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Odd and Ends


I like computer games. What drives me crazy is that, in all evidence, they don't like me. Especially CRPGs do their best to prevent me from winning. This didn't work, though. When no further skill, weapon or spell does the job, I can use the most powerful spell available, regardless to the mana or even if my character is not a mage. The corresponding Britannian runes are Sort Grav, "creation of energy", aka Save Game.

I would like share with you my experience of playing. What about strategical games, like Civilization 1, 2 and 3 or Conquer of a New World, I guess that nothing may replace game experience. BTW, I'd recommend Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri as one of the best games of this category. Concerning CRPG, great help may come from the famous (or infamous) walkthroughs.

Of course, before using any walkthrough, be warned that they are actually spoilers. So, don't read them if you want learn the game by yourself.

For you fellow players I would like to provide some of them, but I will not. Until now I wrote just one, that for Aethra Chronicles. Please note that I have no idea about the real possibility to get this shareware game these days, so if you have this problem I can do nothing for you.

I love also some of the Ultima games, see the official page of the producer Origin Systems.

Moreover, The Bard's Library contains the collection of midi files with the musics of the Ultima.

My favorite Ultimas (to tell you the truth, the only games of the series I've ever played) are Savage Empire and Ultima Underworld (I and II). There are several fanpages about them, let me only cite Savage Empire Ultima 2.

Another fan of the latter is my friend Clay Dragon. He claims to be a 300 y.o. dragon, but looks younger. He has created a very good help tool for Ultima Underworld, namely the Underworld Player Helper (UPH). Not actually a walkthrough, it rather helps to locate specific objects. I bet that the same idea would be successful for whatever role-play game complex enough to need such a player's help. You'll find there Sandra (just who is this Sandra person? if you've played UW, will you remember a scroll found at the very beginning...), a helpful but discreet ally who will give you hints only if you ask.

Furthermore, credits are due Clay for creating some items of this very site. See the locations of the magical rings (a spoiler of course, in the spirit of UPH!), and a special portrait of Arial.

I am currently, ... er, almost currently working at a project for an new CRPG, clues on this are at the aforementioned Clay's site.

I've got a more recent gaming experience with the Geneforge series (I played 1 to 3). Excellent if you enjoy turn-based CRPGs, both for plot and combat system.

I've also played The Temple of Elemental Evil, in the Italian version. See a walkthrough for that game here. It has a number of annoying bugs (it seems that the patches only work for the English version). However, it is a nice game with a quite complex plot and various options. Also nice cut-scenes and pleasant graphics.