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Military Family Support

Military Family Resource Center Military Assistance Program
Marine Corps Community Asst. Air Force Crossroads Army Community Services
Navy Lifelines
TRICARE Military Health System
Military Woman Home Page
Military Women Veterans

US Military Basic Training

Army & Marine Basic Training
US Navy & Air Force Basic Training
Coast Guard Basic Training

Military News & Information Sources

American Forces Information Services
Navy News Air Force News Coast Guard News
Stars & Stripes Online Today's Military
US Navy Historical Center
Joint Chiefs of Staff
Military Review Soldiers Magazine
Air Force Magazine The Combat Edge
Naval Reservist News
Leatherneck Marine Corps Gazette
Coast Guard Magazine
Fort Hood News Room
Randolf AFB Wingspread
Naval Station Norfolk News
Quantico Sentry-USMC
Journal of Military and Veterans Law

Family Resources & Information

Military Service Ribbons
Officer & Enlisted Rank Insignia

Military Moms Message Board
SGT MOM'S The Internet Site For Military Families

United Spouses of the Armed Forces
Chief Petty Officer Spouses Club
Military Spouse Support
Military Children and Youth Web Site
Military Brats Online
National Military Family Association

Guard and Reserve

Air National Guard Army Reserve
Reserve Affairs
Army Guard Virtual Armory
Guard & Reserve Family Readiness Programs
Employer Support of Guard & Reserve
National Guard & Reserve Deployment Site
National Guard Bureau
Texas Army National Guard
Texas Air National Guard
National Guard Association of Texas
The Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States

Military History Resources

World War II Heroes
Air Force Historical Research Agency
Marine Corps History - Home of U.S. Military History
Black Military History Military History

Women as Warriors in History

For real historical resources on Native American and other Indegenous Peoples,
Visit our site:Native History & Research Sources

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More Information on the Guard & Reserves


ArmyLink News - Browse news stories, releases and speeches.
Army Promotions - Offers updates on recent promotions within the Active Duty and Reserve ranks.
Soldiers - Online version of Army magazine is updated monthly.
Hometown Link - Army and Air Force service provides print, radio and video news stories.
Soldier's Radio and TV - Sample radio and video clips of Army-related news stories.
Hot Topics - Publication offers Army leaders and trainers articles on controversial topics.
USTRANSCOM - United States Transportation Command presents news and video archives.

Air Force

Air Force News- Browse official news releases and commentary, and tune in to radio and video broadcasts.
Air Force Promotions (Enlisted) - Find promotion updates and details on promotion rates.
Air Force Promotions (Officer) - Bulletin is regularly updated with promotion and board information.
Base News - Directory features links to online versions of base newspapers.
Air Force Link Plus - Broadband streaming newscast presents daily television and radio reports.
Airman Magazine - Air Force News Agency publication is updated monthly.
AFPC News Service - Browse Air Force Personnel Command news releases.
USTRANSCOM - United States Transportation Command presents news and video archives.

Coast Guard

USCG Official News - Peruse regional news, statistics and special features.
Announcements (Fred's Place) - Browse a constantly updated database of Coast Guard announcements.
Coast Guard Magazine - Monthly publication offers news, features and a past issue archive.
Marine Safety Newsletter - Features a calendar of events, project updates and articles on the environment.
Coast Guard Reservist - Find a bulletin board, commentary and Reserve news in this bimonthly publication.


Navy News - Navy Office of Information in Washington, D.C. features special reports.
Navy Promotions - Keeps track of the latest promotions and transfers on the Active Duty and Reserve levels.
Navy News Service - Provides current and past news releases in downloadable formats.
All Hands - Monthly magazine offers news wire services and a media center.
Shift Colors - Quarterly newsletter for Navy Retirees features an issue archive.
Link - Enlisted bulletin of the USN provides information on policy changes, career management issues, reassignment trends and retention matters.
Perspective - Professional bulletin focuses on the Navy officer community.
NAVADMINS - Navy administrative message system is regularly updated with policy and award information.
ALLNAVS - All-Navy bulletins include announcements of important events and regulation changes.
Navy Directives - Allows access to official directives and forms.
United States Transportation Command presents news and video archives.

Marine Corps
MarineLink- Peruse Marine news releases and official announcements.
Marine Corps Promotions - Stay abreast of recent promotions.
Marines - Newswire service presents an archive of past issues.
ALMARS - Board features a chronological listing of notices.
MARADMINS - Search a database of Marine administrative messages and announcements.
Marine Corps Orders and Directives - Regulations are organized by category.

DoD / U.S. Government

Defenselink - Official Department of Defense (DOD) Website features news, reports and related links.
DFAS - Defense Finance and Accounting Service presents press releases in chronological order.
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency offers an archive of press statements and releases.
NSA - National Security Agency index includes briefings and declassified documents.

SGT Rufus Charger
SGT Harry Charger

SGT Ken Charger

The drums of the Akicita Heyoka have been beating for peace, nonviolence, and justice since 1862, the year that 10 young Lakota men risked their lives in the name of peace. These 10 young men-ranging from 16 to 21 years old-were led by WaAnnatan, the Charger. During the Minnesota Uprising of 1862, a time of war among the Native American nations and White settlers. WaAnnatan and his Fool Soldiers negotiated the release of several women and children from the warring Dakota White Lodge, and returned the captives to St. Pierre, South Dakota.


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