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Updated June 21st, 1999 The Millenium is Here!!!

Welcome to all of you who have made your way to my page. This site has been running now for almost a year, and is getting quite good web traffic. I really apologize for the long wait in updating, but I had an excuse. I, being a dumb girl lost my password..but I got it back and now I'll be updating lots more. Well I'll stop gabbing, take a look around and I hope you come back soon ~Sarah(webmistress)



Hi all! It's great to be to excited there *L*, well anyways lots more is going to be changing on this page, I am in the process of totally redoing everything and giving it a fresh face for the NEW MILLENIUM. It's time for a countdown only 8 days left! Stay tuned for updates!

Please feel free to email me and give suggestions for this page or report any errors, thanks!

Have fun & come back soon!


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