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Welcome to the Keweenaw!

The Keweenaw Peninsula of Upper Michigan is humorously referred to as past the end of the Earth, as shown in this famous local postcard. You don't just pass thru this area; You have to really want to be here to get here. Our remote location is great for those who want to "get away from it all". There's still plenty to do here; it's just at a much more relaxed pace than many of you are used to.

We're well known for our average annual snowfall of 180 inches and our record snowfall of 355.9 inches in the winter of '78-'79. Yep - that's an average of 15 feet of the white stuff and almost 30 feet for a record. Click here to see a table and chart of our annual snowfall totals. Back in the days when shovels were the only method of snow removal, homes were often built with the front door about 3 feet above the ground. Elevated wooden walkways were put up between the street and the house for the winter so they didn't have to shovel so much.

The winters may be long, but our summers make up for it. We have an abundance of lakes, rivers, streams and waterfalls, and the temperatures hover in the 70's and 80's. There's usually a breeze at Bayshore which has the added bonus of helping to keep insects down.

About the Property

Bayshore is truly a place to unwind. The newly constructed house is sitting in the middle of almost 40 acres on Portage Lake, about 8 miles from Houghton, Michigan and two miles from Lake Superior. There's a peaceful pond and plenty of wildlife. Note the amount of waterfront on the bay!

In summer, guests can enjoy fishing, taking a rowboat out in the bay, walking about the property, or just lounging. There's great birdwatching environments on the property - fields, woods, a pond and waterfront. In 2005, the first Dickcissel spotted in almost 20 years was at my feeders and a Cattle Egret appeared that fall. If you're quiet and patient, you can get birds at the feeders to eat out of your hand - even hummingbirds have landed on fingers! Check out the wildlife photos link at the left.

Bayshore is not on the snowmobile trails, but around mid January, the lake is usually frozen and directly accessible to get to the trails. There is plenty of room for parking that is safe and secure.