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Tues, December 9, 2003
I was looking up something about Freaks & Geeks and found not only that my site was still here and recieving visitors.. but that I could still login and update.
It's been over 4 years since I opened this website or maintained it. That was a LONG time ago, and I'm much older.. but my love for this television show still hasn't wavered. I hope to work on it if I get some time after this fall semester. Have a great day, and sign the petition on the main page!!
-Becky (website owner)

Wed, Apr 21st, 2000
-    Sometime in the first week in May, VH1's The List has Seth Rogen, Sarah Hagen, Samm Levine, John Daley and Natasha Melnick from Freaks and Geeks. Check back for exact dates and times.
-    Operation Haverchuck was a sucess!!! On the 27th of April, the large ad for F&G will apear in The Daily Variety! Look for it.

Wed, Mar 13th, 2000
-    You have already heard and read about the cancellation of our precious show. Here's a clever little tidbit written by Judd:

Linda is on Letterman on Wednesday. It was scheduled before the news hit. She is very excited about it.
This has been a terrible day. It is always painful dealing with a network (HBO excluded. They are great). They have no interest in quality. They have no patience. They have no job security. This is a recipe for disaster. So now they will bring "Dateline" back to the air. News magazine shows are truly evil. They pretend to be news, but they are one hundred percent tabloid garbage. They prey on people's pain and turn it into cash for their mega-corp masters. How much money did NBC make exploiting the Columbine children? Did we need to see all of those images, day after day for months? Must they interview every kid who has ever murdered their parents or classmates? They say it is news. It isn't news, it's greed. What do we learn from those reports? These shows are glorified versions of the old movie "Faces of Death". They will talk about anything if they think people will watch it. It desensitizes everyone who watches it. It makes us feel like the world is a scarier place than it actually is. And as the media merges into fewer and fewer companies, we will have less choice and they will have more power over how we perceive reality. I asked one of the heads of NBC about the Y2K movie they were about to present. I said, "do you ever worry that it might help create a panic?" he said, "I hope there is a panic. That would mean somebody watched the show." That is the type of person who controls your airwaves. The film "Network" has come true. I am just glad that we were able to sneak something decent on, that was from our hearts, before they killed us. Think about this--they haven't aired six episodes. That costs them millions of dollars. How much do they resent our show to take that hit? What are the real politics of this decision. Maybe at the highest level of NBC or GE there is someone we do not even know, and he doesn't relate to the geeks. He relates to the bullies. I would guess our show doesn't touch his heart, it reminds him of his deepest pain--his flaws. Either that or he sees a number and doesn't care what it is--if it's not making my stockholders money today, get it off. God forbid they showed anything they were proud of. Oh, I'm sorry, they do--it's called "Daddio".
  -- Judd

way to go Judd. Nicely said. Let's keep trying!!!!

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