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Sharon's Completely Frivolous Home Page


Thank you for visiting my home page. This web site is devoted to several subjects that I have been interested in for a long time. I have pages here on archaeology, traveling around the world, Medieval and Renaissance history and culture, Early Music, and, of course, computers.

Welcome, and feel free to explore.

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On a More Serious Note

Sharon's Professional Side
The beginnings of a professional web page, including my resume

Sharon's Medieval Web Site

Medieval and Renaissance Fact and Fiction
A page on Medieval and Renaissance history, literature, art and re-creation
Women in Ancient and Medieval Times
The newest addition to my Medieval pages. More under construction than most.
Medieval and Renaissance Music
A page of Early Music Resources

Around the World with Sharon!

Where in the World is Sharon?
A page on places I have lived and places I have traveled to
Visiting Strange and Exotic Places and Digging Holes in Them
A page on Archaeology

Can We Talk?

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My Favorite Places on the Web

Fun with Computers

I have moved a lot of the computer links to a new page.
Check it out!

Where to get connected to the Internet: FreeNets and free Web Pages

Angelfire Communications
This site offers free web pages.
Freenets and Community Networks by Peter Scott
Another site that offers free web pages.
A list of sites where you can get Free Web Pages

How to learn how to make yourself at home on the Web

World Wide Web FAQ
by Thomas Boutell and Boutell.Com, Inc.

Other Items of Interest

Where to find books to read on the Web

CARRIE: a Full-Text Electronic Library
The Internet Public Library

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