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Brother or Cousin of Billy the Kid

Purported to be a young Joseph McCarty Antrim (photo discovered by Ray John de Aragon)

Joe McCarty was born in an unknown place in either 1854 or 1855, and he claimed he was born in Indiana. He grew up in Silver City with his family and attended school there. After Catherine McCarty, Joe's mother, died and William Antrim left Silver City, Joe went to stay with Joe Dyer. Joe later went to Arizona, but left there in 1880 for Trinidad, Colorado. In August of 1882, Pat Garrett and Joe met up by chance at the Armijo Hotel in Trinidad, Colorado. They talked there privately for two hours. Garrett and Joe eventually shook hands and parted company, with no hard feelings. Joe worked as a gambler in Colorado and later returned to New Mexico. In 1883, he stopped a lynching at Silver City. He was almost killed by a fellow gambler a few months later, but was able to talk his way out of it. Joe later went to Tombstone, Arizona and from there to Denver. He died a poor man at Denver on Novemober 25, 1930 and his body was given to the Colorado Medical School to be dissected.

Joe McCarty Antrim

This is the only definite photo of Joe. It was taken in 1928.