Malfador Machination's game, "Space Empires III" ®, is a grand strategy game of galactic conquest. Each player acts as the leader of their own empire. You design and build starships, explore and colonize the galaxy. Along the way, you meet other alien races.

This is when the real fun begins. Will they be friendly and enter into various treaty alliances with you? Or will they instead scoff at your very existance? Even if you do form an alliance with a race, there is no guarantee they will not turn against you. The pressure to expand will inevitably lead to war!

As leader of your empire, you must also stay focused on domestic affairs. Your people can only work so hard, sacrifice so much. Push them too hard, and they will riot! Treat them fairly, ease their taxes, and they will be happy and multiply - but at the cost of your empire's productivity. Even when things seem fine, random events can create havoc. Deadly plagues can breakout and kill millions! Some planets are not all together stable, and could explode!

You do your best to guide your economy. Deciding what new technology to spend your precious research funds on. The type and quantity of ships to build. Funds for such construction also are used for building up the industrial capacity of newly colonized worlds. You must also manage your empire's intelligence resource. This could play an important role should war threaten you.

This is just a sampling of the action you will experience with "Space Empires III" ® , or 'Se3', as we veterans foundly call it. Whether you simply play it against computer generated players, or join the fun of the several email games I am running, I believe you won't find a better game of this genre in such a small package.

Other games may have more 'bells and whistles', but eat as much as 100+ megs of your hard drive. Se3 takes only 3 megs, depending on how many extras you add, such as new ship style pictures, ship name lists, and game scenarios you add. There are many sites which offer these extras, and more pop up all the time. So what are you waiting for? Download Se3 now!

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