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Team of

After a rollercoaster ride of a season which had many wings fans giving up the hope of a Stanley cup, The Wings finished 3rd in the Western Conference behind Dallas and Colorado."They talked about Colorado, they talked about Dallas, they even said Edmonton was gonna so something and Anaheim, and no one mentioned Detroit."Said Kris Draper. But the team pulled through the season and on to the playoffs closely bonded after the memorable Mar.26 game against colorado. "That game was kinda a coming together of a team" said teamate Aaron Ward. Going into the first round vs. St.Louis, the Wings were not favored as they were in the years past. "We were the frontrunners for awhile and that didn't work, so why not change it up and come in the back door?" said right wing Darren McCarty. "We liked being in that position, we liked kinda being in the shadows once the playoffs were starting, in a close enough distance to strike." said left wing Brendan Shanahan. And strike they did beating St. Louis in 6 games, Anaheim in 4, Colorado in 6, and sweeping Philadelphia for the cup. During the philadelphia series a sports announcer said "This is not the same Detroit team, Scotty Bowman has retooled his wings. He has made them less pretty and a little more gritty." While that statement is partially true, in my personal opinion- they are still very pretty!