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The Fool Soldiers

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Welcome to the Fool Soldiers! We are a warrior society of the Lakota Nation from the Sans Arc Band. We are sworn to protect peace,to serve our country,and to help those in need. We have been in existince for over 200 hundred years. The leader of the Fool Soldiers is Chief Harry Charger,the chief of the Sans Arc from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in South Dakota. As a society we have remained intact adjusting to the changing of times. In that spirit we have created this site hoping to take you places not only related to Native Americans, but to others around the world....

SGT Rufus Charger
SGT Harry Charger

SGT Ken Charger

The drums of the Akicita Heyoka have been beating for peace, nonviolence, and justice since 1862, the year that 10 young Lakota men risked their lives in the name of peace. These 10 young men-ranging from 16 to 21 years old-were led by WaAnnatan, the Charger. During the Minnesota Uprising of 1862, a time of war among the Native American nations and White settlers. WaAnnatan and his Fool Soldiers negotiated the release of several women and children from the warring Dakota White Lodge, and returned the captives to St. Pierre, South Dakota.

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