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Medieval and Renaissance Fact and Fiction

Knight Knight

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This page is meant to be a guide to resources available on the Web for people who are interested in the history, culture, literature and re-creation of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

There are hundreds of sites on the Middle Ages on the Web. I know I have only a small percentage of what is out there, but I have tried to organize this site so that you will have an easier time finding what you want. Please e-mail me to let me know about good sites that I haven't included yet.

Welcome to my site. Feel free to explore, and please come back again, because I'm always adding new resources to the list.

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Major Archives and Pages of Links

Guide to Archaeology on the Internet

An article in the Athena Review. This includes a great many links to sites relevant to Medieval archaeology and history

The Labyrinth at Georgetown University


"The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources"

Old English Pages by Cathy Ball at Georgetown University

This site is "An encyclopedic compendium of resources for the study of Old English and Anglo-Saxon England."

The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies This Site includes:

The Online Medieval Sourcebook: an extensive list of links
A Library of online texts and translations
An Encyclopedia of scholarly articles on the Middle Ages.

Ravensguard's Viking Age Page

A large collection of links to materials on Norse history and culture.

SUL Medieval Pages at Stanford University

This site has a list of links and a listing of library collections. It also has a large bibliography of translations of Medieval texts. At the moment, access to all but a few of the on-line texts are restricted to people affiliated with Stanford University.

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Primary Source Documents and Translations

Archives of Documents

The Alchemy Web Site and Virtual Library

A general site on Alchemy, it includes information on Alchemy in the Middle ages and Renaissance. The Alchemy Reference Library includes transcriptions and images from, and analyses of, source documents on alchemy, including some Medieval and Renaissance texts.

EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents From Western Europe

by Richard Hacken at Brigham Young University
This site provides links to transcriptions, translations and facsimiles of documents from all periods of European History, including Medieval & Renaissance Europe.

Five Sixteenth-Century Latin Plays

From the collection of Comedies and Tragedies edited by Nicholas Brylinger, Basle, 1540. Translations of the plays, and information about the works and their authors.

Hanover Historical Texts Project at Hanover College

An archive of translated documents from several historical periods, including the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Internet Medieval Sourcebook


An archive of transcriptions of Medieval and Renaissance texts, as well as information on the works and their authors.

The Middle English Collection

Transcriptions of Middle English works, including Chaucer and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Part of the Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia. Some resources at this site are restricted to UVA users, but most of this archive is publically available.

The Online Medieval and Classical Library

"The Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL) is an archive being assembled as a service to the Internet....Douglas B. Killings is responsible for this project..." The texts archived here include Chaucer, several Norse Sagas, and more.

The ORB Library

Part of the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies (see Major Archives and Pages of Links)

Renascence Editions

"An Online Repository of Works Printed in English Between the Years 1477 and 1799"

On-line Documents

The Aberdeen Bestiary

Images, transcriptions, translations, and commentary on this manuscript, which dates to about 1200 AD.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

This chronicle is a very important document for early British history. A transcription of the original Old English manuscript is given here, no translation.

Le Chevalier de la Charrette

Their introduction says, "The Charrette project is a complex, scholarly, multi-media electronic archive containing a medieval manuscript tradition -- that of Chrétien de Troyes's Le Chevalier de la Charrette (Lancelot, ca. 1180). It is developed and maintained by the Department of Romance Languages, Princeton University.

Creating an Electronic Archive of Piers Plowman

The author of the web site says "William Langland's Piers Plowman is a fourteenth-century alliterative, satiric, allegorical quest poem." The site contains a critical text and a variety of related information.

Decameron Web

A site devoted to the Decameron, a mid-14th century text by Boccaccio. The site contains the text of the stories in Italian and in English translation. There is also a great deal of supplementary material on the author and the time period.

The Digital Dante Project

This site contains transcriptions and translations of Dante's works, scholarly articles on Dante, and other related information.

The Lais de Marie de France A verse translation by Judith P. Shoaf

The Poetic Edda

This site by Grimnir Svithrirsson has translations of several sections of this epic of Norse mythology.

Shakespeare's Plays and other works are available at several sites, including:

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas

This medieval work of theology was translated by the Fathers of the English Dominican Province.

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Medieval Art

The Age of King Charles V (1338-1380)

1,000 Illuminations from the Department of Manuscripts at The Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

Bodleian Library at Oxford University

This site has a number of on-line resources, including the beginnings of an image catalog of various medieval illuminations, and images of Celtic Manuscripts.

Choix de miniatures des manuscrits
[Selection of miniatures from manuscripts] at l'Université de Liège

A small archive of illuminations from mostly 14th and 15th century manuscripts. The text of the site is in French.

Creating French Culture at the Library of Congress

An exhibit of art and artifacts from The Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Covers all of French history from the 8th century to the present.

A Visual Tour through Late Antiquity

A collection of images compiled by Steve Muhlberger "with an emphasis on Gaul and the time of Gregory of Tours" (4th to 7th centuries).


A huge collection of on-line images, mainly of paintings. Only a portion is Medieval and Renaissance, but the site is well indexed to make things easy to find.

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Other Medieval and Renaissance Information

Athena Review: Quarterly Journal of Archaeology, History and Exploration

This site contains a large number of interesting articles and an archive of images. It is not primarily focused on the Middle Ages, but it has a great deal of relevant material

The Battle of Hastings 1066

The author of this site has collected a great deal of information on this important battle, including genealogies, images of the Bayeux Tapestry, photos of re-creations of the battle, and his own articles.

Costume for a 12th Century Lady

An article on the costume shown on a carved whale bone panel with the Virgin Mary in 12th century dress.

Del's Dance Book

This site contains information on a wide variety of styles of Renaissance Dance. There are also audio and sheet music files for the music for many of these dances.
There are mirrors of this site in Australia and Canada. <-- DEAD LINKS

The English Dancing Master

There are two sites that I know of that contain transcriptions of this renaissance dance manual. There is a copy transcribed by Filip of the Marche, and a copy on the site of the SCA's Shire of Cynnabar. This dance manual was written by Playford and published in 1651. It is the main source for English Country Dance. -->

The Jeff Davies HomePage

A page on Welsh history, literature and culture. The history section includes some very good primary source materials from the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Medieval English Towns

This site has a great set of articles on the history of various communities in medieval England and links to even more information.

Steven Loughlin's Home Page

This page is about St. Thomas Aquinas (ca. 1225-1274). There is biographical information, and links to his works.

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Medieval and Renaissance Re-creation

The Society for Creative Anachronism

The Society for Creative Anachronism The Official Home Page
The Rialto Newsgroup:
The Province of Tree-Girt Sea The northern Chicago area branch of the SCA
The Shire of Grey Gargoyles The southern Chicago area branch of the SCA
The Shire of Cynnabar The local group in Ann Arbor, Michigan
The Pippins A madrigal choir in the Chicago area

Other Living History and Re-creation Groups

Angelcynn Anglo-Saxon Living History 400 - 900
Renaissance Faire Homepage

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