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Muncie, Kansas Train Robbery

December 8, 1874---Six members of the James-Younger Gang rode to the train depot at Muncie, Kansas. At gunpoint, the six men ordered railroad workers to load ties onto the train tracks. After this was done, the railroad men were bound, gagged, and hidden inside a nearby shed. The Kansas Pacific Railroad train came roaring down the tracks a short time later. The train stopped when it saw the obstruction on the tracks. The six outlaws then jumped on board and held their guns at the passengers. Railroad workers on the train were ordered to release the baggage and express cars. After this was done, the six outlaws boarded the two seperated train cars and looted them both. After all the money was stolen, the six outlaws rode away. Newcomer Bill "Bud" McDaniels, who participated in the robbery, was arrested in Kansas City a short time later. He managed to break out of jail, however. A posse was soon able to track him to a local farmer's field. It was the farmer that spotted McDaniels in his field, and pulled out his shotgun. The farmer then took aim, and shot McDaniels dead. He never gave up his accomplices.


Amount of Money Stolen

Citizens Killed/Wounded