David Annis


Hopkinton and Bath, N.H.

Editor's note: Dr. Currier's genealogy is rather accurate as compared with existing records. Any corrections I have made are note with "Comment" and are in red text. Brackets [ ] are used by Dr. Currier for his original comments. Generally, spelling is original with a few exceptions where there are obvious typographical errors. Some given names are given different spellings such as: "Mahitable" for "Mehitable"; "Betsey" for "Betsy"; etc. These spellings were left intact.



Part Two

Extracts from Letters

Relating to Members of the Annis Family
In General, Not in David's Line. Also
Genealogical Facts of Connected Families
Not Bearing the Name of Annis.

On Nov. 1-4, 1881, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Marden of Bristol, Vt., were visiting the writer in Castleton, Vt., and during the evenings they gave their family history as follows: "Mrs. Amanda (Hunt) Marden (second wife of R. H. Marden) was born in Bath, N.H., Feb 26, 1837. Married Oct. 20, 1871. She was a daughter of Chapin Hunt. They had no children."

"Chapin Hunt was born in Ryegate, Vt., March, 1793. Married Susan M. Lang of Bath, N.H. She died in Bath April 21, 1843. He died in Bradford, Vt., June 1880. He had the following children all born in Bath: Susan; Susan Maria; Melissa; Mary Jane; Adeline and Emeline, twins; Emeline died young; Martha; Elmira and Amanda, twins; John Chapin French; and a sister who died immediately after birth; and Emeline Eliza."
"Susan married John Parker of Groton, Mass.; Melissa married Michael McGivern of Magog, P.Q.; Martha married Samuel C. Barrett of Bradford, Vt.; Elmira married Danforth Dean of Fitchburg, Mass., where he died in 1872; John C. F. married a lady in Marlboro, N.H.; Eliza married David Bryant of Paxton, Mass."
"Edwaed Mardin was born in Lyman, N.H., in 1779, died in Loyd, Wis., in about 1874. He lived in Craftsbury, Albany and Coventry, Vt., Lyman, Bath and Benton, N.H. He was a basket maker. Married Elizabeth, eldest daughter of David Annis of Bath, N.H. They had three sons and three daughters: Rebecca, married Lorenzo Dow Cummings, never had children, but adopted her brother Chapin's daughter, Ann. They lived in various places: Ryegate, Vt., Benton, Monroe, Bath, N.H."
"Chapin, son of Edward Marden, married Mahitable Bailey, and had one daughter who married a man by the name of Page, and lived in Monroe, N.H. Chapin and his wife parted after a few years of married life."
"Nathaniel, son of Edward Marden, went to Maine."
"Joseph A., son of Edward Marden, was born in 1811; now lives in Loyd, Wis.; married Lucy W., daughter of Moses Annis of Albany, Vt., and had thirteen children, four girls and nine sons."
"Clifton S. has been married twice, and now lives in Lodi, Wisconsin."
"Riley Hull was born in Albany, Vt., Jan. 24, 1832; married 1st, Emily M., daughter of Horace and Caroline Clifford of Randolph, Vt. She was born Nov. __, 1836; died in Bradford, Vt., April 8, 1871; they had two children: Charles S., born in Randolph, Vt., Oct. 2, 1864, and, Carried Emily, born March 31, 1867 in Bradford, Vt. He married 2nd, in the summer of 1871, Amanda, daughter of Chapin Hunt of Bradford. He was a soldier in the War of the Rebellion, and now a lawyer in Bristol, Vt."
"Solmon P. married a widow in Wisconsin, and now lives in Ontario, Wis., has three children."
"Joseph A. Jr., is married and lives in Wisconsin."
"Alfred G. has been married twice; has children by his first wife, and now lives in Wisconsin."
"James E. is married and now lives in Wisconsin; was a prisoner among the Indians ten years."
"Mary E. married a Jones of the West, who died in St. Louis, who was, at the time, a Union soldier. She is now unmarried and lives in Paw Paw, Michigan."
"Hannah died in Compton, C.E., at the age of two years."
"Martha A.married Albert Hoag and lived in Loyd, Wis. She died there in March 1877, leaving three children."
"William now lives in Wisconsin."
"Harriet D. lives in Loyd, Wis.; she married Albert Reed, and has three children."
"Albert L. lives in Winoni, Minnesota; unmarried."

"Lucy A., wife of Joseph A. Marden, had brothers and sisters as follows: Mary, married Myron Annis of Albany, Vt., her cousin, and a son of Webster D. Annis. They had seven children. She was a cousin on the Hunt side."
"Emily, married Edward Golithar, and went to Wisconson."
"Merilla, married and moved to Wisconsin."
"Martha, married Amasa T. Hunt and moved to Wisconsin."
"Isaac, was married twice, never knew of any children. He lived in Barton, Vt."
"Jonathan, married his cousin, Anna Annis, daughter of Webster D. Annis, and moved to Wisconsin."
"Moses, married Ardilla Fisher and moved to Wisconsin."
"Solmon P., married Sarah Hunt, sister of Amasa T. Hunt, and went to Wisconsin in about 1866."
"William K., married Samantha Hunt, sister of Sarah, and now lives in Albany, Vt."
Aaron H., married a Miss Cleveland of Randolph, Vt., and moved to Wisconsin. He was in the War of the Rebellion, and afterwards a Methodist preacher."

"Daniel Hunt of Bath, N.H., married Charlotte Lang of that town, a sister of Chapin Hunt's wife. He built a brick house on Gardner's Mountain about 1840. He had a sister, Lucinda, who married Webster D. Annis. He was a cousin to Chapin Hunt. Mrs. Daniel Hunt died in 1871. They had children as follows: Albon, married in Bath. N.H., and moved to Concord, N.H. They had several children."
"William, was married twice, went to Concord, N.H."
"Sherburn, died in the brick house on Gardner's Mountain."
"Mary, went to Concord, N.H., but never married."
"Elery, went to Concord, N.H., is as yet unmarried."
"Julia, married a Methodist minister, and the last ever known of them were in the New York Conference."
"Ellen, twin to Elery, died young of scarlet fever, when they lived in the brick house on Gardner's Mountain."

On April 16, 1884 Joseph A. Marden still further writes: "My wife's father's name was Moses; her mother's name was Polly Annis. I do not know when or where they were born, but I think she was born in Bath, N.H. I think my wife's grandfather's name was Daniel, and lived in Chelsea, Vt. I think my mother was born in Hopkinton, N.H. She died in Albany, Vt. My wife's brothers and sisters were: Isaac, Lucy [herself], Jonathan, Salmon, Ephraim, Emily, Moses, William, Mary, Merilla, Martha, Aaron. Isaac, Lucy, Salmon and Emily are dead. Ephraim ran away, and was never heard from. William is at Albany, Mary, at last accounts, was at Whitefield, N.H. Merilla and Martha are in Minnesota. Aaron is in the northern part of Wisconsin. Moses and Jonathan live in Rockbridge, Rockland Co., Wisconsin. I am now enjoying good health and am able to work. I own 80 acres of land and some stock with no mortgage."

Matthew D. Annis of Warner, N.H., on May 29, 1882, writes, "Daniel came from Concord, then to Hopkinton, then to Warner, with a young man by the name of Reuben Kimball, in 1762. Reuben married his daughter; she gave birth to the first male child born in town. To Daniel were born: Solomon, Moses, Daniel, David, Thomas, Hannah, Rachel and Ruth. Daniel was my great grandfather. To Solomon was born David, to him Matthew D. I am 81 last January. Daniel Jr., lived on the Felton Place. Joseph was born there. Daniel 2nd's sons all had large families, but Moses none. The Annises are all gone out of Warner. They cut the first tree, took up the first farm, and raised the first boy."
On September 25, 1882, Matthew D. further writes: "I remember Webster and Elizabeth Annis. I have seen Webster; he has been at my father's. I will give you a history of my own and my father's families. David, my father, had four children: William, born 1795; Eliza, born 1797; Matthew D., born 1801; Chellis F., born 1811; all in Warner, N.H. William had two sons, William and Curtis. He died in Hopkinton in 1821. Eliza died in 1813, unmarried. Matthew D., (myself) has had four sons: William V., born 1827, died 1881, leaving four children, two sons and two daughters; Harvey, born in 1829, died in 1870, unmarried; George T., born in 1835, has five children, four sons and one daughter; Charles A., born in 1837, has four children, two sons and two daughters, lives in Michigan."
You say your mother used to visit near Sunapee Lake and Hopkinton: it was no doubt at my father's, when he lived in Springfield, also near Hopkinton."

Letter from Miss Mattie Merrill, grand-daughter of Mrs. Lois (Annis) Merrill of East Albany, Vt., dated October 24, 1882. [This letter was partly dictated by her grandmother].
"We have often spoken of you although none of us have ever seen you except grandma. I am your uncle Samuel Merrill's grand-daughter, Ira's daughter. Pa came here from New York state fifteen years ago to take care of his father and mother. He then had three children, but only three years ago he buried his eldest child and only boy. It was a hard blow for us all. Ada and I are the only children remaining. Ma and Ada left home last week to spend the winter in our York state home. Ma has no relatives in Vt. Uncle Charles Merrill, in Delaware, has not been home for many years, and we do not hear from him very often. Grandpa [Samuel Merrill] died May 16, 1877. Grandma is well, and is also very smart for her age. She will be 83 years of age on her next birthday. She prefers walking to riding, and will walk farther now than I can. Dr. Mason lives only about one mile from us, at South Albany."
Another letter was received from Mary Susana Merrill, dated November 11, 1882; a portion of which was dictated by her grandmother:
"Uncle Charles Merrill's address is West Wilmington, Delaware. He is road-master on the railroad. Pa and uncle Charles are all the children she ever had. Our brother, Charles, suffered from the effects of the fall for a year and a half. He was a great sufferer the most of the time. He took great amounts of morphine."
"I was born in Bath, N.H., June 20, 1800, and was married there December 16, 1824. Since marriage I have lived in Bath, N.H., Stannard and Albany, Vt. The birth of my children are as follows: Ira D., in Bath, Sept. 23, 1825; Charles H., in Bath, July 17, 1827."
"Grandfather Hunt died before I was born. My father's first wife's name was Elizabeth Hunt. My brother David Annis was a wanderer. My husband, Samuel Merrill, was born in Manchester, N.H., July 17, 1798. My sister Mehitable Annis, Mrs. William Pollard, was born in Bath. N.H., August 22, 1802. Ira D. Merrill married Elizabeth Gaylor of Candor, Tioga Co., N.Y., Jan.1 , 1851. Their children were born as follows: Charles W. A., June 8, 1854; Mary S., Nov. 20, 1855; Ada S., Dec. 20, 1857; both unmarried. All three were born in our house in Candor, Tioga Co., N.Y."

"Uncle Charles Merrill's first wife's name was Abbie Saxe, from Pennsylvania. They had three children: Lois and Rebecca, the third died young. I do not know its name. He is now living with his second wife in West Wilmington, Del."
"Daniel Annis married Polly Kimball; he was a brother to David Annis. I think it was Nathaniel Flood whom your mother used to visit near Sunapee Lake, in New London, and Warner, N.H. He used to call my father uncle David, but I do not know how it was. It was Solomon Annis, David Annis' son who settled in Chelsea, Vt."

On May 28, 1883, H. S. Annis of Chelsea, Vt., writes: " My grandparents were from Lebanon, N.H. Came to this town, I think, in the spring of 1791. Their names: Solomon Annis, born Nov. 8, 1765, died July 31, 1830, and Susannah Bosworth, born Feb. 28, 1770, died Aug. 14, 1832. They were married March 22, 1791, and had twn children: James, Nancy, William, Jesse, Polly B., Susannah, Solomon, Solomon, Sally and Lydia. They all lived to have families except the seventh and tenth; they died young."
"Grandfather came on horseback, by marked trees, on to a farm I now own. He was killed on the same farm by falling from a load of hay and breaking his neck. My father, Solomon Annis, received injuries in the same way from which he died. Solomon had 65 grandchildren, but only three are now living in town."

On Nov. 23, 1885, Mrs. Lois Merrill of East Albany, Vt., dictated another letter to the writer by her grand-daughter, Mary Merrill: "Grandma is real well. Her health is very good and she is very smart for aldy of her age." [Dictation commences here.] My brother David Annis started from Bath, N.H., the last time he left home, in the spring of 1825. He was the fifth child, and there were three younger; Cummings, myself and Mahitable. There were about two years difference between their ages. "Grandma will be 86 years old the second day of next June. She was the next to the youngest. [The children are mentioned in order of birth]: Asa, Nathaniel, David, Eunice, Rachel, Cummings, Lois and Mahitable. They never knew where David went to, nor what became of him."
"They all went to school in the Smith district, excepting Asa and Nathaniel. All excepting those two attended school near Chamberlain's. Some of the teachers' names were: Thomas Dole, Rachel Dole, Henry Lang and William Lang."
[David Annis was scalded when quite young, and a portion of the skin, about one inch inch in diameter sloughed off, leaving a large scar. That piece of skin was saved and dried by his mother. Kept very choicely by her, until her death in 1844. She entertained the idea that as long as he lived it would not decay, but when he died it would commence to decompose and finally wither away. After her death this singular relic, with many other keepsakes were brought to my mother's in a round-top trunk covered with old-fashion, mottled wall paper. I mention this fact because it may be the means of establishing his genealogical relationship at some further time. J.M.C.]

Paine D. Annis of Warner, N.H., on Dec. 7, 1885, writes: "Thomas Annis [son of the first Daniel of Warner] had sixteen children, as near as we can find out. I have the names of fourteen: Stephen, Rodney, Thomas, Jefferson, Isaac, Bonaparte, Jacob, Moses, Sally, Betsey, Abigail, Ruth, Marion, Lizzy. Moses had five children, four boys and one girl; the girl died young and was named Harriet. The sons were: Moses, Larkin, Clifton and Hazen. Hazen had four sons: Charles, Henry, Hazen and Allen. Clifton had one son, Paine."
"Most all the families are dead. Moses Jr., eldest son of Moses is living; he is 80 years old. He says he remembers of hearing his mother speak of Rachel Currier, but nothing definate."

T.W. Rand of Marshfield, Vt., on Feb. 4, 1886, writes: "My father lives on the very farm which David Annis used to own, and where he died. His youngest son, Chelis F. Annis took care of him, and had his property. This son sold out to my father after his father's death, and went to Oakamos, Mich.,(Comment: Okemos, MI ) where he now resides. Chelis buried his father and mother in Dansville cemetery, Warner, and erected good marble headstones to their graves before he went to Oakamos, Mich."
"David Annis had a son who was drowned in Clement's Pond, Hopkinton, leaving a wife and two children; H.C. Annis of Coaticook, N.H., is one of them, and William of Oakamos, Mich. is another. He married his uncle Chelis F. Annis' daughter, Lizzie, and lives with them. David had a another son besides Chelis and William, named Matthew David Annis, and lives in Warner, N.H.; if alive, and was the last visit I made there, which was 18 months ago. He married a Ferrin for his first wife, and a Rand for his second wife. If you would take the pains to write him he would tell you all about the Aunts Kimball and Floyd, (not Flood) you speak of for they were his father David's own sisters, [here he is mistaken], and lived near him in Warner. Mrs. Kimball had a son named Chelis, who married and had two children: Susan Jane, and Chelis F. Chelis F. died soon after his father, and Susan Jane had all the property. She is a rich old maid and resides in Warner village, and is a communicant at the Congregational Church. You must write her, she has a great memory and many dates. She will tell you all about the Capt. Floyd family."
"I have the genealogy of the Currier family way back to the first settler at Amesbury, Mass.; also the Davis family, in my grandmother Rand's family line. This Paine Davis Annis is my third cousin; double by way of the Currier and Davis equally combined; he was the son and only child of Clifton Clodgett Annis, who was the brother of Moses Gould Annis whom Paine was taking care of for his property when I was down there. His father's name was Moses, son of Thomas and brother of Daniel who was one of the first settlers of Warner." [Here seems to be another error. Daniel was the father of Thomas, not a brother. J.M.C.].

Geo. H. Annis of Irasburgh, Vt., on Jan. 21, 1884, writes: "I was born in Chelsea, Vt., March 7, 1841. My father, James Annis was born Jan. 22, 1792. My mother, Merinda parker was born Aug. 28, 1808. I married the 17th of March 1864. We moved away from Chelsea when I was only five years old, and my father died May 8, 1849. I went away from home to live then, and I knew but little about my people. My mother died in 1861. Holton Annis of Chelsea, is a son of my uncle, Solomon Annis. I enlisted in Co. I, 15th Reg. Vt. Vols. We were not really in any battle, still we were brought into line as a support for a battery, and were under fire from five in the morning until about eleven a.m.; the order came for the smallest company in the regiment to fall back twenty five miles to guard teams, etc., so it fell upon us."
"My children are as follows: Alex M., born Sept. 16, 1867; Elida F., born Jan. 31, 1873."
"My own brothers and sisters are as follows: Mary, born Dec. 3, 1842, died Feb. 3, 1852; Caroline P., born Oct. 18, 1845; Silas H., born Jan. 21, 1848. He was given away when two years old and had his name lawfully changed to Charles Duckles. I will give the names of my half brothers and sisters: Ira, Derias, Azro, Harvey, Celia, Betsey and Sally."

I have found an old record that came into my possession some way which has the names of my grandparents: " Solomon Annis born Nov. 8, 1765; Susannah Bosworth born Feb. 28, 1770." I had a half sister who married a Bush and lived in Candiaville, N.H. There are Annises in Newburyport, Mass., also on Baltimore, Md., and North Troy, Vt. Richard Annis lives in Mapleton, Blue Earth Co., Minn."
On January 20, 1884 Mr. Annis writes from East Albany, Vt., as follows, " I cannot give the name or death of my father's first wife. My father died May 8, 1849, aged 57years, 3 months, 16 days."
" I will give you the dates of births and deaths of my half brothers and siters: Ira, born July 12, 1816, died Oct. 10, 1882; Celia, born June 10, 1819; Betsey, born May 27, 1822, died _____; Darias, born Oct. 27, 1824; Azro, born Jan. 2, 1827; Sally, born May 17, 1829, died _____; Harvey, born April 17, 1831. Silas Annis goes by the name of Duckles, and so do his children."
"My wife was Nellie E. Stils, born in Wolcott, Vt., Dec. 9, 1845."
"I think you might get some light in regard to my father's first wife by addressing Richard Annis, Mapleton, Blue Earth Co., Minn. He was a son of Ira Annis. Darias Annis' address is Minominee, Dunn Co., Wisconsin. William K. Annis, Jr., West Albany, Vt., is of another family, and quite a long string of them."
"There are some Annises in Corinth, Vt. Holton Annis in Chelsea, Vt., also in Baltimore, Md. He accidently found my name while I was in the army and wrote to me to know who I was, my parents, etc., but I lost his name."
"I think Richard Annis could give you a very interesting history of Ira Annis, as he went to Minnesota in any early date. I think he was two hundred miles from any business; took a large track of land; suffered on account of the Indians, etc. But he became wealthy, and was the means of building a large village; establishing a Free Baptist Church of which he was a member until his death. Post office at Irasburgh, Vt."

On April 27, 1885, O. E. Annis of 778 Elm St., Manchester, N.H., writes: "Jesse Annis (my grandfather) moved from Londonderry, N.H., to Vermont as early as 1788 or 1790. His first wife I think was a Heath. I know of only one child by this marriage, a son, Joseph Annis, who, since my remembrance lived in Strafford, Vt. His second wife (Jesse Annis) was an Emerson. By this marraige, I think there were 13 children born: Thomas, Betsey, Polly, Lydia, James, (my father) and William. There were two more sons and daughters, that lived in _______ and married, that I have forgotten their names. The other three, I think, must have died in their infancy, as I have never heard their names mentioned."
"Thomas settled in Buffalo, N.Y. Betsey married J. Morrill, settled in Corinth, Vt. Polly married Elijah Merrill, also settled in Corinth, Vt. Pattie married John Eastman, settled in Washington, Vt. Lydia married O.W. B. Eastman, dentist, their last residence was Corinth. My father's first wife, (James Annis) was Sally McKean. By this marriage were: Horace, married _____, Hopkinton, settled in Illinois; George , settled in Ohio; Jessie, settled in Ohio; James and Merrill died at the ages of 25 and 20; Marajet M.; married _____ Wason, settled in Wisconsin, died at the age of 68. His second wife's marriage (James) was with Betsey Eastman. By this marriage were two children: Sarah M., who married S. J. Folsom, resides now in Manchester, N.H., and Orrin E., (my name) now residing in Manchester, N.H. James Annis (my father), was born Sept. 15, 1792, died Dec. 9, 1874. His last wife (my mother) died April 22, 1885."

From Henry C. Carbie's letter of October 17, 1875: "The cow bell that belonged to your grandfather Annis is in my possession. Aunt Eunice gave it to me when she went to Lowell; it was Sol. Carbee's, and she told Mary before she died when she came up to bury her remains to be sure and get the bell and give it to me. It is of no intrinsic value to me, only as a keepsake of the old lady, and I have no objection to your having it if you want it as a relic of your ancestor."

R. H. Marden of Fergus Falls, Minn., son of Joseph A., writes, on April 18, 1899: "My daughter Carrie died at her home in Omaha on the 8th day of March, 1899, after 16 hours of great suffering, of uremic poisoning. She left two boys, six and ten years of age. My father is still living at 88 years of age."

April 30, 1889, the following facts were obtained of George Newell Annis of Northfield, Vt.: "He was a son of William F. Annis who lived and died in Stanstead, Canada. He was born April 2, 1843; married Sarah Ann Woodbury of Bradford, Vt. He has two daughters, Ora Estell, and Maud Bessey; two sons died young."

On May 31, 1889 I obtained the following genealogy of Hiram Berty Annis, then living in Newport, Vt. " " He was a son of Josiah Annis of Colebrook, N. H.; born in Albany, Vt., Feb. 23, 1855; a grandson of Webster D. Annis and Lucinda Hunt. His mother was Mary J. Raynolds of Barnet, Vt. He has had two brothers and four sisters, viz: Olive, Diana Arthelia, himself, Rosilla Elmira, Ellsworth Josiah, and Alva Herbert. Two are now dead (1889), Diana A. and Rosilla E. His father moved to Colebrook, N. H., in April 1871 from Albany. He married Clara French Hacket of Barre, Vt., (born Aug. 17, 1854.) One child, Nellie Mary, was born in Stanstead, Feb. 13, 1836." (Comment: The date of Nellie Mary Annis' birth is a typographical error. Nellie was Hiram Berty Annis' child, born Feb. 13, 1886.)

October 28, 1889, Wm. Kimball Annis of Albany, Vt., gave me the following genealogy of his family: " My father's full name is William Kimball Annis. I was born in Randolph, Vt., Feb. 19, 1844. My father was born in Tunbridge, Vt., April 4, 1820. My grandfather's name was Moses Annis. My brother, Elwin Lee Annis, was born May 18, 1855. I was married in Albany, Vt., May 31, 1865. I have no children."

On Feb. 18, 1891, W. K. Annis, Jr., of Albany, Vt., gave me family facts as follows: "The only sister I ever had died Jan. or Feb. 1864, aged about four years. Her name was Lanora Ella. My wife's name was Hattie Sprague Adams. She was born April 22, 1844. My father's brothers were: Isaac, Jonathan, Solomon, Ephraim, Moses and Aaron. Father was next to the youngest of the brothers. His sisters were, Lucy, Mary, Marilla and Martha."

On Feb. 15, 1896, Mrs. Luther B. Pollard of Bath, N. H., (now Monroe) writes: "Grandmother Annis (wife of David Annis) died in the town of Ryegate, Vt., in the summer of 1844. Luther thinks she was born in Hopkinton, N. H."

October 2, 1904, Miss Lucetta Tyler of Stoneham, Mass., writes: "I am the youngest sister of Laban Tyler. He moved to Michigan from here nearly 40 years ago. They had four sons only. Elizabeth (his first wife), died there. After that Laban moved to Lynn, Mass.; married, and has buried his second wife. He is now with his youngest son. His son moved into his house and they care for him. Laban will be 85 in January. He is not able to do much, and has been losing his memory for several years, and is quite a care."
"I think if you would write his oldest son you might learn something about his family. His address is Ezra Tyler, Muskegon, Michigan."
"When I visited Paw Paw, Michigan, I met a Mrs. Janes who was a Marden. I cannot tell you sure but think her father was Clifton. Mrs. Janes died two years ago, but has daughters. My nephew, Harry Howe married Rosilla. She would be more likely to know more about the family than any one I know. Her address is Fernwood, Chicago."
"Hannah Tyler whose name you saw (in the Woodsville News) is the daughter of my brother Charles of Benton. She has lived with me since she was 15, and is now 45. We keep house and do dressmaking."
"Mrs. Perley Annis is living near me. She kindly gave me Ruth's address. She is the only one left of the family."
"Mrs. Howe's address is: Rosilla J. Howe, 10219 Lawe Ave., Fernwood, Illinois."

Mrs. Eliza E. Annis, second wife of Perley M. Annis of Stoneham, Mass., on Oct. 11, 1904, writes: "Mr. [Perley M.] Annis died Dec. 3, 1898 in Stoneham, Mass. from apoplexy, aged 77. His children were: Ruth Jane, lived in Bethlehem, Penn., married Alvin Hill, died in 1888.Elbridge mason lives in Pittsfield, Mass.; married twice, last wife, Miss Hattie Gordan. Gilman Robert, died in Stoneham, Mass., in 1877, not married; Rosilla Eastman, lives at 18 Summer Street, Wakefield, Mass., married Charles W. Parsons. William Perley, lives at 6 Avon Street, Stoneham, Mass., married Miss Lillian Batchelder. Augustus Coburn, died in Stoneham, Mass,. 1901, not married. Nellie May, lives in Bethlehem, Penn., married Dr. Burkhart. Charles Andrew, lives at 54 Pleasant St., Stoneham, Mass., married Bessie Jennie Cheever. Bertha lives at 45 Pleasant St., Stoneham, Mass., married Leon H. Young."
"Mrs. Rosilla Annis (Perley's first wife from Benton, N.H.,) died Nov. 1866. He married me May 7, 1868. My maiden name was Eliza E. Hall. Charles and Bertha are my children, and the rest were by the first wife."

On Oct. 20, 1904, Mrs. Ruth Morse of Lynn, Mass., daughter of Joseph Annis, once a resident of Benton, N.H., writes: "I am living with my daughter. I fell down stairs about 10 years ago and broke my hip. I have to use crutches all the time."
"I cannot give you the dates of the deaths of my brothers and sisters, but can give places: Perley died in Stoneham. Cummings died in Haverhill, N.H.; Mary, William and Rachel died in Groton, Vt., so did Gardner. Samuel died in Benton, N.H., Betsey, in West Compton, N.H. I am the only one living out of our large family. My daughter's name is Lilla Emery."

In the Heads of Families, First Census of the United States 1790, of New Hampshire, page 43, we find that David Annis appears as a resident of Hopkinton. There was one male of 16 years and upwards; there were two males under 16 years, and five females. These figures correspond as to the total number in my grandfather's, David Annis' family, but the figures seem to have been reversed or misplaced. In his family there was himself, wife, one daughter and four sons, all under 16 years, except himself and wife. [John M. Currier].

On March 3, 1908, H. S. Annis of Chelsea, Vt., writes me that "on looking over our land records I find Joseph Perkins sold a piece of land to David Anais, May 12, 1794, and sold the same to Elihu Hyde, June 1797. Could find no records of births any farther back of 1825." (The sale to Elihu Hyde was Feb. 27, 1797. J. M. Currier).

Extracts from C.C. Lord's letter of August 22, 1908, of Hopkinton, N.H.: "In answer to your letter of the 28th instant, I will say that Daniel and John Annis were early residents of Hopkinton. I have no present knowledge of any David Annis as once living here. Daniel Annis moved to Warner where he died in 1790."
"I will further say that I have no record that the Daniel that moved to Warner ever had a son David, but possibly he had, as one of his sons is said to be Daniel."

On Feb. 10, 1909, W.P. Townsend, town clerk of Chelsea, Vt., writes: "I find on record in this office where David Annis sold his place to Elihu Hyde Jr., but the deed was not signed by his wife. It was dated at Lebanon, N.H., Feb. 27, 1797, and received on record, May 18, 1797."
[It is evident that H.S. Annis was not very thorough in his examination of the Chelsea records. J.M.C.]

James O. Lyford, on Jan. 27, 1909, writes from Boston: "I examined the records of births in Concord, (N.H.) since the beginning. During the early years the records were imperfect. I did not find David Annis, or in fact, any Annis, as born in the years 1753, 1754 or 1755, or even at an immediately later date."
"Bouton's History of Concord, which precedes ours, starting with the beginning of the town and running to 1853, confirms what you have said in regard to Daniel Annis. He was in the garrison around the house of Ebenezer Eastman on the east side of the river with his family in 1746. He was also a petitioner to the Provincial Government from Rumford (Concord) Jan. 2, 1747-8."

H. S. Annis of Chelsea, Vt., on Oct. 14, 1908, writes: "To-day I have looked our town records over again. David Annis gave his residence, in 1794, in Chelsea, Vt., and of course the same in 1797. I could find no tax list further back than 1808." [The town clerk of Chelsea seemed to be more careful in examining the records, and gave David Annis' residence as Lebanon, N.H. J.M.C.]

George H. Scribner, town clerk of Andover, N.H., on Feb. 3, 1909, writes: "I do not find the name of LeCont on the town books, but there were Annisses that used to live in this town. William Annis lived and died in the east part of the town, probably forty years ago or more. Andover has no completes history. Prof. J. R. Eastman is writing up one."

On October 11, 1800, Benj. Smith, husbandman, of Bath, N.H., for three hundred dollars, deeded to David Annis, Gentleman, of Bath, about one hundred acres of land in Bath, "lying between land owned by sd. Annis & Joseph Smith being the land on which I now live and have made improvements." In presence of Stephen Bartlett and Bela Turner. Acknowledged before Jeremiah Hutchins, J.P., Oct. 10, 1800.
[It will be seen that David Annis owned land in Bath, which is referred to in this deed, and which he was then living, but I have been unable to find that deed recorded in the Grafton County records. John M. Currier.]
On July 19, 1814, Asa Porter, Esquire, of Haverhill; quit claimed all the right and title that he, or Col. Moody Bedle, than had to a tract of land in Bath, for fifty dollars, to David Annis of Bath. In the presence of M. Porter and Andrew S. Crocker in Haverhill. Acknowledged before Andrew S. Crocker, J.P. Recorded by Ephraim Kingsbury, Regr., July 21, 1814.
On July 19, 1814, Samuel Minotr, Gentleman, of Bathl; quit claimed, for fifty dollars, a tract of land bounded on the west by Connecticut river, to David Annis of Bath. In the presence of M. Porter and Andrew S. Crocker in Haverhill. Acknowledged before Andrew S. Crocker, J.P. Recorded July 21, 1814 by Ephraim Kingsbury, Regr.
On September 12, 1817, Joseph Annis, yeoman, of Bath, N.H., for the sum of Eight Hundred Dollars, deeded to David Annis, yeoman, of Bath, a certain tract of land lying in the town of Bath. -"being part of what is called the Governor's farm and of common land in said Bath, butted and bounded as follows: Beginning at a white pine tree, on the bank of Connecticut River below what is called Farwell bar, which is a corner of Asa Annis' land, thence running Easterly one hundred and four rods to a white oak tree marked thence on a easterly line forty rods to a white oak tree marked, and a pile of stones about itat the foot of the ledge, thence following said ledge about the same course to a oak tree marked with an Ex, then running northwesterly to a stake and stones on the Westerly line of the Governor's Lot, thence running a Southwesterly course to a stake and stones on the East side of the road that goes by the narrows, thence a Southerly course across said road to a white birch tree marked, thence running to an Elm tree at what is called the lower Eddy below the Saddle, thence following Connecticut River to the first mentioned bounds." This deed was witnessed by Timoy Buck and Amasa Buck. It was acknowledged before Amasa Buck, J.P. It was recorded April 13, 1819 by Ephraim Kingsbury, Regr.
[Betsey Annis, Joseph Annis' wife, is mentioned in the deed, but she did not sign it. J.M. Currier]
On Nov. 12, 1895, geo H. Kendall, Regr., writes: "There is also on record a mortgage from David A. Ordway to David Annis, given March 22, 1819, received April 13, 1819. Consideration $200. Land situated in Bath. Not discharged."

I have had considerable correspondence since 1895 with Alonzo L. Annes who is gathering up genealogical facts about the Annis Family in New England, in a general history, which is too voluminous, and even conflicting, to publish in full. From this correspondence I shall print only well ascertained facts and extracts:
"Eliza, eldest daughter of Joseph D. Annis, was married to David Fuller of Nashua, N.H. She is now (1895) a widow, without children, residing at the Old Ladies Home at Nashua, N.H."

"Rachel Annis, daughter of Joseph D. Annis, born in Bath, N.H., was married, by John H. Carbee, J.P., at Bath, Feb.19, 1835, to Gideon C. Howard of Bath. " They lived together but a comparatively short time and after the separation she resumed her maiden name. They had only one child, a son named Charles, who died in the army. She went south and brought the remains to Stoneham, Mass. She died at Groton, Vt., March 13, 1891, and is buried at Stoneham, Mass. Her son went by the name of Charles Annis.
"Mary H. Annis, daughter of Joseph D., was married at Groton, Vt., June 7, 1888, to Simon Emery of Groton."
"Children born to David Annis and Elizabeth Hunt: Webster Davis, April 18, 1777; David, June 14, 1779; Joseph D., April 22, 1782; and Elizabeth, Nov. 9, 1784." Soon after the birth of the last child Mrs. Annis died and David married Lois Hunt, his first wife's cousin; by her he had a son also named David. It was often done in those days if one child died young to name another subsequent one the same name. Therefore we would infer that the first David died, not over ten years of age.
On Sept. 30, 1895, Alonzo L. Annis writes: "Moses Annis, brother of Daniel, Jr., never married, and therefore left no children. Both Thomas and Solomon had large families, and their descendants are very numerous."

Alonzo L. Annis, on Dec. 30, 1895, writes: "The fact is established without doubt that David Annis was a son of Daniel Annis of Warner, N.H., and there is no doubt in my mind that Daniel Annis who married Polly Kimball, was the son of this same Daniel of Warner. This is the first clue I have had as to whom he married."
He further writes, on June 18, 1902: "You wrote me that you never heard that David, son of David Sen., had a son by the name of David by his first wife, Elizabeth Hunt. The David Annis whom I had assigned to that position was born June 14, 1779. I do not know where, nor where he afterwards lived. He was married to Abigail Bruce. I do not know where, nor who her parents were, nor where they lived." [This matter is cleared up by the Chelsea Records. J.M.C.]
"They had, according to my records, three children: I. Maria, born 1838, at Randolph, Vt. She married 1st, ____ Foster. Married 2nd, by Sprague Arnold, J.P., at Randolph, Vt., Jan. 11, 1867, to Lorenzo Bennett (his 2nd marriage), age 57, butcher, son of Elijah Bennett and Judith ____, born _____ at Randolph, Vt."
II. Ellen, born 1843, at Randolph, Vt., married 1st, ____ Raymore; married 2nd, by Rev. Wellington Stearns, at West Randolph, Vt., March 27, 1871, to Stephen W. Young, of Braintree, Vt., (age 32), farmer, son of Stephen W. Young and Mary (Hicks), born ____. Ellen was living at Braintree at time of her 2nd marriage. Commenting on this I have the following written in my book: 'The following from Vermont Records', Fannie Blanch Young, born Nov. 18, 1877 at Braintree, Vt., daughter of Stephen W. Young and Mary (Annis). It is quite likely her name was Mary Ellen, and this Mary (Annis) Young is none other than Ellen (Raymore) nee Annis Young."
"III. Orra F. Annis, born ___ 1850 at Winchester, N.H., married, by E. M. Spalding, J.P., at Roxbury, Vt., Oct. 4, 1870, to Sylvander Cole (age 21), farmer, son of Nathaniel Cole, and Mary ____, born ____, at Highgate, N.H. Both Orra F. and Sylvander were of Braintree. Cole children: Myrtie G., born in Albany, Vt., Dec. 5, 1886; Male, born Braintree, Dec. 9, 1877; Henry O., born Braintree, June 4, 1871; Florence, born Braintree, Sept. 5, 1873."
[The above David, born June 14, 1779, was not the father of the foregoing family. I am unable to connect this family with the Warner or Hopkinton Annis family, but I insert it here because it may aid some future genealogist in locating it in the proper line. John M. Currier.]

On Nov. 8, 1906, Alonzo L. Annis writes: "Mr. Miller also writes: I had a cousin, Jack Randall of Newbury, Vt., who married an Annis girl from Groton, Vt., years ago, and lived on Jefferson Hill, Newbury, a short time when she died. This fall when I was peddling early apples in South Ryegate, I sold some to Mrs. Moses Annis. She told me her husband was formerly from Groton, Vt., and was a brother to Jack's Randall's wife. He is now a section hand on the Montpelier and Wells River Railroad."
"The Moses Annis referred to is Moses Silas Annis (son of Gardner), born at Woodstock, N.H., Dec. 6, 1854, married 1st, to Ardelia Carpenter. Married 2nd, March 6, 1884, at Groton, Vt., by Rev. John Evans, to Elsie P. Ross of Maidstone, Vt., (age 17), daughter of Sumner and Persis M. Ross. She was born in Hereford, P.Q."
"Betsey Jane Annis was a sister of Moses Silas Annis, born Jan. 10, 1857, in Woodstock, N.H., and died Sept. 21, 1885, a year and a half after her marriage, of heart disease. She was married at Wells River (Newbury) on March 3, 1884, by Rev. E. J. Ranslow, to Jackson B. Randall of Newbury, (age 33), son of John and Elvira (Gardner) Randall."

[Lois (Hunt) Annis, second wife of David Annis of Bath, N.H., died at Kelsea Moore's in Ryegate, Vt., in July 1844. John M. Currier.]

On Dec. 28, 1908, A. L. Annis, then residing at Tacoma, Wash., writes: "A number of years ago an old gentleman by the name of C. E. David, who made his headquarters at Boston, obtained a great deal of information for me. At one time I sent him on a journey through Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts."
"Daniel Annis³ of Warner, N.H., (Abraham², Charles¹) was married by Rev. Jno. Tufts, August 1, 1732, to Cathereign (may have been Katherine or Catherine) Thomas.* So far as can be ascertained, they had five sons and three daughters: Daniel Jr., born probably, about 1832;
(Comment: The date of Daniel Jr.s birth is a typographical error. 1732 was probably intended.) Thomas, was buried in Warner, N.H., married Sarah Smith Remox (probably Remick) in Warner, July 28, 1774, both of Almesbury. Married by Rev. William Kelley. Had fifteen children. Moses, born about 1736. Never married. Died before 1790. Solomon, married Aug. 27, 1769, by Nathan Jones, J.P., at Gouldsboro, Lincoln county, to Elizabeth Wamaghan (Anglicised Wright. See Bangor History Mag. Vol. 4, p. 140). They had six children. David, born probably 1754. Hannah, born about 1738. Married Reuben Kimball, who was born in 1738. Rachel, born about 1742. Married Daniel Flood. Ruth, born about 1744, married Abner Watkins."
"I have quite an extended record of the families of Thomas and Solomon. As near as I can determine, Solomon spelled his name "Annas." This Solomon had six sons and one daughter. The daughter, Sarah, was born July 4, 1770, and was married Feb. 27, 1800, by Rev. Wm. Kelley, at Warner, to John Gould, who was born in Warner. They are said to have removed to Enfield, N.H."
"The sons of Solomon Annas were: David, born Oct. 17, 1772, died March 30, 1848. Solomon Jr., born April 13, 1777. James, born Nov. 3, 1779. Benjamin, born July 11, 1782. Isaac, born March 25, 1785."

*My mother, Rachel (Annis) Currier, has told me several times that her father's mother's maiden name was Keren-happuch Thomas. J.M.C

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