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Otterville, Missouri Train Robbery

July 7, 1876---The James-Younger Gang had been planning to travel to the far off state of Minnesota to rob a bank for over a month. The gang had selected to rob a train in Missouri for financing for their trip to Minnesota. The gang decided to rob the Missouri Pacific Railroad near Otterville, Missouri. The tracks had to pass through a very dangerous gash known as Rocky Cut. The gang decided they would hold the train up in the Rocky Cut. There were eight robbers: Jesse and Frank James, Cole and Bob Younger, Clell Miller, Charlie Pitts, Bill Chadwell, and newcomer Hobbs Kerry. Jim Younger refused to participate in this robbery, much to the disappointment of the other members. At night on the seventh, the gang apprehended the night guard at the Rocky Cut. When the train came down the tracks, one of the outlaws used the night guard's lantern to flag down the train. Once the train was halted, the gang boarded the train. They robbed both safes that were on the train. When the looting was finished, the eight outlaws mounted their horses and rode away. A few days later, Hobbs Kerry was arrested for the robbery. He was a moron. He gave up the names of all of his accomplices. By the time the law went after the rest of the gang, the gang was on their way to Minnesota. Click here to read about the Northfield, Minnesota Bank Robbery.


Amount of Money Stolen

Citizens Killed/Wounded