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Updated September 2004

Remember the old NBC television series titled Movin' On? As a kid it was my FAVORITE!

I never missed a tuesday, and later thursday episode those few short seasons the show aired.

Movin' On aired originally as a pilot episode called "IN TANDEM" in the spring of 1973.

The series was picked up by NBC, with some subtle changes, re-titled as "Movin' On."


Claude Akins played Sonny Pruitt, and Frank Converse was his co-driver Will Chandler

Country Music singer Merle Haggard sang the opening theme, which was a C&W chart topper in the 70's.

The show revolved around the travels and situations that the 2 drivers, Sonny Pruitt and Wil Chandler got themselves into.


Sonny owned the truck. In the pilot, the truck was a 1973 Kenworth W925.

Single stack, single breather, square bumper, painted steel rear wheels. Dark green color, with a full length arrow-stripe, and the small arrow on the 36" sleeper. The fuel tanks were smaller also.


In the series, Sonny had a different truck, a 1974 Kenworth W-925 with the VIT (Very Important Truck) package and walk-in bunk.

This truck was the same color, but the arrow stripe did not continue on to the cab and doors, and the bunk arrow was longer. "S.Pruitt" was displayed on the top half of the doors.

Large tanks, twin breathers, twin stacks, gull-wing bumper, polished wheels all around.

In the pilot, Sonny also had a dog named Dog that rode with him. Dog was not in the series, except in the opening credits on Sonny's lap.

Movin'On aired for 2 complete seasons, a total of 44 episodes, plus several re-run seasons. It never rated high, usually around 76th of the top 100 for the week. NBC attempted to "fix" the show several times, because critics felt the show was "too rough and tumble" to be a family show."

The truck in the series was a 1974 Kenworth W900 VIT, custom made for MGM by Kenworth. Two trucks were used each season, and according to Nick Gantman, former Production Assistant for d'Antoni-Weitz Television Productions, one truck was always "at the ready" for filming.

Movin'On always had great location shots, ranging from scenic highways, mountaintops, cities, or truckstops

Parked on the edge of a cliff pulling WIll and a young boy (Ken Howard) from the rock face

Sonny and Will hauled anything, produce, antique cars, tanks, logs, and here a flatbed.

Sonny and Will, and Will and Sonny.


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