Messianic Hebrews - What Are They?
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Messianic Hebrews - What Are They?

Messianic Hebrews proclaim their conviction that Y'shua HaMashiach (the Messiah) is the redeemer prophesied in the Tanakh ("Old" Testament); and that He is the Messiah for whom all the tribes of Israel (both the House of Israel and the House of Judah)and the "mixed-multitude" - of non-Israelites, worldwide, and throughout history have been waiting. He is the same Messiah who offers redemption to all, including Goyim (Gentiles) who choose citizenship in His Kingdom and accept His rule as King in their lives. Gentiles who identify with Messianic Israelites accept the responsibilities as well as the blessings implicit in being grafted into the Olive Tree (Israel) and reckoned as "seed of Avraham" (Hebrews). They do not consider Chr-stianity to be a spiritual replacement for Israel nor do they accept the heretical doctrine that Elohim (G-d) has completely or forever abandoned the House of Israel or House of Judah. Clearly, "the church" is NOT the replacement for Israel!

Together, Messianic Israelites and Gentiles form the Messianic EDAH or Kehillat (fellowship, assembly) - the community of Believers who will be the priests and kings of Y'shua's Kingdom in the Olam Habbah (world to come - the millenium). In the Edah there is neither Jew nor Gentile for all are new creations.

Within a Messianic edah, the Sabbaths and festivals of YHWH are observed in accordance with the Scriptures and the additional meaning given them by Y'shua, and his talmidim (disciples). Such an edah strives to restore the traditions and the "Faith once delivered" by Y'shua. Such restoration includes the Hebrew identity, heritage, and culture of that original assembly. Believers experience the fulfillment of the age-old longing of the Hebrew peoples for redemption as foretold by Moshe (Moses) and the prophets. The commitment of an edah results in a love for the land of Israel and a genuine concern for the welfare of the Hebrew people worldwide.

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