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The Unofficial Detroit Red Wings Page


Welcome to the unofficial Detroit Red Wings page! This page is dedicated to the bad boys of Hockeytown who brought the cup back to Michigan after 42 long years. With Scotty behind the bench, the "Grind Line" hitting on the ice, Shanny scoring the goals, and Stevie leading the pack, it seemed impossible to avoid winning the cup. Congratulations to the Red Wings and fans. In the words of our beloved fallen Wing Vladdy Konstantinov:"This cup is for you, for Detroit, for Michigan."

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Click here for the latest in Wings updates, scores, and news. I know sub-pages suck, but if you are truly a Wings fan this page will be worth it! It is updated regulary, so visit often for the latest news! Even bookmark it if you like! Do check it out!

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The Road to the Cup- How the Wings got there


...And you have arrived...
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The Vladinator

A special tribute to Vlad the Impaler

Our Fallen Hero.A tribute to Vladdy, who was one of the best defensemen in the league, from Redwings Center Ice. There is an empty space in our team, and in out hearts without him here...

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