Here's what I've compiled over the last few months.. please feel free to send me any I don't have!

"I'm sorry Lindsay.... I'm really wasted...... John Bohnam died!"
    -Nick, trying to apologize after he tried to unhook Lindsay.

"What do you think we are hippies or something?"
    -Ken to Lindsay on her attempt to make her home a party atmosphere.

"Shut up. Dallas rules!"
     -Bill, after Neal puts the show down.

"That's ok... I prefer to get high on life."
     -Lindsay's geeky ex-friend when offered beer.

" Last year I got elected school treasurer, and I didn't even run."
    -Neal to a black guy on why it's harder to be Jewish

"Oh yeah? Is your grandpa supercool?"
    -Bill's response to Neal's comment that he looks like his grandpa.

"Sorry. Your butt was calling me."
    -Ken's apology to a girl who tells him to leave her alone after he hit her butt with a belt.

"She's high! High as a kite!"
    -A teacher about Lindsey when she starts cracking up in the principal's office.

"Yeah, take a number."
    -Neal to the bully's comment on whether he could see Neal's circumcision.

"I'm not a little girl. I'm a bionic woman."
    -Bill to the bully, who had just called him a little girl on Halloween.

"Are we gonna go to hell for this? I don't wanna go to hell."
    - Bill while watching porno with Sam and Neal
"Is Weir allowed to shower with us? Cuz he's a woman."
    - Bully

"Keep climbing Wonderwoman."
    - Sam to Bill

"Bodies are merely a shell which conceal our heavenly souls."
    - Trensky

"I hope I can still have kids."
    - Bill after being towel whipped

"Go to the office and pick up your Academy Award on the way."
    - Mr. Fredricks after Sam makes up excuses to not shower

"Rock 'n roll don't come from your brain. It comes from your crotch."
    - Daniel

"He should use his legs more. He's gonna throw out his back."
    - Bill while watching a guy pick up a girl

"It wouldn't be bad if people saw me from the back, but the front's another story."
    - Bill

"You're like a god! People are gonna worship you."
    - Bill to Sam after Sam streaked

"You can do whatever you want if you believe in yourself."
    - Lindsey

"Where is John Bonham? Is he in the ground rotting away somewhere or is he up in heaven partying with Jimi [Hendrix] and Janis [Joplin]?"
    - A slighty stoned Nick asks Lindsay

"Cheerleaders have to date jocks, it's the law"
    - Neal

Got anymore? Send them to me here

Special thanks to Jason M. for some of the quotes!

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