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Medieval and Renaissance Music

Early Music Resources on the Web

Knight Knight

Well Met!

This page is meant to be a guide to resources available on the Web for people who are interested in the music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

I have tried to find sites with good information on a variety of early music subjects and styles. I know I have only a small percentage of what is available on the Web about Medieval music, but I have tried to make it easier to find what you want. Please e-mail me to let me know about good sites that I haven't included yet.

Welcome to my site. Feel free to explore, and please come back again, because I'm always adding new resources to the list.

Table of Contents

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Knight Knight

General Early Music Sites and Lists of Links

Arto Wikla's Music Page

In the introduction to this page, the author says "I am mainly interested in the so called 'art music', but in some extent also in blues, rock and ethnic. I play different types of lutes, and late renaissance and early baroque are closest to my heart." This page contains a large number of useful Early Music links and information related to lutes.

The Classical Music Pages by Matt Boynick

This site covers classical music in general, but has a fair amount of information about Medieval and Renaissance composers and music styles.

Classical Net by L.D. Lampson

This site covers the entire range of classical music, including medieval and renaissance music. Resources include information on composers, basic repertoire for the middle ages and renaissance, and links to other early music sites.

Early Music Institute at Indiana University

This site offers links to some useful resources on early music.

Early Music Sites

by The Renaissance and Baroque Society of Pittsburgh

Early Music Page by T. McComb

This site has a very useful FAQ (answers to Frequently Asked Questions) and List of Recordings.

E.M.G.'s Guide to Early Music Resources on the Internet

Part of the Early Music Guild site.

Studio aHOYO Early Music Home Page

This site includes a library of scores and a list of links.

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Early Music: Texts, Scores, Audio Files

Alexandre H. Hohmann's Early Music Page

This site contains lyrics and midi files for a small number of pieces.

Alfonso X, el Sabio 1221-1284

This site contains transcriptions and translations of the texts of several of the Cantigas de Santa Maria, early Spanish songs of praise.

Ars Subtilior

This site contains a number of midi files of this late fourteenth century style of music. There is also information on composers of this style.

The Cantigas de Santa Maria

Facsimiles and information about this set of over 100 13th century Spanish songs in praise of the Virgin Mary.

Del's Dance Book

This is a site on Renaissance Dance. It contains a large number of audio and sheet music files for modern arrangements of the music for many Renaissance dances.
There are mirrors of this site in Australia and Canada.

Internet Renaissance Band by Curtis Clark

A large collection of midi files of Medieval and Renaissance Music.

The Lieder and Song Text Page

An archive of lyrics, some with translations. Much of this is post-medieval.

The Music of Thomas Ravenscroft

Image files and transcriptions of the lyrics of many of the works of Thomas Ravenscroft (fl. ca. 1600).

Pre-1600 Ballads: A work in progress... by Greg Lindahl

Information about pre-1600 ballads, including some transcriptions of lyrics and image files of manuscripts.

Pre-1600 Songs

Part of Cantaria: A learning library of bardic music.
A small archive of transcribed and translated lyrics, some with audio files.

Studio aHOYO Early Music Home Page

This site includes an on-line library of scores and a list of links.

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Music Theory in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Lexicon Musicum Latium The Theory of Music in the Middle Ages

A list of sources and other information about music theory in the Middle Ages.
This site is in several languages, none of them English.

Thesaurus Musicarum Italicarum (TMI) Home Page at Utrecht University

This site moved, and now seems to be available only through the Computer & Letteren Home Page.
This project is publishing a series of 16th and 17th-century Italian manuscripts on music theory on CD-ROM. There are also some selections available on-line.

Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum at Indiana University

An archive of Latin Texts on Music Theory from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. No translations are given.

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Catalogs and Indices of Manuscripts, Bibliographies

CANTUS Homepage: available through World Wide Web or Gopher

A Database for Gregorian Chant at the Catholic University of America
This site provides information about and indices of a large number of original manuscripts of gregorian chant.

Early Music Periodicals: Past and Present at Indiana University

An extensive descriptive bibliography of periodicals on the topic of early music.

Monumenta Musicae Byzntinae at the University of Copenhagen

An inventory of microfilms and photos of manuscripts.

The Music of the Fourteenth Century

An inventory of manuscripts containing music from the 14th century.

RISM: Répertoire International des Sources Musicales - International Inventory of Musical Sources

The introduction to this site says, "RISM -- the Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (International Inventory of Musical Sources) -- represents a worldwide effort to identify and describe sources of music and writings about music from the earliest times through ca. 1825. The RISM Home Page is a joint production of the RISM Zentralredaktion at Frankfurt/Main, Germany, and the U.S. RISM Office at Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A."

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Gregorian Chant

CANTUS Homepage: available through World Wide Web or Gopher

A Database for Gregorian Chant at the Catholic University of America
This site provides information about and indices of a large number of original manuscripts of gregorian chant.

The Gregorian Association (UK)

A society to to promote the study and practice of plainsong. Their site contains some useful information on chant and its performance.

The Gregorian Chant Homepage by Peter Jeffrey at Princeton University

Gregorian Chant Notation

A page on the neumes used in Gregorian Chant notation, and how to read them.

Gregorian Chant Tutorial

A small number of articles covering the basics of Gregorian Chant.

Notitiae Cantus

An International Newsletter for Gregorian Chant and other Repertoires of Western Chant. This site has a number of articles published online.

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Instruments and Instrumental Music

CIMCIM Home Page

International Committee of Musical Instrument Museums and Collections, a committee of ICOM, the International Council of Museums.
This site has a number of useful resources for historical instruments in general, including links to web sites for museums with instrument collections, and on-line texts of scholarly articles.

Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments

This site gives a catalog and other information about the collection of instruments. The site also includes an Electronic Picture Gallery of a large number of instruments in the collection.

Gaelic Harps & Harpers in Ireland & Scotland

An interesting article on the history of harps and the bardic tradition, including the period of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Nice pictures.

A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

This site is sponsored by the Musica Antiqua ensemble at Iowa State University.

The Guitar Pre-1650 by Joe Bethancourt

A very interesting article detailing the history of early guitar and lute-like instruments.

Orpheon - Museum of Historical Musical Instruments

This online museum includes a collection of photographs of instruments, mostly strings. Much of the collection is 18th century, but some is earlier.

Sixteenth-Century Printed Tablatures for the Lute, Vihuela, Guitar, and Cittern

Compiled by Dr. Gary R. Boye.
The introduction to this site says: "This is an experimental database of printed tablatures for plucked-string instruments from 1500-1599. It is primarily concerned with bibliographical information relating to Lute, Vihuela, Guitar, and Cittern tablatures; it also contains information on three lesser-known instruments: the Bandora, the Mandora, and the Orpharion."

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Other Early Music Sites

Early Music America Magazine

A magazine produced by Early Music America with online articles on various early music topics.

Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music

Published online by the Society for Seventeenth Century Music.

Love in the Arts by Paul Brian

This site includes study guides that contain information on Medieval Love Songs and Renaissance Love Songs.


Picture Gallery of Classical Composers

This gallery includes indices by name or time period, and includes some Medieval and Renaissance Composers.

Ricercares a quatto voci by Vinenzo Galilei, 1584 Compiled by Nicholas S. Lander.

This page includes an article on the composer, Galilei, and the style of his music, and midi files of the music.

Salamone Rossi (1570 - 1630)

This site includes articles on the life, times, and music of this Italian-Jewish composer. Part of the Zamir Chorale of Boston web site. The Zamir site also includes a page on Sephardic Music, some of which dates to the Medieval and Renaissance period.

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