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My walkthrough of

Aethra Chronicles

First and foremost, please note that the information that I have is very out-to-date. This is an old DOS game, and I don't know if it is still available somewhere. I would call it abandonware.

I kept this page as a tribute to a old-fashioned roleplay game that I've enjoyed during the year 1998. That's all. Now that you've read the disclaimer (and already surfed elsewhere, well, most of you), here it goes.

I found that this is a worthwhile CRPG. Also, what is nice in the shareware version is that it allows to become familiar with the actual features of the registered game. but gives a rather complete picture about how fun and complex this game is, the only limit being that some areas are off limits for the sharewarist. (This word does not exist, but who cares?).

This is an unofficial & unauthorized walkthrough of Aethra Chronicles, written by myself, a not-so-cunning player.

It refers to the registered version only. The basic hints are of course given by the on-line help and the spell booklet that comes with the game. I will then try not to repeat here anything is already dealt with. As every walkthrough, this is a spoiler. This especially concerns the last section, where the game is described in detail.

I would like to acknowledge two people who recently helped me to improve this walkthrough. One is Binh Vu, who in March 2007 kindly provided the solution of Kahzreen puzzle and wrote it down for me (see no. 19). Another is Blimix, who has explained how the fate of the baby prince is decided (see no. 24).

The latter runs the Unofficial Aethra Pages, that among other things carries information on race bonuses and other stats.

Another interesting page on this game is The Aethra Chronicles, that also contains game files and scripts.


All trades take place in stores, to be found in almost every city. The unit is the Golden Crown (referred to as GC).

Almost every item may be sold. The value of an item visualised on a shop may give clues on its nature. The buying price is greater than selling price, so you lose money if sell and then buy again an item. Both prices are affected by the trading skill of the character who is bargaining.

Bottles, flasks and food cannot be sold. Besides, I found no use for them in this game.

Cursed items cannot be sold, even when the curse has been removed. Smelly, swirling and mauve potions can be sold.

Resting in Inns is quite cheap, so it is better than pay for healing at Temples. An exception is Resurrection, only Temples and spells can attain it. On the other hand, dead characters are very cooperative and keep following you anyway, carrying their own possessions. In other games, like Savage Empire, alive people should carry their bodies. Lazy, lazy bodies!


If all of the slots of your party members are full, and still you have to receive something, the game will not allow you to escape. You should re-boot the system, or else buy another computer. I recommend the former.

No store accepts to buy a leather coif. If you don't need this item, it is useless to carry it.

In some games only the three core characters are allowed to sell items.

Some stupid things to do

Let me tell you some easy ways to get stuck and never complete the game, or anyway get useless trouble.

The simplest is to lose forever an item that is actually needed. For instance, there is only one Power Gem for each colour. Drop it in city or country, and your game will never be won.

Another bad idea is to attack the Red Dragon when that option appears. Even if you are able to kill him, you'll not have his possessions. And if you return there, you'll find the monster still alive. But your game is doomed, because you will never have the Red Gem: the Dragon is now your enemy. Unlike real life, in this game you know for sure your enemies. They attack you immediately.

Similar remarks as the above applies to the Salamander. This time you can win the game anyway, for you may find the Oracle even without his help.

Another stupid thing to do is to pick or destroy the marsh flower. Do that, and you will never have marsh flowers and fruits to use.

Your Party

A beginner's option is to upload the game with a pregenerated party. That is not a tutorial, but may help. The first three people are your core characters, the other three were hired from guilds.

Alternatively, you can create your own customized party of three core characters, and hire up to other three later. When busy with this creation, you are allowed to re-roll at will if not satisfied by the outcome. Remember that you are setting the primary skills, that may not be changed later! So go ahead re-rolling until satisfied.

In addition to the core of your party, consisting of the three characters that you have created, you will hire other NPC to fill the remaining three character slots. There are four possibilities.

A path to the Glory!

At last, here is the actual walkthrough, divided into 24 steps. The areas available to the registered version only appear starting from step 11 (with the unregistered version you may still meet the Salamander at 12, but you cannot get the Star of Sunne).

You may easily realize that, as usual for such games, you don't need to play them in the exact order. In particular, it is recommended to jump from 19 to 22 and then back to 19. Furthermore, as soon as your experience points raise, every now and then you will go and visit a guild to train your characters, not to mention hiring or dismissing them when you find it appropriate.

Ready to go now? Then fasten your sword and proceed...

1. The Old Vizir

You start the game at home of the old man, who will give you a map of the region. He will tell you about the Book of Profecy that you must recover. Go to the Kings Castle and ask the guard to speak with your Father. You'll not be allowed to do it any more, until you've completed your quest.

2. The Cemetary of Stormhaven

Two secret doors at E and W walls of the hall, gold and stuff. The body of father Gyman is located NE. Beware a poison trap nearby, walk on golden path. The Temple of Sunne will pay you 100 GC reward.

3. Two Bandit Caves near Stormhaven

There is a short road NW Stormhaven. Two caves are along that, the latter is the Galoran hideout. Kill the bandits, scavenge their treasures and take the head of Galoran. The Merchenary Guild will pay you 1000 GC reward.

4. The Bandit Lair in the House

This place is acceded to in Stormhaven, not far from the Crafts Guild. Several secret doors, both levels. Level 1 a square hall south, with NW stairs, has a secret door in the small room placed SW, at W wall. This leads to the bandit leader. The west wall of that room contains the Painting that Harmon wants. (This should allow you to find it. Anyway, another copy of that may be found in a shop at Dask, and bought for a cheap price). Level 2 a secret door leading to a dungeon full of undead monsters. Near a minotaur you'll find the Blue Gem. Equipping it, as for the other power gems, will enhance your magical stamina.

5. Journey onwards

Upon receipt of the Painting, the merchant Harmon will give you the map of Monastry. You will continue there your main quest. Be prepared to venture outside and face random attacks. Flee if needed: at this point the level of your three basic characters will be 3 or 4. Enough to confront bandits, orcs or ratmen, but avoid dark elves or Toneath cultists. If you wish, make a detour to Drensea to recruit some skilled men at arms (there are three appropriate guilds: warriors, paladins and ashikari). The trip to Eagles Rest, where the Monastry is located, passes through Da'kar, Dask, Manask and Musol. You may wish to deal with the following two side quests.

6. The Bandits Cave near Manask

A Lord in Dask will ask you to get rid of the bandits located NW Manask. Among the other stuff, in this cave you'll find an amulet, the Seal of Water. Don't lose it!

7. The Cemetary of Puero

A townsman in Puero asks you to clean the dungeon under the cemetary from the monsters lurking there. If you succeed, he will give you the Seal of Earth.

8. Eagles Rest

A very little town (neither inns nor stores). Nothing but two dungeons: one is the Monastry where you'll find next clue. The other one contains items and dangers (two secret doors are). Both dungeons have a troll warrior inside, still a dangerous foe at this point of the game. They are quite resistant to magic. Another map lies in the Monastry.

9. The Caves of the Guardian

The location you should reach is north Dask, so go back there. Meet the guardian of that sacred place, the Red Dragon and ask him of the Book of Profecy. He will promise it, in excange for cleaning his caves from all nasties below there. These caves are wider than the ones you've seen up to now. Lots of orcs and two parties of dark elves (the latter are more challenging). Plenty of interesting stuff, including Model Bridge, Elven Longbow and Swift Killer. Here and afterwards, before asking for a reward be sure that one people in your party has a free spot in his inventory. Otherwise the game is blocked and eventually you must reboot your system.

10. Journey to Naedarn

Bring the book to the Old Vizir. Written in a foreign language, he cannot read it, so sends you to his friend Babbage of Drensea. Nope, he's unable to translate too. He suggests to seek the Oracle. Clues about him are in the town of Naedarn. Talking in shops and inns there, you may have the idea to visit the nearby desert.

11. The Cave of Naedarn

A cave is located SE the dow. Enter if you dare! At level 2 there is a Small Figurine, at level 3 the Bow of Truth. Many traps and closed doors, not to mention the Vampire Lord.

12. The Desert Rose

You will see three oases. One is right south Naedarn, the other two are east of that. Go to the first one, you'll confront the Salamander. Asking info on the book, he will claim the Desert Rose. You will find it in the northern of the other two oases. In exchange for the Desert Rose, he will tell you to reach the northern swamp. Besides, offer him as a gift the Small Figurine, that actually is a Salamander Idol. He will give you the Star of Sunne.

13. Meet the Oracle

It is easy to locate the swamp and somewhat to travel to the town. From Naedarn, head north then a little west. The ancient town of Merel, now in ruins, is inhabited only by the Oracle. He asks you to find the four gems of power. He gives you a clue on the location on each one. (If you followed this walkthrough, you already got the Blue Gem).

14. A Letter to a Maiden

Among the three remaining gems, the simplest task is to have the red one from the Red Dragon, who is already your friend, isn't he? Return to him, and he will give you a letter to deliver to his elf friend Cyntia. As a postman, you'll go to Da'kar, then head east, cross two bridges, and finally south. One of the two towns is Pettis. There there is a pink house where the elf lives. Then bring back her answer to the dragon, and you'll have the Red Gem.

15. The Forest Beast

A huge cave is north the town of Galia. The entrance is not as evident as for other ones. Once you accept the duty from the Elves Queen, she will advise you to hire her son Timmar, a level 10 ranger. He will join you for free. Once you met and slain the Beast (almost impervious to magic, carries both poison and disease), take its Head and the Elven Grey Sword you'll find nearby. Grey Swords are the most effective weapons against demons: you've better to collect all three of them. Take the Head to the Queen, but be careful: Timmar will leave your party as soon as she takes it. If you gave him some items, they are lost forever! Also, don't allow him to take the reward, or else you cannot even finish the game! Then you have also the Green Gem now.

16. The Dwarven King Sword

Take the road leading to Eagles Rest, only don't go towards Musol, but head west. You will reach the Dwarven city of Barkol. There the King will promise you the White Gem. His son Khaled may be hired. Same conditions as for Timmar, and same warnings! The cave of Giants where the sword lies is NW the town, at the end of a path. The entrance is a matter of clicking (what about your mouseclicking skill); a little patience and you'll enter. Aside from battling giants and finding the sword, in another room you will find a prisoner. Free him and he will reward you as soon as you return at Barkol and seek him (east). He owns the Dwarven Grey Sword, he will give that to you. Now you have all of the four power gems.

17. Farewell to the Oracle

Give him the gems, but pay to know the future. He will give some clues on what to do next. He will also give you the Key Talisman, necessary to enter the caves of Toneath.

18. The Marsh Monster

This monster is located in the swamp NW Stormhaven, take the road to Da'kar. Slain it and leave the flower alone. Then return (any time, even immediately after) and you may collect at will both Marsh Fruits (healing spells) and Marsh Flower (weapons against demons). Most demons die after 2-4 flowers used.

19. The Abode of a Kahzreen Vader

I. This place may be called a secret area. It is accessed SW of Galia, in a mountain past a river. A bridge spell is needed to enter. There are lots of traps and some treasures here. If you clean this area, you have a safe way out from Toneaths room.
There is a teleporter placed north, after a secret door. In order to activate it, you must solve a puzzle as described below.
You start off at the bottom of a long three screen hallway with a chamber in the middle. Each screen has two exits to both the east and west, making six other screens in all. At the end of the long hallway to the north is a secret doorset in the wall. Behind that door is the puzzle room.
First you have to collect the puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece is in one of the six chambers. The bottom left chamberwith the large monsters contains a rough stone lying on a rug. The middle left screen has a hollow sphere sitting on a table. The upper leftt screen has a metal disk on a table. The upper right screen has a glass rod on a table as well. The middle right chamber with the vampires has a burning candle on an altar. The lower right part, shaped like a candelbra and filled with traps, has some water in a chest. Bring all these to the puzzle room at the top.
The puzzle room has four colored tiles in the corners, as well as some checked tiles at the top. An item must be placed on its respective tile. In the upper right is a yellow square, on that goes the hollow spere, representing air. The lower right is red, and on that goes the candle, symbolizing fire. The lower left is blue, and on that goes the water. The upper right is a tiled metallic box, on that the stone is placed, representing earth. I do not know what the disk and rod are for but held them anyway. Once you place this you get warped to Kahzreen's Room. As soon as you are done there (see no. 22), come back here the same way.

20. Fighting Demons

Equip an overcoat for each party member (alternatively, cast the spell Lothar Parka for each) and have a rich supply of Marsh Flowers. You should also have the Seals (Earth and Water). Each Grey Sword you have should be equipped by a character of the corresponding race (half-elves count as elves). For the best result you should have at least one character per race (except the Hobbit), in order to exploit all three Grey Swords.

21. In the Center of the Ring

Entering the central dungeon, you will see three paths. The red one is deadly hot, the blue one is deadly cold, the green one is OK. Collect the items there: an Element Staff, a Chain of Mages (magical armor for mages) and a Brest Plate. The central door is closed. Take the lateral doors. Give Seal of Earth to the spirit of Earth, and of Seal of Water to the spirit of Water. They will give you half keys that can open the central door. If you happen not have one or both, be prepared to fight. Each of those spirits has about 800 HP and is hardy to magic.

22. Kahzreen Vader once again

You may enter this now if you dare! By Pass Through Stone, instead of opening the double door, you may bypass Toneath room and enter a secret room placed straight south. Alternatively, you came here by teleportation after solving the puzzle.
Either way, there you'll find Kahzreen Vader and the Human Grey Sword. A scoll in the library gives clues on use of flowers. But you probably know this already.
Regardless to how you came, you may teleport returning the abode, if you feel that your party is not ready for fighting the final battle, or cast another Pass Throu Stone and return before the door. Warning: the program may not work properly if you don't open that door.

23. Final Confrontation

You have two battles to fight. Your run away option is disabled for each (but the spell Soothing the Savage Beastye still works). The first is against the Vizir, the Queen and their soldiers. The second is against Toneath himself and his servants. Make sure to have at least one marsh flower left for this last fight, you'll soon see why.

24. Victory!

As explained by Blimix, if you don't use any marsh flower against Toneath, on death he'll leave the "Dead Baby". If you use at least one marsh flower on him, you'll find the "Baby".

In the former case, the "Dead Baby" can be identified as "Dead Baby Prince". Take him and bring him to the King. You Father will be immediately released and the game end. Sad for the baby's death though.

In the latter, the "Baby" can be identified as "Baby Prince". Bring him to the King. Your Father will be released and will give you the Champion Sword. This is the happy end.

Copyright by Raffaele Scapellato (1998, 2007, 2008)