grandson. He is taken to their tribe and he learns from the Indian boy how to hunt if Matt will teach the boy how to read. Matt learns from the tribe and is trusted by the tribe. Months pass by and his family is still not there and Matt believes they may not come back so the tribe asks him to come up north with them and leave the cabin. Matt does not know if he will leave his family or stay to find out his family may or may not come back. What will Matt choose? 

Tyler M, 10th Grade

This book was the best book I have ever read in my life.  It had such great details of what happened.  The Sign Of The Beaver was so great, it was about a boy named Matt who was living with his father in a cabin in Maine, but his mother and his sister lived in New York.  Matts dad leaves Matt by himself to get his wife and daughter and bring them to Maine.  While he is gone, Matt is trying to find food when he comes to the beehive his father showed him and reaches in and gets stung.  While running he falls in the river and broke his foot. Indians find him and take care of him by teaching him how to make weapons and things that Indians do for survival.  Matt has to make a decision in the winter go with the Indians to hunting ground, or stay and wait for his father who is already late.

Robert Chmb., 10th grade 

When Matts father leaves to help his mom travel to there cabin in Maine, it is up to Matt to be the man of the cabin. Matt finds its not as easy as he thought and he needed help. He then meets Attean, boy who is a member of the Beaver tribe. Matt teaches Attean how to read and Attean teaches Matt some survival skills to help him survive by himself. This book is a classic because it teaches survival skills and some history about Native Americans. Another positive factor about this book is the many exciting adventures Matt and Attean come across. All though this story is exciting, it can also be sad because it tells how Englishmen ruined the Indians way of life took there land unfairly. I recommend this book to everyone. 

  Fuller, 10th grade

        Young Matt, only 13 years old, was abandoned in his parents home out in the wilderness, after being told they would return.  Less then a week after they left, a snow storm sets in and he is stranded alone fighting for his life against mother nature.  Follow along as Matt struggles to find food and waits the arrival of his parents.  Will he survive or will he starve to death in his attempts?  Few months after being alone Matt runs into a little help supposedly sent by a god.  Attean is a young native living on the land nearby, and together they fight the wilderness and help each other to success.   


Sperry, Armstrong

Call It Courage

AR: 6.0

Lex:  8.3

Newbery Medal 1941




  Taylor, Mildred D.

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

AR: 5.7

Lex:  9.2

Newbery Medal 1977




Tolan, Stephanie S.

Surviving the Applewhites

AR: 5.5

Lex:  8.2

Newbery Honor Book 2003




Voigt, Cynthia

Solitary Blue

AR: 5.3

Lex:  7.7

Newbery Honor Book 1984




Voigt, Cynthia.

Dicey's Song.

Newberry Medal Winner

sequel to Homecoming

211 pgs, 710L

 in English Room.


The sequel to Homecoming.  

Melissa, tenth grade 

Dicey and her siblings Maybeth, James, and Sammy spent a long time looking for their Grandmother after their mother abandoned them and became deathly ill.  She checked herself into a hospital in Boston and left Dicey on her own to take her siblings all the way from Provincetown to Chesapeake Bay where her Grandmother lives.  Their Grandma didnt even know she had any grandchildren or that her daughter was deathly ill, but when the children arrived and surprised her she had no other choice, but to let them in with open arms since the children have no other family.  The family lives in a large farm home dealing with welfare, schooling, and their mothers death throughout the years.  Together they get through everything and become one big happy family.    


Zusak, Markus

Book Thief.  

AR: 5.1

Lex:  7.3

Printz Award  Honor 2007





Other Books for Seventh-Grade Students:

Bagnold, Enid.

National Velvet.

252 pgs, 700 L

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In English Room.

Barrett, William.

The Lilies of the Field.

127 pgs, 770L

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In English Room.

Buckley, Michael.  

The Sisters Grimm. 


in the library? 

Draper, Sharon.

Tears of a Tiger.

180 pgs 700L

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In English Room

Elliott, L.M.

Under a War-Torn Sky. 

284 pgs 

formerly in English Room.

Feinstein, John.

Last Shot.  

251 pgs, 760L


formerly in English Room.

Fleischman, Paul.


133 pgs, 760L

Be the first to read it!

formerly in English Room.

Gordon, Amy.

When JFK was my Father.

201 pgs, 770L

Be the first to read it!

In school library under fiction

l'Engle, Madeline.

A Wrinkle in Time.

210 pgs, 740L

 and its sequel, A Swiftly Tilting Planet.

National Book Award,

256 pgs, 850L

and its sequel, A Wind in the Door.

202 pgs, 770L

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All three are in English Room

Levine, Karen.

Hana's Suitcase.

106pgs, illustrated; 730L

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In English Room.  

Mass, Wendy. 

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life. 

289 pgs, 770L

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In English Room.

Myers, Walter Dean.


184 pgs, 740L

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In our school library in fiction

Napoli, Donna Jo


 344 pgs, 600L

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In our school library in fiction

O'Dell, Scott.

Streams to the River, River to the Sea.

163 pgs,  740L

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In English Room.

O'Dell, Scott.

Sarah Bishop.

229 pgs,  760L

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In English Room.

Ryan, Pam Muoz. 

Esperanza Rising.

262 pgs, 750L

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In English Room

Shusterman, Neal

The Shadow Club.

200 pgs, 760L

In School Library under fiction

Sloane, Eric.

Diary of an 

Early American Boy.

108 pages with illustrations

J $

in English Room

Sparks, Nicholas.

The Notebook.

Sparks, Nicholas.

The Lucky One.

Sparks, Nicholas.

The Last Song.


Sparks, Nicholas.

Message in a Bottle.


Sparks, Nicholas.

A Walk to Remember.  

Voigt, Cynthia. Homecoming.

317 pgs, 630L

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 in English Room.

Williams, Laura.

Behind the Bedroom Wall.

163 pgs, 660L

 in English Room.

Woodruff, Elvira.


208 pgs, 810L

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 in English Room.

Wulffson, Don.

Soldier X.

226 pgs, 740 L

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 in English Room.