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Last year you saw them in the Faces of The WB Music Video with "Crawl" by Thisway. This year, you will see something altogether new and electrifying. Now, exclusively on is a behind the scenes look at your favorite actors. See the first photos and QuickTime clips there and go back each Thursday to see more Faces of TheWB.

Playstation a Possibility? Co-ordinator Jeff Pruitt put the cat amongst the pigeons yesterday with the following statement regarding Sophia (Sarah Michelle Gellar`s stunt double) Crawford`s impending workload: "Sophia is feeling rested now that she`s had the Christmas break. She starts fighting again next week on the show and I`m sure it won`t be long till she`s worn out again. Especially since we are going to try to shoot the Buffy and Angel Playstation Games on the weekends now. That`ll mean zero days off for her for a while." What exactly does this mean? Are the shooting FMV stunt sequences or perhaps modelling Sophia`s movements for the digital Buffy. More as and when we get it.

Tuesday, June 1, 1999, 8/7C immediately following Buffy, The WB aired a new 3 minute music video. I have seen the 'realvideo' preview of the music video, and to put it simply, IT ROCKS. The music video was shot backstage at The WB and is set to the song "Crawl" by the band Thisway. Almost every WB star appears in the video, but the Buffy gang gets major exposure. If U want to see the preview click here (Wanna download the hole video??? Click here to see it in Real Video!)

The "Stake game" is an awsome Buffy game... Also to play it I think you have to have shockwave and Java to play it! :)

On the 8th of June, The "Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged me" Cast were chating on the eonline chat! But don't worry U didn't completly miss it. At the eonline webpage their are videoclips, the chat reviews and much, much more... To visit them click here!

If you spot any broken links or whatever please e-mail me about them!!! Some of this info is from The Hellmouth. Check it out!

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