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Movin' On and In Tandem

Photos and information from the old d'Antoni-Weitz TV series Movin' On

Here is my 1972 Kenworth W900 based on the trucks used in the pilot movie In Tandem.

I modified an AMT KW kit by shortening the wheelbase, using resin 5-hole Budd rear wheels, remvoing the left air cleaner, filling in the hood, removing the left exhaust stack.

The paint is Plastikoat Medium Dark Green. The arrow stripes are GM light green. The white stripes are Microscale decal stripes. The color is difficult to match, since the trucks looked different from photo to photo, and video to film.

I added an extra battery box to the right for a toolbox, and added grab handles to the left battery box.

The fuel tanks were shortened also.

That is Sonny Pruitt (Claude Akins) and Will Chandler (Frank Converse) standing beside the truck!

I snapped a pic from a video of the movie, saved to disc, cropped, modified the size, and voila! Sonny and Will!

Inside the cab are the appropriate details, including air horn chain, spot light handles, KW data stickers and of course, in the sleeper window is Sonny's dog "Dog!" Dog only appeared in In Tandem, not in Movin'On.

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