Ship Styles

This 1st file is a package which had been available from the Selkis III Shipyards. The file:, is a collection of mighty fine Star Trek ® type ships. You get all the big hitters from the franchise: UFP, Borg, Klingon, Cardis, Romulans, the Dominion, and even Bajoran, Vulcan, and my favorite - The Breen! There is a newer, updated batch at the Vendetta Shipyards (go to my Links page), however...

...however, being the great, nice guy I am, I spent all those load-times and fetched the best of the new ship styles from Vendetta. I even then proceeded to convert them into the proper BMP format, and put them all into one nice, neat package - And you thought I was kidding about being nice! Vendetta is a cool site, but it must have taken me some 3 hours to get these ships. True, I only have a 33.6kps modem, but honestly!


If you read the FAQ page, you know that I have tried to turn many people on to Se3, only to have them come back to me and complain about how they can't get ships to move, or some other excuse. They often wind up deleting the game. Then, after I explain what happened, they download it again. Of course, they complain again about other stuff, like having to design ships (which I really love doing), or getting wiped out real fast.

So, once more, yours truly, the friendly game master, has come up with a nice scenario for you beginners to learn on. Mind you, although you have some advantages, the circumstances will still be challenging. In fact, as soon as you start the game, one of your scout ships is attacked and destroyed! Hahaha!!! But anyway, you do begin with a bunch of planets and ready made ships. First download Readme.txt. And really read it!!! It will give you the background for the scenario storyline. It will also explain how to load the game file,, into your game to play it. By the way, you'll need the two ship style files, too, for this scenario.

Still too tough? This next file, Stark2_3.ZIP, maybe be just what you want. The zip file contains two scenarios, Stark2 and Stark3. Both are essentially Stark1, only further in the future.

In Stark2.GAM, we jump about a year or so into the future. The UFP is locked in a deadly war with the Kgnolam Empire. Things were not going well at all, since the UFP was outnumbered and outgunned. But thanks to some fancy foot work and a few well placed mines, the tide is turning. The game starts just after the Battle for Wykum VIII. The UFP fleet pounced on a major construction site with a lot of semi-built ships. Losses were still tough, and despite this victory, things are still delicate. The UFP economy is in bad shape. The ultimate outcome is still questionable, especially with another alien race met by a scout ship.

In Stark3.GAM, you HAVE to like Se3!!! The war is over! Peace has been accepted and the UFP is the victor. The economy is now changing back over to civilian projects, such as new colonies. Remember that mysterious race you met at the beginning of Stark2.GAM? Well, you got a Trade and Research Alliance with them. They can't bother you much anyway as they are in a war with another race. But for now, the UFP can repair it's broken ships and enjoy some peace and quiet. But for how long???

Depending on what sort of feedback I get on these, I may make other scenarios in the near future. So be sure and let me know how, or if, you like it.

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