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Polls and Quizes!

Even though the site will be frozen soon, this page will remain open. So you can still vote in the polls, but please do not e-mail me about the quiz or the puzzle! I want to keep the winners posted and that's the only reason why the actual quiz and puzzle are still posted!!!

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Okay now for the QUIZ!

1) What is the name of the real band that does the music for "Dingoes Ate My Baby"?

2) The character 'Jenny Calendar' originally was going to have a different name but was changed to Jenny, why was this and what was the name?

3) Which "Buffy" actriss auditionned for the roll of Kendall Heart in "All my Children" but lost to Sarah Michelle Gellar, then, later on, auditionned for the roll of 'Buffy' but-- again, lost to Sarah? (You go Sarah!!!)

4) Which character refers to 'Buffy' as "Bunny" in the episode "Gingerbread"?

5) Who said this quote, who was *he* replying to and what episode was it from? "I didn't say I was yours"

6) What is another name for 'Spike'? Why was he nicknamed 'Spike' in the first place?

7) What "Buffy" actress was originally cast as Cordelia Chase? (not counting Charisma Carpenter)

8) How many cemetaries are their within Sunnydale, mensonned in the episode "Revelations"?

Bonus Question! Is it true that Alyson Hannigan *didn't* play 'Willow' in the "Buffy" pilot, if so who was it?

Here is the *!UPDATED!* couple puzzle I made up! All you have to do is match up a character name with it's number: 8(Spike). That was just an example, Spike is not number 8!!! *hint, hint*. Also the only characters in this game are: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Cordelia, Doyle, Giles, Jenny, Oz, Spike, Willow and Xander!

"1" loves and is loved by "2". "1"'s watcher, "3" was in love with "4", who died under the hands of the unsouled "2". "5" is has now left the wiccan of his dreams, "6". Also "7", who has had love phases with "1", "6" and "8" is now into "9". And finally, I can't forget to mention "10" who is now single, and the unhappy "8" who just lost "11".

Think you got it right?

Emily-Kate Hagen-
Kristell Batard-
Kristy Shea-

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