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Ferris State University ROTC

Charlie Troop

What is Army ROTC?
Army ROTC is a program of leadership and military skills training that has been available at FSU since 1988. It prepares FSU students for officer responsibilities in the active Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard following graduation. There is no obligation for taking any ROTC class.
How can you benefit from Army ROTC?
Each year, roughly 30 students from Ferris State University participate in courses and activities offered by the Military Science Program. Some are attracted by scholarship offers. Others enroll to develop their leadership skills. Still others seek new adventures and challenges. You will find all of these in FSU’s Army ROTC. Students who receive their commissions as officers graduate from FSU with expanded career opportunities. Some seek full-time active duty assignments. Others use their new leadership credentials to help land good civilian jobs, while serving near home. The management and leadership skills learned in ROTC will enable you to succeed in any career field you choose. All Army officers, active or reserve, step into managerial-level positions of immediate responsibility and respect, as managers of the personnel and resources that defend our country. They work in one of 26 different officer specialties ranging from engineering to law enforcement, armor to aviation, air defense to medical services, infantry to communications. They serve in locations throughout the United States and the world. Officers on active duty earn higher pay and allowances than the average college graduate, plus attractive benefits such as 30 days annual vacation, medical care, travel, and graduate degree programs. Reserve and Guard lieutenants work 16 hours per month plus two weeks each year, earn almost $3,700, and enjoy many of the same privileges as an active duty officer.
How do Army ROTC courses fit in my schedule?
Army ROTC courses are Military Science electives that you take right along with your other FSU classes. It is not a major or minor and does not interfere with your regular college courses (or campus life). You register as you do for any class on campus. As a freshman, you’ll start with a two-credit, no-obligation course that introduces the role of our military service in contemporary society and the leadership roles of the Army officer. You’ll also learn survival, map reading, and rappelling. You’ll continue with one course each semester. These courses emphasize leadership and management and develop fundamental military skills such as rifle marksmanship, first aid, and land navigation. During labs and field trips, you’ll apply the skills you’ve learned in the classroom.
What else does the program offer?
The Military Science Program sponsors several social and professional activities as well as community service events. The social highlight of the school year is a formal Military Ball in the spring. Army ROTC also sponsors cadet visits to Army installations. Cadets gain valuable and practical leadership experience by organizing and executing these extracurricular activities. Cadets participate in an advanced leadership camp for six weeks the summer after their junior year. Many seek additional training such as Army Airborne or Air Assault schools and officer “apprenticeships” in the U.S., Korea, and Germany. You’ll also be invited to get into top shape through an organized physical fitness program. FSU cadets are leaders on campus. Some hold office in student government and fraternities. Others are active in professional organizations and campus athletics.
What’s the obligation?
Introductory courses during your freshman and sophomore years let you take a look at officer opportunities without obligation. Once you accept a scholarship or enter advanced level courses, you sign a contract to serve as an officer on active or reserve duty when you graduate. Scholarship recipients have an active duty obligation of 2- 4 years. Other cadets may only have 3-6 months of active duty for specialty training before serving a duty obligation in a Reserve or National Guard near their home.
How about financial aid?
Army ROTC offers you several opportunities for national and on-campus scholarships worth up to $5,000 per year at FSU. As a high school student you may compete for a 4-year award. Once on campus, you may apply for a 3-year or 2-year scholarships. Each pays your tuition, allowances for books and fees, plus $1,500 tax-free spending money per school year. FSU students have been extremely successful in ROTC scholarship competitions. In recent years, over 80% of FSU applicants have received scholarships. All contracted cadets receive the $1,500 allowance each school year during their two years of Advanced ROTC. Cadets receive pay for the advanced leadership camp. Some students also serve in nearby Army Reserve or National Guard units to earn even more.
How can you get into the program?
You may enter officer training at FSU at any time as long as you have two academic years remaining to graduation. For freshmen, it’s as easy as registering for the introductory course. Sophomores may double up on their military science classes or attend six weeks of summer training that replaces the first two years of instruction. Students with prior active or reserve military service or Junior ROTC experience may receive advanced placement credit. Consider Army ROTC. You have nothing to lose, and a world of opportunities to gain!

ROTC is broken down into two segments: Basic and Advanced
For More Information Contact:
Steve Eastman
Military Science Program
Ferris State University
608 Bishop Hall
1349 Cramer Circle
Big Rapids, MI 49307

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