If you are one who:

#1 Is not 100% sure you would go to Heaven when you die.
#2 Has never heard God's simple plan of salvation.
#3 Is interested in knowing more about what it means to be saved & why it is so important.
#4 Has a family memeber or friend who has not received Christ as their personal Lord & Saviour.

We have a special "Salvation Packet" for you. If you are interested in getting ahold of this packet, please make your request in the appropriate slot on the request form when ordering. It will be marked "Salvation Packet". Once again, it is free of charge.

Sure Mercies Outreach Jr. Missionary "GAGE" after helping most the day to prepare salvation packages to send out world wide. "GREAT JOB GAGE! WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT YOU!"

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