David Annis


Hopkinton and Bath, N.H.

Editor's note: Dr. Currier's genealogy is rather accurate as compared with existing records. Any corrections I have made are note with "Comment" and are in blue text. Brackets [ ] are used by Dr. Currier for his original comments. Generally, spelling is original with a few exceptions where there are obvious typographical errors. Some given names are given different spellings such as: "Mahitable" for "Mehitable"; "Betsey" for "Betsy"; etc. These spellings were left intact.




DAVID ANNIS' early history is very meagre. It is now quite well established that he was a son of Daniel of Warner, N.H. However, I think it essential to clear up some obscure points, and correct some errors that have been put into print. Ex-Gov. Harriman in his History of Warner, N.H., stated that Daniel Annis who settled in that town in 1762, " had not less than four sons and three daughters. The sons were, Daniel Jr., Thomas, Moses, and Solomon, and the daughters were Hannah (Mrs. Kimball), Rachel and Ruth." It was always understood among the children, and grandchildren, of David Annis, that he was the son of Daniel of Warner. I wrote to Ex-Gov. Harriman, before his death, stating that he had left my grandfather, David, out of the list of Daniel's children in his book, also stating that the traditions existing in all the families of David's descendants. He replied that he thought I was correct, and that his history was not written to be an exact genealogical work, and that my claim that there was a David in Daniel's family was proven beyond controversy.

My mother used to relate to me her visit, with my grandmother, to Hopkinton, Warner, and New London, N.H., on horseback, to see her aunts, Kimball, Flood, and Watkins. She was named Rachel, after her aunt Rachel who married Daniel Flood. David Annis had a son named Nathaniel Flood, after a near relative of Rachel's husband, possibly a son.

An epitaph in an old grave yard. a few rods south of the "Narrows", in the town of Bath, N.H., reads as follows: "David Annis died August 18, 1824 aged 70 years." This places his birth in 1753 or 1754. From 1745 to 1757 Daniel Annis was living at Rumford, now (1909) Concord, N.H., on the east side of the Merrimack river, near the old Fort. It was there where David Annis was born. In 1757 Daniel Annis moved to Hopkinton, and from there to Warner, N.H., in 1762, where he died in 1790.

My mother told me that her grandfather Annis married Keren Happuck Thomas. But the records state that he married Catherine Thomas. This discrepancy I leave for future genealogists to unravel.

I am unable to learn much of David's whereabouts up to 1777. The exact date of his marriage to Elizabeth Hunt is not definitely known. Family tradition says, his three oldest children were born in Warner as follows: Webster D., April 18, 1777; David, June 14, 1779; and Joseph D., April 22, 1782. Elizabeth, the fourth child, and the last of the first wife's children, family tradition says, was born in Hopkinton, N.H., Nov. 19, 1784. Soon after the birth of Elizabeth, David's first wife died, date unknown. Within a few months after his first wife's death, he married Lois Hunt, a cousin of his first wife, date unknown. Three children were born to them in Hopkinton: Asa, Feb.4, 1786; Nathaniel Flood, Oct. 3, 1788; and Eunice, April 9, 1791.

In 1790 the first census of the United States, gives the name of David Annis as the head of a family, in Hopkinton, N.H., it also gives the right number in his family, but the numbers in the male and female columns are reversed. There were 5 males under the age of 16 years, and 2 females including the heads of the family in David's family in 1790, (the first David having died previous to taking the census), but the figures in the two columns became interchanged in the census report.

What time David Annis moved to Chelsea, Vt., is uncertain, but it must have been previous to the birth of Rachel, on June 27, 1793. In the records of the town of Chelsea, Vt., there were reported 8 children born "to David Annis and Lois his wife." No date is given to the report, not even dated when received, nor is there a name attached to it, other than that of the town clerk. We give an exact copy of the report in the second part of this work. Here is another error, Lois was not the mother of the first four children.

In May 12, 1794, Joseph Perkins sold a piece of land to David Annis of Chelsea, Vt., and on Feb. 27, 1797, sold the same to Elihu Hyde Jr., giving his residence as Lebanon, N.H. The deed was not signed by his wife. It seems that he had previously moved to Lebanon with a view of settling there, and that the piece of land in Chelsea had ceased to be considered a homestead, not requiring his wife's signature. The date of his moving to Lebanon is not known. Was he the David, son of Daniel?

Some time in 1797 David Annis moved to Bath, N.H., where his son Cummings S., was born that same year. Here he continued to reside until his death in 1824. The name of Annis is spelled ten different ways in the Essex County records: Anes, Aness, Anies, Aniss, Annes, Annice, Annies, Annise, Anniss and Annis.

Curmac, alias Charles Annis, was born in Enniskillen, Ireland in 1638, came to America, and was living in Newbury, Mass., in 1666. He married Sarah Chase May 15, 1666; died Dec. 19, 1717. She died before 1726.

They had eight children born to them in Newbury: Joseph, 1666. Abraham, Aug. 18, 1668. Aquilla, June 6, 1670; died April 17, 1672. Isaac, April 12, 1672. Sarah, married Orlando Bagley of Amesbury (published March 25, 1704); both were living in 1726. Priscilla, Nov. 8, 1677; married William Godfrey before 1706; both were living in 1726. Hannah, Nov. 15, 1679; married Ephraim Weed before 1706; both were living in 1726. Anne. Dec. 28, 1681; married George Worthen before 1706; they were living in 1726. "Hannah Annis of Newbury published to Thomas Worthen of Amesbury May 11, 1700."

Abraham, (Charles), lived in Newbury until 1736. Moved to Haverhill in 1737. When the state line was run in 1741 his farm was brought into Salem, N.H. Comment: Dr. Currier has confused Abraham Annis and his son Abraham Annis Jr. {1708} here. It was actually the junior Abraham Annis' farm that was "brought into Salem, NH". Abraham Sr. died in 1738. He married Hannah ______, before 1693-4, and had ten children born to them in Newbury: Charles, Feb. 10, 1693-4. Elizabeth, in 1695. Hannah, March 20, 1698; married Benjamin Rollins of Newbury Nov. 20, 1716. John, May 1, 1700. Stephen, Feb. 1, 1701-2. Sarah, Sept. 9, 1703. Abraham, March 4, 1708. Daniel, Dec. 1, 1711; married Catherine Thomas of Newbury Aug. 1, 1732; and probably lived in Methuen, yeoman, in 1741. [His grand-daughter Rachel Annis said her given name was Keren Happuck]. Tabitha, March 5, 1713; married Daniel Woodman of Newbury, March 9, 1737-8. Anne, June 21, 1715.

Daniel, (Abraham, Charles), of Warner, N.H.; born Dec. 1, 1711; died 1790. Married Catherine Thomas Aug. 1, 1732, and had the following children born to them: Solomon; Moses; Daniel Jr.; David, 1753 or 1754; Thomas; Hannah, 1740, married, 1762, Reuben Kimball; Rachel, married Daniel Flood; Ruth, married Abner Watkins. [I am greatly indebted to the Essex Antiquarian, and to Ex-Gov. Harriman's History of Warner, for many of the foregoing genealogical facts. Author].

David Annis, (Daniel, Abraham, Charles), of Warner, Hopkinton, N.H., Chelsea, Vt. and Bath, N.H., was born in Rumford, (Concord,) N.H., in 1753-1754. He married Elizabeth Hunt, and had the following children; the three first were born in Warner: Webster D., April 18, 1777; David, June 14, 1779, died before the census was taken in 1790; Joseph D., April 22, 1782; Elizabeth, born in Hopkinton Nov. 19, 1784. His first wife died shortly after the birth of the last child, and he soon after married Lois Hunt, a cousin of his first wife. They had the following children born to them; the first three in Hopkinton: Asa, Feb. 4, 1786; Nathaniel Flood, Oct. 3, 1788; Eunice, April 9, 1791; Rachel, born in Chelsea, Vt., June 27, 1793. The second David was born probably in 1795, but whether it was in Chelsea or Lebanon, N.H., is now (1909) undetermined. The last three children were born in Bath, N.H. as follows: Cummings S., in 1797; Lois, June 20, 1800; and Mehitable, August 22, 1802.

Webster D., (David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles,) born April 18, 1777; married Lucinda Hunt, daughter of Zebulon Hunt of Bath, N.H. They had at least three children.

Joseph D., (David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles,) of Benton, N.H., born April 22, 1782, in Warner, N.H.; died in Benton, N.H., June 5, 1859, and was buried in that town. Married Betsey, born Oct. 15, 1788, youngest daughter of Ezra Currier of Bath, N.H. They had the following children born in Bath: Eliza, Nov. 1, 1811; Rachel, March 6, 1813; Samuel C., May 27, 1815; Cummings, March 6, 1819, never married; Perley Mason, Aug. 14, 1821; Betsey J., July 7, 1823; Gardner, March 2, 1825; Ruth J., Dec. 13, 1827; Mary H., Jan. 25, 1829; William H., March 21, 1831, never married, died in Groton, Vt., Dec. 30, 1897.

Eliza married David Fuller of Nashua, N.H. No children. She was a widow living at the Old Ladies' Home in 1895.

Rachel, (Joseph, David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles,) married Gideon C. Howard of Bath, N.H., Feb 19, 1833. They had one son, Charles, who died in the Army of the Rebellion. She died March 13, 1891, in Groton, Vt.

Samuel Currier, (Joseph, David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles,) of Benton, N.H.; born May 27, 1815; died March 15, 1899; married Aug. 18, 1846, Mary Ann F. Smith, born Jan. 25, 1825, died Aug. 27, 1892. They had the following children born in Benton, N.H.: George W., June 23, 1847; Mary Jane S., Sept. 22, 1849, died Jan. 31, 1879; John S., Aug. 12, 1851, died May 16, 1902; Milo H., born May 16, 1853; Anna C., May 10, 1856; Alonzo C., July 15, 1858, died Feb. 7, 1864; Caroline W., Nov. 16, 1861.

George W., (Samuel C., Joseph, David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Hobart, Okla. Married Augusta M.______; and had the following children: Uzilota Violet, born at Winneconne, Wis., April 3, 1874. Cleophas Milo, born at Winneconne, Wis., May 18, 1878. Gertrude Mary, born at Maplegrove, Neb., Sept 22, 1884; died at Hobart, Okla., Sept 25, 1903. Mariette Sabrina, born at Maplegrove, Neb. Jan. 18, 1890.

John S., (Samuel C., Joseph, David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Benton, N.H.; born August 12, 1851; married Sept. 5, 1872, Ida F. Clark, born Dec. 19, 1854. The following children were born to them: Myrtie Emma, July 15, 1874; Alonzo Currier, April 1, 1876; Alma Ethel, May 1, 1884; Hazel Effie, June 8, 1894.

Milo H., (Samuel C., Joseph, David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Woodville, N.H. , born May 16, 1853; married, Emaline S. Torsey, born Nov. 12, 1854. They had the following children: Ella C., norn Oct. 28, 1889, died Aug. 24, 1891. Emma May, born Oct. 10, 1896.

Anna C. , (Samuel C., Joseph, David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Belfast, married June 25, 1890, M. L. Mitchell, born in Turner, Maine. They had the following children: Velma S., born in Lawrence, Mass. , Dec. 27, 1891; Walter H., born in Belfast, March 3, 1897; Grace M., born in Belfast, Aug. 28, 1899. They moved from Lawrence to Belfast in May 1892. (Comment: Dr. Currier has erred here. It was actually Anna's younger sister Caroline W. who married Martin L. Mitchell)

Perley Mason, , (Joseph D. , David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Stoneham, Mass. Born Aug. 14, 1821; died Dec. 4, 1898; married 1st , Rosilla Coburn of Benton, N. H., born July 7, 1826; and had the following children: Ruth Jane, Elbridge Mason, Gilman Robert, Rosilla Eastman, William Perley, Augustus Coburn, and Nelley May. His first wife died in Stoneham, Mass., in Nov. 1866. He married, 2nd, Eliza E. Hall, May 7, 1868, and had two children: Charles Andrew and Bertha.

Betsey J. , (Joseph D., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) married William F. Morse of Benton, N.H., and had several children. They moved to Thomton, N.H., about 1854; she died in West Compton, N.H., May 9, 1866.

Gardner, (Joseph D., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Groton, Vt.; born in Bath, N.H., March 2, 1825; died in Groton, Vt., March 11, 1891; married Sylvina S. Lund, born in Groton, Vt., Dec. 29, 1829. Children born to them in Benton, N.H.: Joseph D., August 23, 1853; Moses S., Dec. 6, 1854; children born in Woodstock, N.H.: Betsey J., Jan. 19, 1857; Richard C., Oct. 5, 1858. Children born in Groton, Vt.: William F., July 25, 1860; Sylvanus L., August 29, 1863; Henrietta M., Dec. 27, 1867; Mary A., Jan. 29, 1870; and Charles H., Oct. 13, 1873.

Moses S., (Gardner, Joseph D., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) married Elsie Ross, March 1, 1885. The following children were born to them: Isabell E., Dec. 1, 1885; Milo E., March 17, 1892; Mabel, Jan. 8, 1895; Perley M., Nov. 8, 1900.

Ruth J., (Joseph D. , David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Lynn, Mass., married Josiah H. Morse, brother of Willam F. Morse, who married her sister, Betsey J.; she was living with her daughter, Mrs. Lillie Emery Oct. 20, 1904. Since that date I have been unable to communicate with her by letter.

Mary H., (Joseph D., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Groton, Vt., married Simon Emery, June 7, 1888; no children. She died ______.

Elizabeth, (David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) born Nov. 19, 1784; died in Craftsbury, Vt., about 1846; married Nov. 17, 1808, Edward Marden, born in Lyman, N.H., in 1779. They had the following children born to them: Nathaniel, Sept. 11, 1809; Joseph Annis, Feb. 19, 1811; Rebecca, Feb. 25, 1813; Hannah, Feb. 14, 1815; David, Jan. 1817; died April, 1818; Elizabeth Jane, Nov. 11, 1820; Chapin, April, ____ in Lunenburgh, Vt. The first six children were born in Lyman, N.H.

Asa S., (David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Littleton, N. H.; born Feb. 24, 1786, in Hopkinton, N.H.; died March 24, 1858, in Littleton, N.H.; married Jan. 10, 1811, Philena Bidwell of Lebanon, N.H. Four children were born to them in Bath, N.H.: Amasa S., Oct. 18, 1811; died in Manchester, N.H., in 1893; Orange E., May 23, 1813; died in Littleton, N.H., Aug. 21, 1879; Amos O., April 5, 1815, died March 24, 1884, in Littleton, N.H., never married. Two children were born to them in Littleton, N.H.: Polly Ella, July 21, 1819, died Dec. 1873, in Littleton, never married; and Louisa, July 31, 1821; died Aug. 21, 1871, in Littleton, N.H.

Amasa S., (Asa, David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles,) of Manchester, N.H., born Oct. 18, 1811; died 1893; married 1st, Dec. 20, 1837, Mary P. Goddard, no children; married 2nd, in 1855, Mercy W. Conner, and had the following children born in Littleton, N.H.: Dr. Ai S.; Eva; and Calista. Mary P. Goddard was the daughter of Nathan Goddard of Bethlehem, where she was born in 1810. She died in Littleton, N.H., Jan. 21, 1855.

Orange E., (Asa, David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles,) of Littleton, N.H., born in Bath, N.H., May 3, 1813; died in Littleton, Aug. 21, 1879; married 1st, Dec. 14, 1837, Lucinda Wells, born in 1819, daughter of Jesse Wells of Littleton; died March 11, 1840. They had one daughter, Philena C., born Sept. 14, 1838, who married Warren Phillips and reside in Nashua, N.H. They had two children: Irving H. Phillips, born March 10, 1869, and Goldie Mae Phillips, born Feb. 13, 1874. Irving H. Phillips has two children: Ray W., born May 6, 1901, and Irva Grace, born Dec. 29, 1903.

Orange E. married 2nd, Nov. 22, 1840, Sarah Ann Clifford. They had one daughter, Rosetta W., born Aug. 12, 1842, married Horace J. Kinney of Bethlehem, N.H., where she died June 11, 1894; her husband died Dec. 18, 1893. They had one son, Wilford M. Kinney, born Oct. 18, 1865, now (1909) living in Littleton, N.H.

Louisa, (Asa, David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Littleton, N.H., born July 31, 1821, died Aug. 21, 1871, in Littleton, married Jan. 29, 1839, William R. Wells, born in Littleton, in 1817. They had four children born in Littleton: Jennie Louisa, May 23, 1840; Sarah Caroline, Dec. 28, 1841; Maretta, Jan. 14, 1843; Asa Annis, March 10, 1845, died July 14, 1865, not married.

Jennie Louisa Wells, married March 21, 1868, Richard F. Smith of Littleton, N.H., who died in 1883. They had no children.

Sarah Caroline Wells, married March 1864, Frank G. Drew of Machias, Maine. They had three children: Jerome, Myron and Fred. They resided in Symco, Waupaca county, Wisconsin.

Martha Wells, married Dec. 1864, Cornelius Pettis of Williamtown, Vt. They had one child, Lillian. They resided in Chelsea, Vt., many years, and she died there in Jan. 1894.

Nathaniel Flood, (David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) was born in Hopkinton, N.H., Oct. 3, 1788. He died at McIndoe's Falls, Vt., March 8, 1877. He married Mehitable, born Oct. 13, 1788, daughter of Joshua Hunt of Ryegate, Vt. She died at McIndoe's Falls, Vt., May 29, 1879. They had the following children born to them: Joshua Wheaton, March 17, 1812; Abeathar Wright, Dec. 3, 1813; Clovis Arius, March 11, 1816; Mehitable Boadicea, Aug. 14, 1818; Emeline B., March 7, 1821; Lois H., Feb. 20, 1824; Nathaniel Flood, Jan. 22, 1827; and Laurens Koster, Feb. 19, 1830.

Joshua Wheaton, (Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles,) born March 17, 1812, died near Los Angeles, California, Sept. 14, 1894. Married Ruhamah Clark and had the following children born to them: Mary Jane, married John Calder who died in California; Martha married James Knowles; Nathaniel is not living, he was a Civil War veteran, twice veteran; Luella is not living; Emeline married James Atherton, not living; Judd O., is not living; John married Cora Woodstock; Carrie is also married. [These are facts just as I obtained them from Austin A. Annis, July 8, 1909. J.M.C.]

Abiathar Wright, (Nathaniel F., David, Daniel,Abraham, Charles, ) born in Ryegate, Vt., Dec. 3,1813, died in Westfield, Vt., Jan. 13, 1876, married 1st, Nov. 22, 1842, Laura, born Feb. 20, 1824, in Westfield, Vt., daughter of Jere and Farosina Hodgkins, died in Westfield, June 18, 1867. He was a physician; graduated in Woodstock, Vt., at the Vermont Medical College in 1840. They had the following children born in Westfield, Vt.: Jere Wright, Jan. 22, 1844; Nathaniel, Feb. 1846, died when two months old; Laura Rosina, Nov. 24, 1848; married Willard Lee Eaton, Sept. 11, 1874; they have one son, Ivan Willard, born Osage, Iowa, Feb. 18, 1882; Hattie, 185_; married May 1, 1877, Frank Harwood True, born Feb. 26, 1854, at Indian Ford, Wis. They have one son, Herbert Ford True, born Aug. 14, 1879. Married 2nd, Lydia Clark by whom he had one son, Cecil Abiathar, born soon after his death in 1876.

Jere Wright, (Abiathar Wright, Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Osage, Iowa, born Jan. 22, 1844, married Nov. 24, 1864, Lucia Silvia Hitchcock, born in Westfield, Vt. They had the following children born to them in Osage: Franklin Wright, Sept. 29, 1865; Fanny, Dec. 19, 1868, died Jan. 14, 1869; Lucia Laura, Feb. 28, 1874; Homer Burnham, Aug. 8, 1882. They settled in Osage in 1865.

Clovis Arius, (Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) married 1848, Serepta Betsey, born March 11, 1821, in Bath, N.H., daughter of Capt. Samuel and Rachel (Annis) Currier of Bath, N.H. They had the following children born to them: Austin Arius, in Bath, N.H., Jan. 4, 1849; John Harvey, at McIndoe's Falls, Vt., Jan. 31, 1851; Frank Alphonso, at McIndoe's Falls, Vt., Dec. 26, 1852; Jennie Elizabeth, at McIndoe's Falls, Vt., Nov. 26, 1854; Erastus Leon, at McIndoe's Falls, Vt., Oct. 16, 1857; Flora Evelyn, in Bath, N.H., Sept. 29, 1859; and Douglas LeRoy, in Bath, N.H., Dec. 9, 1861, lives in St. Johnsbury, Vt.; never married. Serepta Betsey died at Passumpsic, Vt., Jan. 21, 1864. Clovis Arius, married 2nd, Mrs. Almira (Bradley) Whipple, born Oct. 12, 1826. Their children were all born in Barnet, Vt., as follows: Rosa J., July 1, 1866; Hattie M., Dec. 27, 1868; Lillie B., April 5, 1872; and Catherine E., May 9, 1874. Clovis Arius died Oct. 30, 1895.

Austin Arius, (Clovis Arius, Nathaniel F., David,Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of St. Johnsbury, Vt., married May 27, 1871, Estella Ellen, born Nov. 22, 1852, in Barnet, Vt., daughter of Samuel Bailey. They had one daughter, Mabel Estella, born at East Barnet, Vt., Sept. 5, 1872. The remaining four children were born at St. Johnsbury, Vt., as follows: Lena Elizabeth, Dec. 7, 1876; Arthur Arius, April 29, 1879; Roscoe Miller, Dec. 19, 1882; Hazel Bailey, May 4, 1887. The following four were graduated from St. Johnsbury Academy: Mabel E., in 1892; Lena E., in 1896; Roscoe M., in 1902; and Hazel B., in 1906. Lena E. graduated from Mt. Holyoke College in 1901; and Roscoe M., form Columbia University in 1907.

Mabel E. Annis, (Austin A., Clovis Arius, Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) born Sept. 5, 1872; married Jan. 15, 1896, Percy K. Sloggy of Lake Helen, Florida. They had one daughter who lived only about one year.

Austin Arius, (Austin A., Clovis Arius, Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of St. Johnsbury, Vt.; born April 29, 1879; married, August 10, 1899, Vernie Mae, born September 8, 1880, daughter of Maurice H. and Eliza J. (Wilson) Paige of St. Johnsbury, Vt. Two children were born to them: Cecil Helen, born April 18, 1901; and Clovis Wilson, born Janaury 16, 1908.

John Harvey, (Clovis Arius, Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) married August 15, 1879, Mary Ann, born August 26, 1853, daughter of Kenneth McLeod, died August 15, 1890. They had one son, born in St. Johnsbury, Vt., April 26, 1885.

Frank Alphonso, (Clovis Arius, Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Barnard, Vt., married Charlotte, daughter of Seth Caswell of Hyde Park, Vt. They had six children born to them as follows: Rollin, in Woodstock, (?) Vt.; Mary, Nov. 20, 1874; Austin Abner, June 27, 1878; Flora M., Oct. Oct. 21, 1879, died in Rochester, Vt.; Leon Leroy, June 3, 1883; Julia M., July 12, 1886, died in Stockbridge, Vt.

Jennie Elizabeth, (Clovis Arius, Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) married May 1, 1904, George Douglas of Thetford, Vt., born in West Fairlee, Vt., Dec. 18, 1860. He is the son of Samuel M. Douglas of Post Mills, Vt. She is his second wife.

Erastus Leon, (Clovis Arius, Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Hillsboro, N.H., married Sept. 10, 1890, Lucy A.; born Dec. 27, 1864, daughter of Ezra C. Eastman. Children born to them: leolin Elizabeth, July 16, 1894; Bernard Ezra, Oct. 17, 1896.

Flora Evelyn, (Clovis Arius, Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Hyde Park, Mass., married Nov. 5, 1889, in Roxbury, Mass., John Samuel Krebs, born May 6, 1850, in Wischanov, Poland, son of Wenzel Krebs of Bohemia. The following children were born to them: Wenzel Hugo, August 16, 1890, in Roxbury, Mass.; and Laura, August 12, 1893, in Roslindale, Mass.

Mehitable Boadicea, (Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) married Josiah Chamberlain of Newbury, Vt. They had several children born in Newbury.

Emeline B., (Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) married in Haverhill, N.H., April 12, 1849, Drury F. Mulliken, born in Haverhill, N.H., May 1, 1814. Mr. Mulliken died in Munroe, N.H., August 25, 1900. Mrs. Mulliken died at McIndoe's Falls, Vt. They had children born at McIndoe's Falls, Vt. as follows: S. Josphine, Dec. 28, 1853; Annette G., Nov. 15, 1855; died August 4, 1883; Elizabeth B.W., April 23, 1858, died March 11, 1862; Lulu A., June 15, 1861, died Jan. 1, 1877; Jennie B., March 6, 1864. S. Josephine Mulliken married Dec. 16, 1886, James F. Steward. No children.

Lois H., (Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) born March 7, 1825, married Dec. 10, 1844, Milo H. Burbank; died in Wheelock, Vt., June 9, 1889. They had children born in McIndoe's Falls, Vt., as follows: Caroline Adelia, June 23, 1846, married Feb. 15, 1872, Willace C. Harding; Mitchel Jerome, born March 29, 1848, died at Aberdeen, Dacotah (Dakota), October 18, 1882; Mahitable L. E., born Nov. 8, 1851, married Dec. 12, 1851, (Comment: Dec. 12, 1851 is a typographical error) Alden H. Porter; Fred D., born May 22, 1859.

Nathaniel Flood, (Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Saratoga Springs, N.Y.; born Jan. 22, 1827; died June 17, 1899; married 1st, Sophia Merrill, daughter of Schuyler Merrill of Peacham, Vt., born Dec. 28, 1834, died at McIndoe's Falls, Vt., April 30, 1859. They had one son, Malcolm, born at McIndoe's Falls, Vt., Nov. 19, 1856. Married 2nd, Sept. 27, 1866, Mary Clough, born in Troy, Vt., August 8, 1846, daughter of Daniel Moulton Clough and Eliza Bedel of Troy and Jay, Vt. They had the following children born at Saratoga Springs, N.Y.: Lilla Ellen, June 22, 1868; Jennie Lulu, April 27, 1870; Nathaniel Percy, July 15, 1872; Bertha Belle, April 2, 1875; Clara Cordelia, August 19, 1879; Madge Grace, April 3, 1882, died March 11, 1890.

Jennie Lulu married Herron Bayley, June 30, 1897. They live in New York City; have one son, Ralph Herron, born March 25, 1900.

Malcolm, (Nathaniel F., Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., born Nov. 19, 1856; died May 4, 1908; married Oct. 30, 1883, Olivia Eugenia Griswold, born August 9, 1861 in Weedsport, N.Y. They had two children born at Saratoga Springs, N.Y.: Ima Marjorie, Sept. 3, 1889; and Frank Merrill, Nov. 11, 1896.

Laurens Koster, (Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Westfield, Vt.; born Feb. 19, 1830; died in Westfield, Feb. 25, 1905; married 1st, Ella Melissa Hull of Westfield. She died Sept. 22, 1883, aged 42 years. They had two children born to them in Potton, P.Q.: Ernest, died July 29, 1862, aged 1 year and three months; Orien S., Nov. 15, 1866. Married 2nd, Emily A. Brown, April 22, 1890.

Orien S., (Laurens K., Nathaniel F., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of North Troy, Vt., born in Potton, P.Q., Nov. 15, 1866; married in Milton, Vt., Dec. 10, 1890, Ida E. Campbell, born May 27, 1861. They had the following children born in North Troy: Ruth Ella, May 6, 1892; Paul Campbell, Aug. 3, 1893; Grace, May 3, 1899.

Eunice, ( David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) and school-master Bailey had one son, Gardner Bailey, born before 1820. The following children were born in Bath. N.H., to Eunice Annis and Thomas Smith: On a marble slab in West Bath cemetery is the following inscription: "Clementine L. wife of Horace Ames, died May 24, 1847 Æ 25." They had three or four children, two of them were girls.
Timothy Smith was born about 1831 or 1832; he died in Rutland, Vt., in March 1889; his wife died about 16 months previously; he left two daughters, Ellen (Mrs. Charles Fay) and Gertrude (Mrs. T. A. Davis).
Mary Louise, born about 1833 or 1834, married _____ Copeland, and lived in Lawrence, Mass. No children
Eunice Smith died May 15, 1874, and was buried in the West Bath cemetery.

Rachel, (David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Bath, N.H., born in Chelsea, Vt., June 27, 1793, died in Bath, April 5, 1875, married March 7, 1816, Capt. Samuel Currier of Bath, born Nov. 17, 1781, died March 20, 1849. They had the following children born to them in Bath: Ezra Samuel, Dec. 13, 1816, died in Bath, April 5, 1850, not married; Serepta Betsey, born March 11, 1821, died Jan. 21, 1864, married in 1848, Clovius Arius Annis, born March 11, 1816; David Annis, May 10, 1823, died June 21, 1876, married Oct. 30, 1865, Clara P. Skinner of Potton, P.Q., no children; John McNab, August 4, 1832.
John McNab Currier, M.D., of Newport, Vermont was a son of Capt. Samuel and Rachel (Annis) Currier of Bath, N.H., born August 4, 1832. Graduated at the Medical Department of Dartmouth College, May 11, 1858, settled in Newport, Vt., July 16, the same year. Married August 8, 1860, Susan Havens, daughter of John D. and Jane B. (Carleton) Powers of Woodstock, Vt., born April 3, 1838. They had two children born to them in Newport, Vt.: Linn Powers, June 8, 1861 and Suza, June 7, 1867.
Linn Powers Currier, of Wells River, Vt., printer on the Woddsville News (1909) is the son of Dr. John M. Currier of Newport, Vt., born June 8, 1861. Married, 1st, Margaret Bothwell Ellis, of Cambridge, Mass., no children. Married 2nd, Jan. 16, 1906, Emma Minnie Allchurch, daughter of W. M. Allchurch of Barton, Vt., born in Holland, Vt., Feb. 10, 1879. Thet had one son, John Allchurch, born Jan. 16, 1907, died Jan. 18, 1907.
Suza Currier, daughter of Dr. John M. Currier, born June 7, 1867, married Oct. 19, 1893, Harold C. French, son of Charles H. French of Boston, Mass., born August 24, 1868. They had two children born to them in Boston, Mass.: Esther Currier, Dec. 18, 1894, and Eleanor, Nov. 13, 1904.

Cummings S., (David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Manchester, N.H., born in Bath, N.H., 1797; died in Manchester, March 11, 1880; married Nov. 9, 1820, Charlotte L. Merrill, born in Derryfield, now, Manchester, Feb. 3, 1800, died there August 30, 1875. She was a sister of Samuel Merrill of Albany, Vt. They had the following children born to them: Emorency C., August 19, 1823; Mariah L., July 30, 1825; Horace C., August 27, 1827; Christiana L., Sept. 17, 1829; Martha H., Dec. 20, 1831; Zebina H., Aug. 17, 1834, run over and killed in Littleton, N.H., at the age of four years; Zebina Newell, Aug. 19, 1839.
(Comment: Dr. Currier failed to record Cummings Annis eldest son and twin to Emorency C., Augustus Cummings Annis, born August 19, 1823. The tenth died at birth. The first eight children were born in Littleton, N.H.
Emorency C., (Cummings S., David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) born August 19, 1823, married Nov. 16, 1848, Willard P. Stratton, born June 14, 1821 in Bedford, N.H. They lived in Manchester, N.H., and had the following children born to them: Hervey, Nov. 14, 1849, married in Sept. 1870; Christiana E., Oct. 24, 1853, married on Nov. 17, 1878; Lucretia, Sept. 23, 1855; married on March 13, 1875.

Lois, (David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Albany, Vt., born in Bath, N.H., June 20, 1800; died in Albany, Feb. 27, 1887, married in Bath, N.H., Dec. 16, 1824, Samuel Merrill, born in Manchester, N.H., July 17, 1798, died in Albany, May 16, 1877. They had only two children born to them, both in Bath, N.H.: Ira D., Sept. 23, 1825; and Charles H., July 17, 1827.
Ira D. Merrill, son of Samuel and Lois (Annis) Merrill of Albany, Vt., born in Bath. N.H., Sept. 23, 1825; died in Manchester, N.H., July 18, 1905; married Jan. 1, 1851, Elizabeth Gaylor of Candor, Tioga county, N.Y., born Jan. 21, 1826, died Dec. 17, 1907. They had three children born to them in Candor: Charles W. A., June 8, 1854, died about 1879, unmarried; Mary S., Nov. 20, 1855, unmarried in 1908; Ada S., Dec. 20, 1857, married Ralph Waldo Giltner, and had one daughter, Dorothy Fay, born Feb. 7, 1894.

Mehitable, (David, Daniel, Abraham, Charles, ) of Ryegate, Vt., born in bath, N.H., August 16, 1802; died May 9, 1844; married May 27, 1830, William Pollard, born in Groton, Vt., April 22, 1800, and died in Bath, now (1908) Monroe, March 4, 1874. He was the son of Edward Pollard. a Revolutionary soldier. They had three children: George W., born in Bath, N.H., Nov. 27, 1830; Luther Bailey, born in Bath, N.H., Nov. 2, 1833; and Milo Carbee, born in Ryegate, Vt., Dec. 24, 1841.
William Pollard married, 2nd, July 11, 1844, Eliza Bruce of Ryegate, born Feb. 26, 1805, died at McIndoe's Falls, Vt., Feb. 8, 1858. He married, 3rd, Nov. 18, 1858, Mrs. Mary R. Worthen of Bradford, Vt., born Jan. 29, 1809, and died in Bath, April 20, 1880.
George W. Pollard of Peacham, Vt., son of William Pollard, born Nov. 27, 1830, died in June 1892, married Mary H. Page of Ryegate, Feb. 28, 1857, and had the following children born to them: Frank B.; Oct. 12, 1857; Jennie W., Sept. 21, 1861, died Dec. 29, 1863; Ida May, Dec. 11, 1862, died May 31, 1864; William John, Sept. 28, 1869.
Luther B. Pollard of Monroe, N.H., son of William Pollard, married June 16, 1868, Jane E. Worthen, daughter of his father's third wife. They had the following children born to them: John Worthen, May 28, 1869; Myra Hibbard, Oct. 27, 1870, died Jan. 22, 1872; Hattie Louise, May 2, 1872; Lewis Henry, July 26, 1873, Thier farm is in that part of Monroe that was formly part of Bath.
John Worthen, son of Luther B. Pollard, married Alvina McLellan of Albany, Vt., in April 1898. They had one child born to them: Kenneth, Dec. 18, 1898.
Harriet Louise, daughter of Luther B. Pollard of McIndoe's Falls, Vt., married Jan. 1, 1896, Robert Anderson Kendall, born in Coventry, Vt., Nov. 1, 1861. They had the following children born to them: Perry Gilman, June 9, 1898; Robert Luther, May 28, 1901.
Lewis Henry, son of Luther B. Pollard, married Edith M. Templeton of Montpelier, VT., Dec. 26, 1900. They had two children born to them: Marjorie Jane, Nov. 10, 1901; Francis Templeton, June 13, 1906.
Milo Carbee Pollard of Littleton, N.H., son of William Pollard of Bath, (Monroe) was born in Ryegate, Vt., Dec. 24, 1841, died Sept. 30, 1908; married Jan. 2, 1871, Climena Blakeslee, born June 29, 1843. They had the following children: Gertrude E., born in Monroe, N.H., Oct. 29, 1871; Carrie M., born in Littleton, N.H., April 18, 1874.
Gertrude E. Pollard married June 26, 1895, Frelan W. Gray of Waltham, Mass. They have one son, Harry, born Sept. 11, 1901.
Carrie M. Pollard married Nov. 22, 1899, J. W. Breen, They have no children. Live in Everett, Mass.

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