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Finding Truth

Churchianity portrays itself as a religion based upon authentic history and by way of this it claims its foundation and legitimacy are indisputable. The faithful are persuaded by the clergy that the Messiah of history and the Jesus of "the church" are one and the same. Upon closer examination, however, this Jesus is clearly the product of denominational beliefs based upon dogmas, doctrines and innumerable Gentile theological interpretations rather than the original, Hebraic, genuine historical words and events conveyed in the Gospel accounts. What these words and events are believed to signify is the stock-in-trade of the theologians and the opinions of the hidden persuaders.

The true Believer's task is to discover the original meanings of Scriptural messages by examining the evidence available and arriving at an authentic verdict. Only then will a person be empowered to renounce citizenship in the kingdom of Babylon and embrace citizenship in The Millennial Kingdom spoken about by the Messiah. In pursuit of this task the seeker of truth will find invaluable witnesses in the literary legacy of the Jews of Israel and the diaspora from the two-hundred years prior to the birth of Messiah and the first few centuries of the common era (i.e. the Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, Josephus, Philo, Dead Sea Scrolls and early Rabbinic writings). These sources will not serve simply as aids supplying answers but frequently guide the inquiry by suggesting the right perspective or even the right questions to ask.

Our historical investigation of Scriptural truth is not motivated out of a desire for critical destructiveness. It is compelled by a single-minded and devout love for reality and fact; undertaken out of confidence in these words , "You shall know the truth and the Truth shall make you free."

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