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Updated December 13, 2022


Nearly 70 years ago, a group of Annis Family members in the Oshawa, Ontario, Canada area organized the first Annis Association. It was a non-profit organization dedicated to the promulgation and research of the history of the Annis Family in Canada. As a result of their efforts and foresight, in 1931 an excellent abbreviated history of their particular Annis lineage from Charles Cormac Annis (1638-1717) was set forth in the booklet,ANNIS ANNALS 1638-1931.
Although the booklet has some small errors, it is a wonderful example of what a family can do for the historical preservation of their surname. Once again the time has come to organize an association with the above mentioned purpose.


In the summer of 1998 I began construction of this web site in the earnest hope that it would further the research efforts concerning the genealogical history of the Annis family in the US and Canada. I began modestly with a few pages explaining the beginnings of our family and it was not long before several fellow researchers found the site and contacted me. Communication continued to expand among several family groups and after seeing the positive response to organizing, I made the suggestion that we form the Annis Family Association. From this core group of dedicated family researchers, we emulated the original "Annis Association" of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, and began to exchange ideas and the end result was a Chartered group with the following vision:


The Annis Family Association (AFA), a non-profit organization, has been established for the purpose of research and preservation of records of the Annis Family surname, and enhanced communication and reunion between the many descendants of various early Annis emigrants in the United States of America and the Dominion of Canada. The Annis Family Association will be open to all individuals who can trace their lineage to an Annis ancestor, regardless of sex, race, creed, national origin, or religious affiliation.


The preservation of existing records, letters, diaries, photographs, and written genealogies concerning the Annis Family is deemed necessary for the continued complete and accurate history of the surname. The Annis Association will do all within it's power to accumulate, compile, verify, and assemble all manner of records, diaries, genealogies, and memorabilia concerning Annis Family members, past and present. It will also ensure that an Annis Family Genealogy shall be assembled that will be a true record of all the various Annis lineages, as well as records of individuals who have not been linked to the known lineages.

One of the very first projects that was planned and organized by the AFA Official Board was the first Annis Family Association Reunion. After considerable discussion and planning, via the Internet and the use of "chat rooms" and e-mails, the date and place for the event was set, October 1999 in Orlando, FL. At first it was thought that an outdoor setting, such as a park, would be nice and afford ample room. This was soon changed to the more practical (and comfortable) proposition that a local hotel with its conference rooms and amenities would be more suitable.
The Holiday Inn in Orlando was selected at the suggestion of Board Member Jeff Annis. Jeff related that he had a friend that could offer us a group rate and he would arrange to obtain more details. It was soon confirmed and the rest is Annis Family history.

At my request the Official Board was at first comprised of 13 family members that represented different geographical regions in the United States and Canada. As time went on, the number and members of the Board has changed, but it should be recorded that the first Board consisted of:

Wendy Veronica Annis

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


John Thomas Annis

Orlando, Florida, USA

Vice- Chairperson

Calvin Frost Annis

DeWinton, Alberta, Canada


Raymond Carl Mack (Deceased)

Sacramento, California, USA


Donald Truman Ennis (Deceased)

Cedar City, Utah, USA

Western Division Director

James Thomas Annis

Merrill, Wisconsin, USA

Region 2 Coordinator

Jeffrey Winslow Annis

Orlando, Florida, USA

Reunion Coordinator

Winthrop Langill (Deceased)

Newport, New Hampshire, USA

Region 4 Coordinator

Cecil Herbert Annis

Rockport, Maine, USA

Region 4 Coordinator

Janet Elaine Annas

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Region 3 Coordinator

Stacey Annis Nolan

Santa Rosa, California, USA

Region 5 Coordinator

Dean Wheaton (Deceased)

Clinton, Ohio, USA

Region 6 Coordinator

Michael James Annis

West Branch, Michigan, USA

Eastern Division Director

Official Board

The Official Board will be responsible for the operation of the Association, which will include: conducting Board meeting as the Board deems necessary, membership approval, and establishing and managing Annis Association policy and procedure.

The arrangements for the proposed meetings shall be at the sole discretion of the Official Board, and the meetings shall be held at their convenience and mutual consent. A consensus of 5 members of the entire board shall constitute a quorum for purposes of membership approval, and policy decisions.

Research Requests

Due to the enormous amount of requests for information regarding Annis ancestors and lineages, I would like to ask that requests be accompanied with a donation to AFA. A donation will help us keep you informed of the latest Annis Family Reunions, family news, the latest research breakthroughs, and much more.

As a non-profit organization, all of the money raised through donations, charitable contributions, and fund raisers will be used to:

  • Continue research into the historical lineage’s of all who bear the surname Annis in the United States and Canada and their descendants.
  • Locate and properly mark the final resting places of Annis Family members who lie in unmarked or poorly marked gravesites.
  • Publish and make available to the general public, via publications, the World Wide Web, and digital archives, the accurate genealogical history of all Annis lineage’s that exist(ed)in the United States and Canada.
  • Contact and communicate with members of the extended Annis and collateral families.

Qualifications for Membership

This page is also to inform you that membership in the new Annis Family Association is available by simply asking and showing that you are descended from an Annis lineage. It is an exciting time for the many Annis Family researchers who have worked so hard to ensure that the recorded history of our family is passed down to future generations. For the first time, an actual and factual history is available as a result of the combined efforts of many independent family researchers who have unselfishly decided to share their many hours of work with the rest of the Annis family.

All personal grants and donations are greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate to the cause, please contact me at the e-mail address below.
Addresses of individual members will only be made available with approval of the member. We encourage you to correspond with fellow family members and experience the unique opportunity to contact family members you never knew you had. If you wish to contact any of the members that you think you may share a common lineage with, you can see the membership roll with e-mail addresses here:

Honorary and Lifetime Memberships of the Annis Family Association

General Membership Roll


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