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The Robbery Victims of the James-Younger Gang

Here, you will find a detailed description of all the robberies of the James-Younger Gang. I also have included descriptions of the robberies of the James Gang, the second gang led by Jesse James after the attempted bank robbery at Northfield, Minnesota had pretty much abolished the James-Younger Gang. Click on the links to find out who participated in each robbery, how much money was stolen, and more.

Liberty, Missouri Bank Robbery
Lexington, Missouri Bank Robbery
Russellville, Kentucky Bank Robbery
Gallatin, Missouri Bank Robbery
Corydon, Iowa Bank Robbery
Columbia, Kentucky Bank Robbery
Kansas City, Missouri Exposition Robbery
Ste. Genevieve Bank Robbery
Adair, Iowa Train Robbery
Hot Springs, Arkansas Stagecoach Robbery
Gad's Hill, Missouri Train Robbery
Bentonville, Arkansas Store Robbery
Austin, Texas Stagecoach Robbery
Muncie, Kansas Train Robbery
Huntington, West Virginia Bank Robbery
Baxter Springs, Kansas Bank Robbery
Otterville, Missouri Train Robbery
Northfield, Minnesota Bank Robbery

Robbery Victims of the James Gang

Glendale, Missouri Train Robbery
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky Stagecoach Robbery
Mercer, Kentucky Payroll Robbery
Muscle Shoals, Alabama Payroll Robbery
Winston, Missouri Train Robbery
Blue Cut, Missouri Train Robbery