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MOVIN' ON - Page 3 Model Trucks

This page shows Movin'On model trucks from various model builders.

In the mid 70's model maker AMT saw a need for a Movin' On "Sonny truck," and released a version. Boy, was it incorrect! The kit had the right stripe for the series, but the way-wrong truck.

The AMT kit could make a nice In Tandem Truck with some minor modifications. Remove the left stack and breather, add 5 hole Budd rear wheels, shorten the fuel tanks, paint the correct stripes, and the frame might have to be shortened.

My AMT kit, modified to be a correct In Tandem pilot movie truck. See more of this and my Movin'On trucks at this site.

Robby Gaines' Sonny Pruitt KW VIT


Another view of Sonny's truck by Robby Gaines.


Mike Perhach's 1/16th scale Sonny Truck.


Eric Macha's Sonny Truck from the AMT kit.


Ken Jeager's Sonny Truck

Karr Young's Sonny Truck.

Both were featured in Lou Kroack's Table Top Trucking column in issued of Owner/Operator Magazine in the mid 1970's.

Andre DeVries Sonny Truck based on the AMT kit.

If you have a Movin' On model, send me a picture of it!

If you are looking for specific information and wish to build a Movin'On truck, here are some ideas! Obtain a Revell of Germany 1/25th scale Kenworth W900 or Austrailian W900 kit. You'll need an AMT kit's short hood and fuel tanks, and a Cummins 903 engine from an Ertl International 4270 Transtar Conventional (or a resin version of the engine). The Series trucks had the KW Torsion Bar suspension. An AMT kit with that is rare, a resin cast copy might be available.

The Revell kit is a darn-near perfect KW VIT. Either a set of the AMT kit decals,or paint your own stripes. Remember, the "arrow" does not extend onto the cab on a Movin' On truck, only an In Tandem truck.

THE BEST way to have accurate and easily done Sonny Stripes is to go to WWW.JBOT.CA
and order a set of Movin'On Stripes! JBOT decals has done a complete set of Sonny Stripes for In Tandem, Movin'On and even includes the stripe and door-sign on Will Chandler's KW COE in the pilot episode! These decals are superb!

My "Phantom" Movin'On COE sporting JBOT stripes. I built this model under the theory that Sonny had branched out in the late 70's and bought another truck, a COE for east-coast runs.

Movin' On was full of ideas for truck models to build. One episode had Sonny and Will in an old KW narrow-nose west-coast logger, in another episode, a woman driver had a fancy GMC Astro-95 cabover all decked out. Of course there is Moose and Benji's beat-up GMC Crackerbox COE. A Diamond Reo Raider that Will test drove. A long-framed White-Freightliner. Then all the trucks in the racing scene, including Tyrone Malone's Boss Truck, double-sleeper KW W900 with the whitewalls and all that chrome! So many ideas..


Recognize this pic? If you have an original AMT Movin'On kit (T560), this pic, in smaller, cropped form is on the cover. It originally appeared in Overdrive Magazine in January 1975.

Here are some pictures of various trucks that appeared in the show in different episodes.

Here's Will Chandler "Test Driving" the Diamond Reo Raider, and a freind of his in a White-Freightliner COE on a drag race.

1974 Diamond Reo Raider with Will about to test drive.

Will's friend running his White-Freightliner through the middle of the desert.

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