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The Bookshelf
Diverse Writings by the Members of House White Tower

Songs and Poems
Cup of Glory
Iron Men
The Man Who Wouldn't Die
Vastly Outnumbered
White Belt Fever
Pride of the Clan

Essays and Stories
The Fenix Secession
The Fenix on Cable
Avatar Joins the SCA.
Avatar Does Beowulf
Avatar vs. the Burglar
Avatar Celebrates Christmas
Avatar Sits High Table
Avatar Declares War
What Goes Thud?
The Prince and the Winged Chariot
Letter to Lough Devnaree
Letter to a New Knight
So, you wanna be a squire?
The 3 Laws of Fighting
Myles' Marvelous Melee Memnonic
My Favorite Recipes
A Farsure Boars Head
A Garlic Pepper Sauce for Roast Beef
A Peasant Potato Round
Cheese Bread
The Senior Squire Speach
A Quest For Mercy
A Quest For Humility
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