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Nickolas Gene Carter

Full Name: Nickolas Gene Carter

Date of Birth: January 28, 1980

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Birthplace: Jamestown, New York

Hair: Blond(he dies it blond, his normal color is kind of brown)

Eyes: Blue

Height: about 6'-and still growing.

Weight: 162 lbs.

Shoe Size: 11

Nicknames(coincidence i'm sure!) prefers Nick, Nicky, Hyperman, Kaos or Chaos, Messy Marvin(cause he is always spillin stuff)

Family: Parents Jane & Bob, brother Aaron, sisters B.J.(Bobbie Jean), Lesley, and Angel(Aaron's twin) Aaron & Angel are youngest, but Aaron was born 1 minute after Angel. He also has a step-sister from his dad's first marriage.

Marital Status: SINGLE(he dates when possible)

Pets: Simba(Golden Retriever), Bandit, Muffy, and Blue Boy(cats)

Hobbies: Drawing, collecting football cards, playing video games, driving his familys' powerboat in the Gulf of Mexico, sailing


Color: Dark Green

Food: Pizza("hold the anchovies!"), McDonald's

Drink: Coca-Cola

Sports: Basketball, boating, fishing, he is a certified scuba diver, drive his family's boat in the Gulf of Mexico

Cars: Stingrays & Camaros

Holiday: Halloween

Music: Journey(during concerts, Nick usually sings his favorite Journey songs like "Open Arms"), Nirvana, Jodeci, Oasis, Shai, Michael Jackson

Movie: Aliens

Actresses: Christina Ricci, Sigourney Weaver

Dream Women: Jewel, Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone

Actor: Bruce Willis

Hero: Film Director Ridley Scott

TV Shows: X-Files, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Beavis & Butthead, Mad About You

Cologne: Gravity

Instrument: Drums

Greatest Fear: The Dark

Least Favorite School Subject: Algebra

Biggest Indulgence: He loves to buy sneakers and gold jewelry(he doesn't wear earrings)

What he looks for in a girl: Nick says he prefers brown-haired girls, but "it doesn't reallly matter to me as long as they have a good personality and they're really nice"

Dream Date: A walk on the beach with a kind-hearted girl, anywhere by the water(It's his favorite place in the world!)

He's most likely to: Draw your picture. He is rarely seen without a pencil in hand

Previous Jobs: The lead in his 4th grade production of The Phantom of the Opera. Nick also appeared in commercials for the Florida State Lottery and The Money Store. He was also the featured vocalist for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' pre-game show for 2 years

Favorite Saying: "It's all good!"

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